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Heritage Candles Fall Collection Candle Fundraiser

​​Each candle is labeled with a lovely quote making this brochure especially unique for gift-giving.

1 page, 8 Candle Scents,
12 oz candles retail for $14

24 delightful items including our 12 oz. Classic Candles, Wax Melts, 14 oz. Silver Scents Candles, 12 oz. Inspirations Candles, and 8 oz. Jar Candle Sets.  Retail prices are $12-$20.  
Offers a wonderful selection of 24 items including our 12 oz. Classic Candles, Wax Melts, 14 oz. Silver Scents Candles, 12 oz. Inspirations Candles, and 8 oz. Holiday  Jar Candle Sets. CRetail prices are $12-$20.

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A perfect brochure to offer alone or tag with another Heritage Candles brochure.
1 page, 6 Christmas Candle Scents
12 oz. candles retail for $14

We look forward to working with you and helping you to choose new fundraising ideas.  Together, we'll work to assure your fundraiser will be a great success!   If you have questions on our candle fundraisers contact us.  We would love to hear from you! We provide extended evening and weekend office hours and so much more!

​Deb Murray, National Fundraising Distributor since 2002

If you need your LaTeeDa products shipped prior to June 1st, view our Spring Brochures 
LaTeeDa Celebrating Home Interiors Classic Jar Candles Fundraiser

$10 Candle Fundraising Brochure, 1 page, 8 oz. Jar Candles, 6 Candle Scents,  No minimums.
50% Profit with 150 items, 40% if less. Free shipping with $150 retail. Premium Quality, Affordably Priced

​​Candles are labeled with unique Scripture Verses perfect for Church Fundraisers.

1 page, 8 Candle Scents,
12 oz candles retail for $12

12 oz. Canning Jar Candles 
14 oz. Hourglass Candles
4 pages, 18 Candle Scents
12 oz. candles retail for $14 

14 oz. retail for $16

LaTeeDa Celebrating Home Interiors Aroma Beads Fundraiser

Combine 2 Heritage Candles Brochures for more variety!

LaTeeDa Celebrating Home Interiors Cutting Boards Fundraiser
Candle Fundraiser Ideas - La-Tee-Da, Celebrating Home, Home Interiors, Heritage Candles, S'Kool Smartz - Fundraising that Just Makes Scents!

​​​​​​​With absolutely perfect scents and colors and beautiful hour glass containers, our Silver Scents Candle fundraiser will be lovely gifts for Easter and Mother's Day!  1 page, 6 Candle Scents
Larger, 14 oz candles retail for $16 and you profit $8.00 on every candle!  

​1. Meet with your organization before starting your fundraiser and designate a fundraising project for the funds. Determine how the funds raised will be used and look at past efforts and their success.  Doing so will indicate what you can expect. Be sure to include input from all parties actively involved in the organization. Your fundraising project can be something beneficial to the entire school community and can gain momentum from the entire enrollment and teachers, raise funds for a trip, for a sports team to raise money for new uniforms etc.  The selection of a project will ensure success for your fundraiser.  Select key dates to begin and end your fundraiser. Be sure to allow for two full weekends. Start on a Thursday or Friday and continue through two weekends and end on a Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday is ideal; it allows for a deadline reminder to be sent home on Monday. Be sure to notify all sellers and parents of these dates. The reminders will help stick to the schedule.  

LaTeeDa, Celebrating Home Fundraising, and Home Interiors Candle Fundraisers

LaTeeDa Celebrating Home Interiors Wax Melts Fundraiser
Heritage Candles Holiday Art Collection Candles
Earth Candles Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser

Family Delights - Spring 2017     or     The Joy of Spring - Spring 2017
Spring Shopper Catalog 2017 - Same candle and gifts catalog, just different covers!  Both offer an optional insert with a variety of food selections.  Choose your choice of covers and also let us know if you want us to include the food insert or not!
Just lovely!  We couldn't love this catalog more! From variety and quality to the benefits offered to the organizations this brochure can't be beat! For higher sales we recommend this brochure!  Organizations who know how to raise money know that catalog shoppers generate high profits!
Our program offers 24 pages with more than 60 items plus an optional 12 page insert with 30+ chocolates, snacks, soups, desserts, cheese and sausage.  No Minimums, earn 40%-45% Profit, FREE Youth Prize Programs, FREE Pack-by-Seller, FREE Shipping, Perfect for School Fundraisers!  Premium Quality, Most items priced at $12-$16 each.

