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Home Interiors Candle Fundraisers

View our LaTeeDa Fundraising Brochures to select candles, wax melts, aroma diffuser oils, and room sprays. Then, call us at 860-384-3691 to place a personal order by phone to receive a 40% discount.

Home Interiors Candles

Home Interiors Candles and Home Interiors Candle Fundraisers

Home Interiors Candle Fundraisers are now known as LaTeeDa Fundraising

Candle Fundraisers & Personal Orders

Have you been searching for Home Interior Candles?  

You found us!  In 2008, Home Interiors became part of Celebrating Home.  Later, in 2015, Celebrating Home restructured and is now known as LaTeeDa Fundraising.  

Can I order a catalog?

No. Catalogs are no longer produced. Fundraising brochures can be viewed on our website. Orders can be placed by calling us at 860-384-3691.

Is a candle fundraising program still available?

Yes! Multiple fundraising brochures are available for the Spring and fall seasons offering a variety of candles, room sprays, wax melts, and aroma diffuser oils.  For all the program details and to view our brochures visit our candle fundraising ideas page.

If I don't want to do a fundraiser can I just place a candle order?

Yes! The candles in our fundraising line are available for individual purchase.  Please view the fundraising brochures and call us at 860-384-3691 to place an order.  We will offer you a 40% discount on the retail selling prices. No minimum is required. $7.95 flat rate shipping is added, regardless of how many items are purchased. 

Can I order a catalog or Host a Home Party?

No.  Catalogs for Home Interiors are no longer produced and although our fundraising program is still available, home parties are no longer offered.

Can I sign up to be a home party representative?

No.  In July 2015, Celebrating Home closed its party-plan division.

Can I sign up to be a fundraising representative?

Yes! We are searching for Independent Fundraising Representatives who have experience in the fundraising industry.

Can I order Home Interior replacement pieces?

No. Home Interiors, as a company, closed and replacements are no longer available.

Can you tell me the value of a Home Interior, Home & Garden Party, or Celebrating Home Product?

No. We have no access to what items sold for or their present value.

​We appreciate your interest in our fundraising program if you are searching for candle fundraising ideas for your organization or if you are interested in purchasing our candles as a personal order.  

Home Interior Candles