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Fall/Winter 2015 Fundraising


A new enhanced fundraising program for Fall 2015 will be available August 1st, 2015.

Request an a fall information packet and we will mail one to you as soon as the new brochures are available.
























Fall/Winter 2014 Selling Season - July 15th 2014- Jan 30th 2015
Thanksgiving Order Deadline: November 12th

 Christmas Order Deadline: December 10th

We consistently deliver your shipment within 9 business days


Choice of 3 programs for profitable, easy results!

~ Our Candle & Gift Brochure offers Candles, Aroma Beads, Fragrance Gels, Accessories, Gifts, and more. 

~ An alternate single page brochure simply offers candles with a base and topper set.

~ Our Cookie Dough/Sweet Treats brochure offers the finest cookie dough program in fundraising industry. 



We're very proud to offer an extraordinaire fundraising program for your fall/winter fundraiser. Our products are exceptional in quality, offer a generous 40-50% profit opportunity, and are very affordably priced for your customers.


Our 10 oz jar candles sell for just $10 each! Earn a very generous 50% profit with both of our candle brochure options, and 40% profit with our cookie dough/sweet treats brochure.. 


We suggest combining both a candle brochure along with our cookie dough brochure to offer a wider variety of products.  Combining brochures increases overall sales and profits!

You can fundraise through Thanksgiving and receive your shipment in time for Christmas!


Sales with our Fall/Winter season begins in July.  Shipping will begin in August. 



Fall/Winter 2015 Fundraising Programs

 Offering products proudly made in the USA!


"Fundraising that just makes Scents!"


Choice of 3 programs for profitable, easy results!


Fall/Winter Selling Season

July - January


Celebrating Home has gone green! Our jar candles and designer candles combine the natural clean burning quality of soy wax with an exciting offering of fragrances to create a warm and inviting ambiance to your home. 


In addition to long lasting fragrance only 100% cotton wicks are used to produce an extraordinary candle.  We offer a wide variety of scents which will capture the essence of the seasons.  Our richly scented candles provide hours of long burning enjoyment, burn cleanly and evenly, have lead free wicks and will leave your customers wanting more.


Choose a brochure or combination, click the "Get Started" button to print your Sales Agreement, and

we'll ship your brochures USPS Priority today!


3 Brochure Choices for Fall/Winter 2014 - Valid thru December 2014




Transport yourself anywhere you please with our special selection of favorite mood-making fragrances proudly produced in USA in our facility in Marshall TX.   Offered in a mix of both seasonal and favorite year-round scents, our candles are the most popular items in our fundraising line. For a scent-sational fragrance experience our 10 oz. jar candles canít be beat; they are in a class all their own.  Approximate burn time is up to 50 hours. Our 10 oz candles also feature labels that are easily removed so that the full beauty of the candle may be enjoyed.  Our candles are made using our featured earth friendly soy blend wax. Each candle is highly scented to fill your home with long-lasting aromatic ambience and is designed to provide even burning. Approximate burn time is up to 65 hours. Celebrating Home uses only natural 100% cotton or paper core wicks with no lead or other metal filaments. Our wicks meet or exceed all federal safety requirements.  The essence of fresh Christmas Time to the warmth of Baked Apple Pie is captured with our newest catalog!  From Warm Cinnamon Pumpkin to Holiday Home our candles will bring the seasons alive!  













When is the best time to offer a fall fundraiser?  For the best results run your fundraiser earlier in the fall!

Many organizations choose to fundraise late season for Christmas delivery but keep in mind that the late fall season has the most competition for sales, families may have participated in multiple fundraisers, and customers may have made many purchases.


You need not look any further for an easy to sell program which offers a great selection of high quality products, affordably priced items, no start up fees, and with Celebrating Home Fundraising you can fundraise through Thanksgiving for Christmas delivery!  Items are in stock throughout the entire season, orders are processed quickly and  are delivered by FedEx generally well within 9 business days! 
























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