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so maybe no wine glass but I like the modern look...a bit too dark but it's simple.

I don't like this photo except that it shows the candles up close, the reflection of light on the glassware and the plaid under the candles. It adds warmth and is trendy....I think this might be a scarf actually!  I would have displayed these different...not just 2 candles sitting beside each other. I would have added more evergreen, pine cone, around the candles instead of that plate. And I would have chosen a white candle instead of blue. The background is overall, too red and too dark. Obviously, the photo is not sized right for our brochure but it is still creating the look I think would be nice. 

I think this window with it being darker is ok. Kinda like the items pictured at an angle so the brochures aren't always looking like a repeat.  

sorry, blurry image but all I could retrieve....an older Heritage brochure...thinking this type of layout for our Christmas brochure...no need for the cover to be in the image...like the stacking, evergreen, and pine cones

I like the window but this image might be a bit too much window and I would have elevated one of the candles more to have filled the page somewhat more. I really like the look created with the 2 wick candle..would have preferred all the candles burning. Overall, this image is a bit boring, and would have been better with some evergreens or other accents.  I like the 3 colors together, which is nice, and the candle flame.  They like to accent the glass on their candles with a lot of bright lighting which works well with the glass covers but with our mason and classic I think we should leave off the covers  and have all the wicks burning. 

I like the tree and lights but this is too much green and I would have had the candle red. For us, I'd add in candles, a few wax melts cubes, I'd zoom in to show more of the candle or in our case candles. I think I like the table gray in color or something to contrast the background. 

this one looks better with the candle flame but it's missing the warmth of the accents around the candles....still don't like the red wall and don't think I like the snow!

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BestFundraising Ideas

Just so you can see how trendy plaid is this season take a look below!  And here is just a sampling of the many plaid photos....and two companies have the same image!  The designs, themselves are not applicable to our layout but I show these to show how plaid is being used this year. This could possibly, be a theme for the accents but is not something I'm saying has to be done...just an idea!

I like this for the candles being up close, the evergreen, and a BIT of accents...this is just too busy.  The trend is more plaid right now anyway.   I like the evergreen in the background, simple and effective on the sides, and in the front. I don't know what the gold things are in front of the green candle but I agree that some accent would be good....holly berry,  pine cones, tiny ornaments etc. Love the bright light reflecting off the glass. 

I really don't like the background on this at all  but the candles are very vibrant and I like the red, green, white, candle on the wrapped gift, pine cones.

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I really don't like the red paneled wall in the background but I like how they elevated the candle, how up close they are and the lighting. the rest of the photo is really great...like the stone, not so much the snow, but like the evergreen theme.   I like the cinnamon wrapped in red ribbon...yum, the smell of cinnamon.

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