SKool Smartz Velvet Couture Jewelry, Scarves, and Home Decor - Spring / Summer 2017

With stylistic jewelry, scarves, home decor and gifts, your participants will have fun selling these stylish offerings your customers will love!  Our combination brochure offers 16 pages filled with more that 50 items priced $12.50 - $35.00 each. Your organization can earn 40%-45% profit! 

Why Choose Jewelry?

Searching for new and unique fundraising ideas can be a challenge, especially if you are part of an organization that depends on holding multiple fundraisers every year or if you are competing with other organizations who are selling the same popular items time and time again.  As much as you may like them are you tired of eating the same cookie dough or feeling like you shouldn't be eating so many treats?  In fundraising today, many common fundraisers fill your home with sweets and snacks of all sorts, items you really have no use for or items such as scratch cards that you really didn't want to purchase which never get redeemed.  Some items are just simply boring.  Why not purchase something you'll personally enjoy, or be happy you are purchasing as a gift?  

And worse, after you've purchased from one of the same old fundraisers, a family relative or a friend passes you a fundraising brochure again and again with more of the same old items.  If only, you would be asked to purchase something you would personally enjoy.  Sigh.  Although most organizations can still be successful in selling the commonly held fundraisers we wanted to broaden our line of fundraising items and we searched for new and unique ideas that people would enjoy purchasing.  And fundraising ideas that would be successful for an organization to sell.  That search led us to our Statement Makers brochures.  

Have you ever noticed women at the mall or at a special vendor event in which jewelry was being sold?  Women will walk right by most vendor booths but turn the corner and they are swarming around the booth selling jewelry and having a wonderful time shopping and buying jewelry.  The shiny, sparkling, and gorgeous jewelry is too appealing to resist!

Consider most of the fundraisers you've been associated with.  Who did most of the selling?  Who did most of the buying? Women of course!  It most likely won't be a surprise to you to know that an overwhelming 85% of all purchasing decisions are made by women.  When a traditional brochure fundraiser is being run it is most likely the women who are selling and they will sell to their girlfriends, moms, daughters, ladies at get the idea!  Women enjoy wearing beautiful jewelry and they love helping others.  Selling jewelry is a win-win!

We recognize that women work very hard and donate much of their time to volunteer for their children's activities at school, with sports, with a variety of youth groups, and are the first ones to volunteer, the last ones to leave, and are usually the ones planning and carrying out fundraising events. Women are also involved in a host of church groups, women's groups, charity events, raising money for causes.  Wouldn't it be lovely to offer a fundraising program with shiny, sparkling, beautiful jewelry?   Even better, a program that includes stylish scarves as well to complete the look? Our Statement Makers brochures offer spectacular scarves and jewelry fundraising ideas that you, your sellers, and your customers will absolutely love.  They will enjoy sharing the brochure with everyone, and your customers will truly be excited about purchasing the items in the brochure.  The only problem will be trying to decide which items to pick because their wish list will be too long!

Our Statement Makers brochures are an easy fundraising idea and one that everyone will really appreciate!  Sound refreshing?

Whether you are raising money for a Relay for Life team, a breast cancer walk, a cheerleading competition, a dance team, or a church mission trip, why not offer a really appealing, easy to sell program?   And what if you are searching for a fundraiser for a baseball team?  Well, guess you will still be doing most of the sales and most of the purchasing?  The moms will!  A jewelry fundraiser can be a perfect option for most any organization because we all recognize that the best fundraising ideas are those where the participants who are asked to sell will love the product they are selling.  We believe that jewelry and accessories for women are one of those successful product lines.  

We wish you all the best!

Why Choose Statement Makers Fundraiser?

The Statement Makers fundraising brochures are filled with stylish jewelry options perfect for women and children.  The beautiful pieces found within these attractive pages are great for all styles. Statement Makers offers simply classic, elegant and contemporary styles to delight all your customers.   If you are searching for a refreshing, new and unique fundraising idea for your next fundraiser, this fundraiser will be a great addition to your organization's other fundraising efforts this year.  

Within the Statement Makers brochures, you will truly find something for everyone. With stylistic jewelry, scarves, home decor and gifts, your participants will have fun selling these stylish offerings your customers will love!  Our SKool Smartz Combination Brochure offers 16 pages filled with more than 50 jewelry, scarves, and accessory items for women, children,  PLUS more variety with our home decor options.  Items are priced $12.00 - $29.50 each and your organization can earn up to 45% profit!  Our Import Designs Statment Makers Brochure offers 16 pages filled with 75 stunning items including necklaces, bracelets, earrings scarves, and accessories!  

Our brochure features something for everyone....

"make a bright statement...turquoise influences...bold color accents...make a pretty match...pretty, perfect adornments...
beautiful neutral tones...little fashionista favorites...timeless fashion finds...sparkle day into night...shine on polished and pretty...and for the gentlemen..."  

There are no up-front costs, no minimums, free pack-by-seller, and fast UPS shipping.  This is a great brochure for school fundraisers, cheerleading fundraisers, dance fundraisers, etc.  

We recognize that there are so many different fundraisers out there to choose from and that it is very important for your organization to do something a little different and to stand out from the rest of the competition.  Jewelry and scarves fundraising ideas are just what you need to appeal to your buyers and to earn as much money as possible for your organization.

Anyone can sell with our Statment Makers fundraising brochures.  With no minimums required, any organization large or 
small, can benefit from choosing one of our jewelry fundraisers.  

Why work with us?  

Year after year, we have many organizations who come back time and time again asking us to send them more brochures for another candle fundraiser. In 2002, we founded our business as Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers and with our candle fundraising programs, we have helped thousands and thousands of organizations across the US raise money each year.  Over the years, we have grown and now offer additional fundraising ideas besides candles.  If you are new to fundraising, you might want to consider a candle fundraiser, or better yet, combine one with jewelry!  If you aren't sure, please call us and we'll help you decide which program will work best for you.   View our website and discover what sets us apart from other companies.  We have done the research and have selected the best fundraising ideas available for you.  We provide knowledgeable and dependable service you can trust, and you'll have the same representative you can call and work with from start to finish.  And with so many of our organizations, year after year. We look forward to hearing from you!  

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SKool Smartz Jewelry Fundraiser

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We look forward to working with you and helping you to choose new fundraising ideas.  Together, we'll work to assure your fundraiser will be a great success!  If you have questions on our jewelry fundraisers contact us.  We would love to hear from you!  We provide extended evening and weekend office hours and so much more!

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Import Designs Statement Makers Jewelry & Scarves   - 2017 / 2018

Our Statement Makers brochure fundraising idea offers 16 pages filled with 75 stunning items including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, scarves, and accessories!  You and your supporters will certainly have so much FUN shopping from this brochure! Items are priced $12.00-$29.50 and your organization will profit 40%-45% profit!

Easy Fundraising Ideas

Are you looking for a unique and new fundraiser ideas?  New Fundraising Ideas offer the following brochures which you can select just one, or combine to offer your supporters more variety.  Jewelry and Scarves provide a unique fundraising idea for any time of the year and for any size organization.  You can earn up to 50% profit with easy to achieve FREE shipping.   Request free information or request brochures to get started right away!

SKool Smartz Statement Makers Jewelry, Scarves, and Home Decor - Aug-Dec 2017

With stylistic jewelry, scarves, home decor and gifts, your participants will have fun selling these stylish offerings your customers will love!  Our combination brochure offers 16 pages filled with more that 50 items priced $12.50 - $35.00 each.  Your organization can earn 40%-45% profit! 

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