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Unipak - Otis Spunkmeyer
Cookie Dough - 1 pg
Cookie Dough - 4 pg
All One Price Fun Raising
Simply Delicious
Unipak - Legendary Baking
Legendary Pies - 4 pg
Legendary Pies - 1 pg
Unipak - Super Duper Dough
Super Duper Dough - 1 pg
Super Duper Dough - 4 pg
Family Fun Favorites
Sweet & Savory Collection

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Heritage Candles 
Spring Collection
Fall Collection
$10 Jar Candles & Wax Melts 4 pg
$10 Jar Candles  1 pg
Earth Candles
Journey of Faith Candles
Art Escape Candles
Quote Candles
Holiday Art Collection Candles 
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Boston's Coffee Roasters
Ultimate Coffee Collections
Unipak - Single Page
Auntie Anne's
Zap A Snack French Bread Pizza
Classic Collection Cheesecake
Trophy Nut
Snackin' in the USA
Big Bag $10 Treats
Smart Snacks
La-Tee-Da! Candles
All-Inclusive 8-pg 
Candle/Wax Melts - 1 pg
S'Kool Smartz 
Let it Snow
Joy to the World
Be Jolly By Golly
Candy Cane
Great Gifts for $8
Statement Makers Jewelry and Home Decor
Chocolate Indulgence
Let's Get Hopping!
Family Delights
Import Designs
Statement Makers Jewelry
Home Decor
Unipak - Classic Cookie
Classic Cookie - 1 pg
Classic Cookie - 4 pg
Indulgence Collection
Reserve Collection
You can select two brochures for some of the programs such as Heritage Candles or Trophy Nut.  In general, we do not recommend selecting brochures from multiple companies to assure you are qualifying, in some cases, for a minimum order, a higher percentage of profit, or free shipping.  Call us and we can assist you in making the best selections for your organization or discuss if combining two programs is recommended.
Unipak - Preferred
Preferred Sweets
Preferred Pantry
Preferred Cheese and Sausage
Submit your Sales Agreement Registration online by completing the form below. Review the terms and conditions within the agreement prior to submitting your online registration.  S'kool Smartz and Unipak require a signed Sales Agreement.  For those brochures please click on the link above to print an Agreement.  Fill in the required information, sign with an authorized signature, and then fax to 1-410-630-7080 or scan/email to chfundraiser@gmail.com
Print your Sales Agreement for the program you've selected and fax to 410-630-7080 or scan and email to chfundraiser@gmail.com
Some Sales Agreements can be submitted electronically by completing the form below.  Call us if you need assistance or have questions.
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Open Sales Agreements with Adobe Acrobat. If links will not open download Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) 

By submitting a Sales Agreement, you are fully committing to complete and submit your fundraising order with Deb Murray, National Fundraising Representative.  Please do not request brochures until your fundraiser has been 100% approved by your organization and dates have been decided upon.  Catalogs are provided upfront at no cost to your organization but are costly to purchase and to ship to your organization.  Cancellations are not accepted without full reimbursement to cover the cost of the catalogs and shipping expenses incurred to mail the catalogs.

You will receive an email confirmation within 48-72 hours. Please be sure to contact us by phone by calling 860-384-3691 if you've not heard from us within 24 hours.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with you and we look forward to helping you to raise the most money possible.  We are here to assist you and we welcome your call.  Throughout your fundraiser, we will provide extended office hours weekdays and weekends.  Call us!  

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