● Choose the brochure(s) you want to offer your supporters; candles, cookie dough, or both. You choose!   Average sales are generally 50% higher when combining both brochures and brochures are combined to qualify for free shipping.
● Review the Sales Agreement, complete and fax, scan, or mail to our office.  You can also submit your sales agreement electronically on our website.  There’s no wait to receive brochures!  You'll receive your brochures within 3-4 days.
● Use our Chairman’s Toolbox on our website for all the documents you’ll need, including a sample cover letter you can change. You’ll also find in the Toolbox fundraising instructions, a master order form for submitting your order, and a check-in form for receiving your delivery.
● Review the requirements for tax exemption on our website if your organization is tax exempt. Fax or email your certificate to us at 410-630-7080. Our office is very experienced in processing tax exemption requirements for each state and we’re ready to assist you.  
● Your tax exemption certificate is not needed before receiving your brochures, but we encourage you to fax your document in order for our tax department to verify your tax exemption status. We cannot process your order until the correct tax exemption documents have been received and approved, or state tax has been paid.
● If your organization is not tax exempt you can opt to collect additional money to cover the tax or pay the tax from your profit.  (Should you collect $1.00 per item we will collect the tax due on the purchase and you will retain any additional monies collected.)
● Distribute brochures to your sellers and determine how long you will continue your sales.  (Most organizations sell for 2-3 weeks) Customer checks, if taken, are made payable to your organization.
● Collect all brochures and payments at the end of your selling period.  There are no minimums for submitting an order. Complete a Master Order Form, fax or email the completed form, and we will email an invoice to you with the total amount due.  You'll keep your brochures and profit. 
● Pay for your purchase.  If you are searching for school fundraising ideas that require payment following delivery please inform us when you submit your sales agreement to discuss the terms for acceptance of a school Purchase Order.  W-9s and vendor applications are provided as needed.
● Shipping is free with qualified orders and is determined upon the volume of sales, not your location or the distance being shipped.  When your purchase is $1,500 or greater shipping is free.  With a purchase less than $1,500, 12% shipping is added to your purchase price only (not your customer sales), up to a $100 maximum fee. If you offer a choice of brochures the sales from each brochure will be combined to help you to qualify for free shipping.   
● A confirmation will be emailed to you once we receive payment (business check, school check, cashier's check, money order, credit card with signed authorization, or a school purchase order) and your order will be submitted to our shipping department.  All orders are shipped by FedEx.  You are welcome to email our office anytime for shipping updates and estimated delivery date(s). Once payment for a candle order has been received you can expect to receive your shipment generally well within 9 business days. Orders with cookie dough will ship on Wednesday for payments received by Saturday of each week.  Late orders will be accepted.
● Report any missing or broken items.  Seldom are there any missing or broken items with our shipments.  However, should any corrections be required return the check-in form and we will process a new order for the replacements.
● We’ll provide coaching to help your campaign succeed, extended office hours Mon-Sun 9am-9pm EST, and a solid commitment to process your order and needed replacements with no delay.  When you require help we'll be available to help you!

Contact Deb Murray

Email: CHFundraiser@gmail.com

Phone:  860-384-3691 or 888-209-0613

Easy fundraising ideas for any group!

Fundraising Candle Fundraisers Candle Fundraising Ideas

Ideal for all PTA/PTO Groups, School Fundraising Ideas, Sports Teams, Bands, Cheerleaders, Youth Organizations, Relay for Life, Corporate Groups, Churches, and so many other organizations!

For more information on fundraising for your organization:

School Fundraising Ideas Cheerleading Fundraising | PTO Fundraising |  PTA Fundraising | Sports Fundraising | Church Fundraising |  Band Fundraising

Whether you call if Fundraising, Fund Raising, Fundraiser, Fund Raiser, Fundraiser Ideas, or Fund-raiser, Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers has the program you are looking for to exceed your fundraising goal this season!  Fundraising candle fundraisers fundraiser ideas are perfect for school fundraising ideas

●  40% Profit on all orders regardless of the number of items sold!
●  Affordably priced at just $16 per item
●  No Minimums Required!  No organization is too small! 
●  No Case Orders Required!  Only order the actual number of items required!
●  7 Varieties of the most popular frozen Cookie Dough selections are offered in 2.7 pound boxes:
Classic Chocolate Chunk, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodle, Sugar Delight, Triple Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chunk Pecan
●  Our frozen cookie dough is shelf stable at room temp for up to 21 days, may be refrigerated for up to 6 weeks, and may be frozen for up to 1 year! 
●  No Preservatives added. 0 g Trans Fat,
●  Distribution day is made easy!  No refrigeration or freezer is immediately required with our fund raisers. 
There's no need to have parents and volunteers rush in to collect their cookie dough on a designated date and time.
●  Free Brochures with NO upfront costs!
●  Free Shipping with a low qualifying order of just 105 items!                                                                                                 ●  Easy fundraising ideas perfect for school fundraising ideas!

