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You can summit your Sales Agreement electronically by completing the form below.  Be certain to review all the terms and conditions within the above sales agreement link prior to submitting your form.  

Complete a Sales agreement for our candle fundraiser and/or cookie dough fundraiser by either printing a sales agreement to fax/mail or completing the online form below.   We look forward to working with you! 

Opening the pdf file for the Sales Agreement requires Adobe Acrobat. If the file will not open you can download Adobe Acrobat free by clicking on the following link:   Download Adobe® Reader®

By submitting the Agreement you are fully committing to complete a fundraiser only with Deb Murray, Fundraising Representative.  Please do not request brochures until your fundraiser has been 100% approved by your organization and dates have been decided upon.  Catalogs are provided upfront at no cost to your organization but are costly to for your representative to purchase and to ship to your organization.  Cancellations are not accepted without full reimbursement to cover the cost of the catalogs and shipping expenses incurred to mail the catalogs.

 You will receive an email confirmation within 48-72 hours.

 Download our Fall/Winter 2015 Sales Agreement (pdf) 

Thank you for choosing our candle fundraiser and/or our Cookie Dough Fundraiser.