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Great Gifts for $8 Fundraising Info

Our Great Gifts for $8 selections are very Affordable and Easy to Sell!

Successful fundraising ideas are those achieved by selling affordable items your customers will want to purchase. The response to our newly released Great Gifts $8 catalog has been absolutely incredible.  Your participants can easily sell to their family members, friends, neighbors, and will be an easy brochure for family members to share at work, and other activities they are involved with.  With so many wonderful items to choose from, your seller's family will surely choose to purchase items for themselves as well which will help to increase your overall participation.  You'll discover your supporters will purchase multiple items.  Additionally, our new catalog is perfect for the many special celebrations, activities with families and friends, gift-giving, and your own enjoyment.  Your supporters will be happy to purchase items for spring planting, for a BBQ, for gift-giving, for family celebrations, and for their home decor.  With everything priced at just $8.00 your participants are provided with the opportunity to sell great items that are affordable for everyone, resulting in very easy sales. 

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Why Choose Great Gifts for $8 Fundraising Catalog?

Our newest catalog, Great Gifts for $8, is off to a great start and is truly a wonderful choice for any organization, for any age group, for any size organization.  With FREE BROCHURES, a great FREE PRIZE PROGRAM, a wonderful selection of affordable items, and FREE PACK-BY-SELLER, Great Gifts for $8 is an absolutely perfect choice for School fundraisers including Elementary School fundraisers, middle school fundraisers, and even high school fundraisers! If you are searching for an affordable catalog for a PTO or PTA fundraiser our Great Gifts $8 Fundraiser Catalog is a PERFECT CHOICE for your organization! 

For smaller groups, such as a school band fundraiser, a sports team fundraiser, or a youth organization fundraiser who are searching for variety, affordability, high profit, and no upfront costs Great Gifts for $8  is a great choice!  There are NO COSTS TO GET STARTED, NO MINIMUMS, AND NO CASE REQUIREMENTS, even for organizations with a few sellers.  Very few fundraising programs today offer no minimums with FREE SHIPPING and still offer 40% profit!  Great Gifts for $8 is an especially perfect brochure for groups such as elementary school fundraisers, middle school fundraisers, cheerleading fundraisers, dance fundraisers etc.  You and your supporters will love this brochure filled with 142 easy-to-sell $8 items!

We'll ship your brochures right away, and you can begin your fundraiser in about a week. From beautiful flowers, candles, and chocolates, to gifts for you, friends and family, all our items are easy to sell and easy for you to generate high fundraising sales.  Your order will be packed-by-seller if you sell just 200 or more items, and we'll ship your fundraising order in approximately 3 weeks following receipt of your order forms.  Your customers will love their purchases and you'll EARN 40-45% PROFIT. 

If you are looking to fundraise and have time to receive your products for an end of season sports team, or end of the school year fundraiser call us to schedule your dates today!
How does the Great Gifts for $8 Fundraiser program work?

● Call us at 860-384-3691 to request a Sales Agreement.  We'll complete a Sales Agreement for your organization and send it to you by email. Please complete and return by fax or scan/email your Sales Agreement to our office.  You'll receive your brochures, order forms, and envelopes in 7-10 days.  You can start fundraising right away.
● Be sure you have set goals and have required a minimum number of items to be sold by each participant.  Motivate and encourage your participants!
 Use our Chairman’s Toolbox on our website for all the documents you’ll need, including a sample cover letter you can customize. You’ll also find in the Toolbox fundraising instructions.

●  We recommend running your fundraiser for a 2-3 week period.  Customer checks, if taken, are made payable to your organization. Check in with your participants throughout your selling period and make several reminders to keep selling.  
● Collect all brochures and payments at the end of your selling period.  There are no minimums required to submit an order, but we ask you to please sell an average of 2 items times the number of brochures shipped.  Brochures and supplies are free with a minimum of just 2 items sold x the number of brochures shipped. (Ex.: 50 brochures shipped requires 100 items sold for free brochures.) With sales of 1-1.99 items per seller, half the cost of the supplies will be added to your invoice.  If the number of items sold is less than 1 item per brochure shipped the full cost of the supplies provided will be charged.  Once you have collected your order forms and payments contact us and we will provide you with the address to ship the company's copy of the order forms.  For small organizations with a few order forms, you will be able to fax the order forms to the company.  ​ 
●  Once you have completed your sale and your order forms are submitted to S'Kool Smartz, you'll receive an invoice by email in approximately one week.  You can pay for your purchase with a school or business check, money order, cashiers or a certified check.  You can also pay by credit card with a signed authorization.  Public school purchase orders are accepted with a 15-day term.  Your order will ship in approximately three weeks following receipt of your order forms. Payment will be required before an order will be released for shipment.    
● With a qualifying order of 200 or more items, we can ship your order packed-by-seller at no additional fee.  We suggest starting your fundraiser early to allow sufficient time for processing and delivery.
●  Shipping of your order is free.  
●  Confirmation that your order has shipped will be emailed to you.  Most orders are generally shipped by UPS.  You are welcome to email our office anytime for shipping updates and estimated delivery date(s).   You can expect to receive your shipment generally within 4 weeks after the company has received your order forms.

●  Report any missing or broken items within 48 hours.  Seldom are there any missing or broken items with our shipments.  However, should any corrections be required you'll be provided with the steps for reporting any shipping errors.  
● We’ll provide coaching to help your campaign succeed, extended office hours Mon-Sun 9 am-9 pm EST, and a solid commitment to process your order and needed replacements with no delay.  When you require assistance we'll be available to help you!

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Simple, simple, simple!  With 28 pages filled 142 items, our brochure offers everything from flowers, chocolates, snacks, jewelry, totes, kitchen items, gift wrap, recipes, gummies, holiday decor, kids items, tumblers, pet items, and more. Everything is affordable and priced at just $8 each!  If you are searching for new fundraising ideas for a school fundraiser, sports team, daycare fundraiser, church fundraiser, or any other group large or small you needn't look any further!  Our Great Gifts $8 catalog is a terrific choice for spring or fall seasons!  

Be sure to view the brochure to see the amazing collection of items and truly offers something for everyone!  Celebrate a successful fundraiser with Great Gifts for $8!  
Great Gifts for $8 Fundraising Profit and Fees:  

Great Gifts for $8 offers a fun and super easy fundraising idea.  Earn 40%-45% profit on your order with no minimums or cases required.  
There are NO HIDDEN FEES.  
You'll receive a FREE SELLING KIT for each of your participants.
FREE PACK-BY-SELLER, and classroom when applicable.
FREE SHIPPING on your order.  A small shipping fee will be added to late orders.  
FREE PRIZE PROGRAMS your participants will love!  
EARN A MINIMUM OF 40% PROFIT!  Bonus: Sell 1,500 items and receive 45% Profit.  With the variety of items offered this brochure provides an opportunity to easily sell hundreds of items, earning a lot of money for your organization.  
There are NO CASE REQUIREMENTS.  Your organization only orders the number of items needed. ​​

Great Gifts $8 Fundraiser Brochure
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Easy Fundraising Ideas

Easy Fundraising Ideas
Earn up to 45% Profit for school fundraising ideas, sports teams, clubs, youth groups and a host of other fundraising organizations with our Great Gifts for $8 Fundraiser Brochure!​

Great Gifts Fundraiser Brochure