Baked and Ready to Eat Sweet Treats:   ● Cinnamon Rolls
● Braided Bread with Cream Cheese

Cookie Dough/Popcorn/Sweet Treats Brochure

Fall / Winter 2015 Frozen Cookie Dough / Popcorn Brochure

Choice #1
8-Page Candle and Gift Brochure

Our Candle & Gift Brochure offers our Classic Home 10 oz. Candles and our 12.5 oz. Designer Candles PLUS non-flame Aroma Beads, Fragrance Warmers & Gels, Accessories, and Plaques.  Our 8-page brochure is a great choice for school fundraising ideas.

Choice #2
1-Page Classic Jar Candle Brochure

For easy fundraising ideas select our Jar Candle Brochure offering our top selling 10 oz. Classic Home Jar Candles and base & topper set.  (Same candles are offered in our 8-page brochure) 

CH Brochure options for Fall / Winter 2015

Two Candle Fundraiser Brochures to choose from! 


Phone:  860-384-3691 or 888-209-0613


Sell the finest quality Frozen Cookie Dough and Candles made in the USA.  Products are affordably priced for your customers and are easy to sell.  Candles are exclusive with no retail competition.
Earn a generous profit up to 50%* with candle brochures.
We offer a choice of 3 brochures.  You choose.
You can offer multiple brochures.
Two selling seasons - Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter
Extended selling seasons -
Fund raise thru Thanksgiving for Christmas Delivery
Christmas Deadline is December 10th!
Free Shipping with qualified orders.
Presorting by seller is available. 
Purchase Orders are available for schools.
Products are delivered within 9 business days once an order has been processed.
No upfront costs, receive your brochures in just 2-3 days, no minimums to place an order, extended evening and weekend office hours and so much more!
*For organizations who qualify for free shipping.

Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers offers a variety of candle fundraiser and frozen cookie dough programs including products lines once known as Celebrating Home FundraisingHome Interiors, and Home & Garden Party - Request more information or submit a sales agreement for any of available programs.  We're very proud to offer you exceptionally high quality affordably priced fund-raiser products, up to 50% profit, and fast delivery! Whether you are searching for school fundraising ideas, sports teams, cheerleaders, etc look no further!

Click on Images to view each Brochure

Choice #2
1-Page Classic Home Candle Brochure

Choice #1
8-Page Candles, Fragrance, & Gifts Brochure 

Fundraising Candle Fundraisers Fundraiser Ideas

Simply the Best Candle Fundraiser

and Frozen Cookie Dough Fund Raisers!

Deb Murray 
National Fundraising Rep
Email: CHFundraiser@gmail.com
Fax: 410-630-7080
Phone: 860-384-3691 
​Toll Free: 1-888-209-0613 

Choice #3
Frozen Cookie Dough, Popcorn, & Sweet Treats Brochure

Please review our website and contact us with any questions you have or to request free program information on our easy fundraising ideas by mail.  If you have questions on our candle fundraiser or frozen cookie dough programs please email us at for the fastest reply.  I'd love to hear from you! CHFundraiser@gmail.com  (860) 384-3691. 

We look forward to working with you to find easy fundraising ideas and helping  your fundraiser to be a great success!

Deb Murray  

National Fundraising Rep

Easy fundraising ideas selling Popcorn: 
● Double Chocolate Drizzle
● Caramel Corn
● Cheddar Cheese
●Kettle Corn

New brochures are generally released twice yearly.

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"Fundraising that just makes Scents!"

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Easy Fundraising Ideas

Earn 50% Profit for school fundraising ideas, sports teams, clubs, youth groups and a host of other fundraising organizations with our CH Candle Fundraiser Brochures!

How does the program work?

So many reasons to choose our easy fundraising ideas for your next Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser!

 ​Offering the top 7 most popular Cookie Dough flavors: 
● Classic Chocolate Chunk
● White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
● Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin
● Snickerdoodle
● M&M Chocolate Chunk
● Triple Chocolate Chip
● Chocolate Chunk Pecan          Perfect for school fundraising ideas!

So many reasons to choose our easy fundraising ideas for your next Candle Fundraiser!

●  50% Profit on all orders regardless of the number of candles sold!
●  Affordably priced at just $10 and $15 per candle
●  We offer easy fundraising ideas.  No Minimums Required with our fund raisers!  No organization is too small! 
●  No Case Orders Required!  Only order the actual number of candles required!
●  Our top selling soy blend scents include seasonal and year-round favorites. 
●  Each candle is highly scented to fill your home with long-lasting aromatic ambiance and is designed to provide even burning.
●  Our most popular 10 oz Candle, is affordably priced at just $10 and  has a burn time of approximately 50 hours.
●  Our 12.5 oz candle has an approximate burn time of 65 hours.
●  Our candles are proudly produced in USA in our own facility.
●  Only natural 100% cotton or paper core wicks with no lead or other metal filaments are used. Our wicks meet or exceed all federal safety requirements
●  Free Brochures with NO upfront costs!  A perfect choice for school fundraising ideas!
●  Free Shipping with a purchase of $1,500 or more
●  Easy fundraising ideas perfect for school fundraising ideas!