Burning candles create ambiance, fill a room with wonderful scents, and offer a special beauty when burning, but a lighted candle is also an open flame, and if not carefully monitored a candle can become a potential fire hazard.  For your safety, please be sure to review our guidelines for safely burning candles in your home or office. 

Call (860) 384-3691 to place a personal order for LaTeeDa / Home Interiors / Celebrating Home Candles

Heritage Candles Earth Candles Fundraiser
Heritage Candles Art Escape Candle Fundraiser

All-Inclusive Brochure         -   Our $12 Classic Home Jar Candles, Wax Melts and Aroma Beads and $20 Tree of Life Candles and Cutting boards will help your school, team, youth group, etc raise up to 50% profit!  The same candles you've known for years as Celebrating Home and Home Interiors are now called LaTeeDa Fundraising! No Minimums, Earn 40%-50% Profit, FREE Pack-by-Seller, Free Shipping, Perfect for School Fundraisers! Premium Quality, Affordably Priced! Easy to sell $12-$20 items.

Classic Jar Candles / Wax Melts Brochure   If you prefer a smaller program our one-page LaTeeDa Classic Jar Candle / Wax Melts brochure  will offer your organization the simplicity you are searching for with our two most popular items; our 10 oz. Classic Jar Brochures and  2-pack Wax Melts.

LaTeeDa Celebrating Home Interiors Tree of Life Candle Fundraiser

Celebrating Home Fundraising and Home Interiors Candle Fundraisers are now known as La-Tee-Da! Fundraising.  The same premium quality soy candles you've loved for years and years are available in a new La-Tee-Da fundraising brochure, beginning 2016. Additionally, we are proud to offer an exciting line of candle fundraiser brochures from Heritage Candles.  With so many options we can help match you with a candle fundraiser brochure that will work best for your organization.  There are advantages to each of the candle fundraiser companies and with the individual candle fundraiser brochures.  A review of each brochure is provided to help guide you in choosing which brochure will best work for your organization.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ​

Heritage Candles Jar Candle Collection Fundraiser

$10 Candle/Wax Melts Fundraising Brochure, 4 pages, 8 oz. Jar Candles, 2-Pack Wax Melts, Candles and Wax Melts are both offered in 12 scents.  No minimums.

Choosing a Candle fundraiser is one of the best options for simple, easy, and high-profit fundraising.  Although running a candle fundraiser may not be the easiest fundraiser to select, compared to many, a candle fundraiser is not the most difficult and has many advantages.  Candle fundraising does not need to be complicated and offers simplicity when choosing the right company to work with. If simplicity is one of your top goals in choosing a fundraising idea, a candle fundraiser should definitely be kept on the top of your list of considerations.  

Simply the Best and Largest Resource for Candle Fundraiser Ideas!

Heritage Candles Quote Candles Fundraiser
Skool Smartz Spring Fundraiser Shopper
Joy of Spring Fundraising Catalog

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Candles are labeled with beautiful art labels, offering a unique Candle Fundraiser.
1 page, 8 Candle Scents,
12 oz. candles retail for $14

Heritage Candles Silver Scents Candle Fundraiser
LaTeeDa Celebrating Home Interiors Candle Fundraiser
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Heritage Candles Jar Candle Collection Fundraiser
Available now through Dec 31st.  Product shipping begins June 1st.
​​​Jar Candles / Wax Melts / Aroma Beads Brochure          Tree of Life Candles / Cutting Boards Brochure         Spring brochures end July 31st
Heritage Candles Spring Collection Candles Fundraiser