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Frequently Asked Questions - Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money

Below are some frequently asked questions about fundraising with Celebrating Home (Formerly H&GP Fundraising and Home Interiors). If you do not see your question below feel free to contact us via email at CHFundraiser@gmail.com or call us at 860-384-3691. Please send an email for the fastest reply.

New Fundraising Ideas - Frequently Asked Questions

Celebrating Home / La-Tee-Da! Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a local representative?
No, all orders are placed with a distributor.  For the past 13 years, I've led the way for Celebrating Home in developing our fundraising program.  I worked exclusively with the fundraising program.  Our office has worked with thousands of organizations across the United States and reached nearly  $4,000,000 in organization retail sales.   Over the years, I've worked directly with our corporate office in developing our fundraising programs and serve as the leading representative on our Fundraising Advisory Council.   Contributions include the suggestion and development of our fundraising brochures, a youth prize program, fundraising video, online fundraising sales, and more.  Over the years, I've contributed towards product development, training, brochure design, marketing, and more.  Since 2003, I've been the top seller nationwide in fundraising sales.  Our office is ready to assist you! We'll provide you with the materials you need within 3-4 days, provide you with all the paperwork you'll need including an online ToolBox containing a Guidelines Packet, Helpful Tips, Organization Letter, and Master Order form for submitting  your orders.  We'll guide you through each step and assist you with factoring the balance due at the conclusion of your fundraiser.  Shipping updates will be provided and should anything be missing or broken in your shipment we'll begin processing your replacements the same day they are reported.  From start to finish you can count on receiving excellent customer service.  Our wish is to work with you for many years to come.

How much profit can our organization earn?
Typically, organizations can earn up to 50% profit based on their total retail sales. This is one of the highest profit margins in the fundraising industry. How much your organization actually makes is entirely up to you. Our pricing is very comparable to many retail stores for similar products. For example, we suggest that you sell our industry leading 10-oz jar candle for $12.00. Your group will earn up to $6.00 of this price for every candle that you sell. If you sell 300 candles, you can make $1,500.00; if you sell 500 candles, you can make $2,500.00.

Does the group pay for the fundraiser brochures?
No, the group does not pay for brochures. The full-color brochures are provided complimentary to you and are shipped directly to you.  We please ask that once you have submitted your sales agreement that you do no cancel.  You will need to fax or mail in the fundraiser agreement form prior to being sent brochures for your group. You can also submit your agreement by completing your registration on our "Get Started" page in our website.     

How far in advance do we need to give notice of wanting to do a fundraiser? 
Submit your Sales Agreement by Fax or Email and you can begin your fundraiser in just 3-4 days!  

Does the group pay for shipping?                                                                                                    
No shipping fees are charged for orders greater than $100 (approx 9 jar candles).  Late orders or sample orders less than $100 in retail value will add $12 shipping.  

Once the candle order is placed how quickly will we receive our shipment?
While this varies, you should receive your shipment generally within 9 business days.  Your fundraising products are shipped via FedEx once your payment is received and tax exemption status has been approved.   We'll be able to monitor the shipment for you.  Send us an email and we can provide the estimated delivery date as well as the total number of boxes in your shipment.

Are the fundraisers for groups in the U.S. only? 
Yes. At this time, Celebrating Home ships within the continental US.    

How should we collect the money?
We suggest that you collect all of the payments when you take your orders. All checks or money orders should be made payable to your organization.  At the conclusion of your 
fundraiser your organization will keep your profits upfront and send one payment to our office for the total cost of the products purchased plus sales tax if applicable, and any shipping or other fees if any. 

How do we submit the order once we have collected them? 
Once you have received all of the forms from your group, a member of your group will need to tally the order forms and fill out the master order form (sent with your catalogs) and specify how many of each item is needed. You would then submit the master order form 
via fax or email and we will email an invoice to you. Your organization will keep your fundraising brochures, order forms, and profit.

How do we pay for the order? 
Once you have received your invoice you will remit payment by business or school check, cashier's check or money order payable to New Fundraising Ideas Debora Murray.  Credit Cards are not accepted.  Personal checks are not accepted.  PLEASE NOTE: All customer checks, if accepted are made payable to your organization.  

How do you handle sales tax? What if my organization is not tax exempt?
If your organization is not 
tax-exempt you are able to participate in our program but your organization will pay local and state sales tax on your sales.  Tax rates are determined by shipping address.  Tax laws vary by state.  Please refer to our tax exemption information on our website for more information.  

Can we have more than one fundraiser per year with CH?
We offer both a Spring/Summer Program and a Fall/Winter Program. Many groups will schedule one or more fundraising events for each season. Because we have a variety of products that are seasonal in our fundraising program, many organizations offer a CH fundraiser twice a year for their customers to replenish their candle supply, purchase their favorite food items, or to simply purchase the new seasonal accessory and decor items.  You can opt to collect additional monies to cover your cost for tax.

How long should the sale last?
We suggest that in order to keep the enthusiasm high during your fundraising program that you limit the actual selling period to 2-3 weeks. We recommend that you plan on selling for two solid weekends to maximize your sales.  We suggest that in order to keep the enthusiasm high during your fundraising program that you limit the actual selling period to 2-3 weeks.

Do I have any sorting options?
Celebrating Home offers free pack-by-
seller.  At the conclusion of your sales you can decide if you wish traditional shipping or packed by seller.

How do I handle any late or add-on orders?  

We are able to process additional orders for you.  Any orders required after processing the initial order will be treated as a new and separate order and are subject to any applicable shipping charge.  

How do I handle any broken or missing products?
We do our very best to 
insure that you receive all of the products that you have ordered in full and without any quality problems. If you do encounter a problem with any missing or damaged product, a Check In Form will be provided for you to submit for any needed replacements.  Less than 1/2 of 1 percent of breakage or missing items occur.  State of the art shipping facilities assure
your delivery will be accurate.  We will do our best to resolve any issues in a quick and timely manner, processing your replacements upon the date your Check In Form is received.

How do we get started? 

To receive your brochures please fax or email the Sales Agreement received in your information packet or click on this link to print one:  Agreement Form.    Please fax your Sales Agreement
to: 410-630-7080.   On the same page, you can also complete your sales agreement by completing and submitting the online form and submitting it electronically.  Please be sure you have reviewed the terms of the sales agreement prior to submitting it online.  Upon receiving the Sales Agreement, I will contact you to  review our program and answer any questions you may have.