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Are you Searching for New Pizza Fundraiser Ideas?

Pizza Fundraiser! 1-Page brochure

Pizza Fundraisers are a fun and simple way for organizations to raise money

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We look forward to working with you and helping you to choose new fundraising ideas.  Together, we'll work to assure your fundraiser will be a great success!   If you have questions on our cookie dough fundraisers contact us.  We would love to hear from you! We provide extended evening and weekend office hours and so much more!

Deb Murray, National Fundraising Representative since 2002

Classic Cookies including Hershey's Kisses, Reese's, M&Ms, and more! 16 pages offer 55 unique items, including a wide variety of frozen food products.  Our Indulgence fundraising brochure offers classic cookie dough, Mega Cookies, Cinnabon cookies, soft pretzels, gourmet dry mixes, Pine River cheese, and more! Great brands include Classic Cookies, Cinnabon, Ben's Soft Pretzels, Otis Spunkmeyer, Hershey's Kisses, Reese's, M&Ms, Homemade Gourmet, and more. Don't miss viewing this brochure! You can combine this brochure with our 1-Page Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough brochure to offer your customers more variety

Why not offer a pizza fundraiser that is fun, easy, and can earn a 40% profit with free shipping for you your organization?  Our line of brochures offers Zap A Snack French Bread Pizzas, St. Louis Style 12-inch Pizzas, and Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread and Sauce.  Pizza Fundraising is a fun, and easy fundraiser idea we invite you to try!  Why not raise money by offering something everybody enjoys and buys?  Everyone loves pizza and our products are a tasty and great way to raise funds!

A simple, 1-page brochure offering your favorite French Bread Pizzas; Cheese, Supreme, Pepperoni, Three Meat, and Five Cheese Garlic Bread. We also offer a 1-page brochure offering our St. Louis Style Pizza or a combination 1-page brochure with St. Louis Style Pizza and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels.

Zap A Snack Fundraisers are perfect for schools, sports groups, and youth organizations searching for a simple and fun fundraiser.  Zap a Snack is a fundraising favorite that goes from your freezer to your table in minutes. We offer a single-page brochure offering just our Zap A Snack French Bread Pizzas and several brochures that offer a variety of items in addition to Zap A Snack Pizzas.  Why not offer a wide and wonderful variety of the most loved and recognized fundraising items such as Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough, Auntie Anne's pretzels, Cinnabon Gooey Bites, Cheesecakes and more if your supporters would like to purchase them?  Be sure to view the brochure options!  Your customers are sure to love purchasing items and supporting your fundraiser!  Your supporters will look forward to buying and enjoying Zap A Snack Pizzas, any time of the year!

Our Zap a Snack French Bread Pizza Fundraiser offers your all-time favorites!  Our easy to sell 1-page brochure offers your favorite French Bread Pizzas; Cheese, Supreme, Pepperoni, Three Meat, and Five Cheese Garlic Bread.  From your freezer to your microwave, Zap A Snack Fundraisers are ready to eat in less than 4 minutes!  Serve anytime or anywhere, Zap A Snack Pizzas are the perfect meal or snack for families on the go!  Zap-A-Snack French Bread Pizzas have been the top-selling pizza brand in fundraising and have been very successful in helping organizations to raise millions of dollars. Zap-A-Snack French Bread Pizzas are convenient snacks for all ages that are quick and easy to prepare via microwave or oven.  The products are simply delicious, and the quality of the items will keep your customers asking your organization to repeat a Zap A Snack fundraiser year after year!  Zap A Snack pizzas are fabulous fundraising ideas for any size organization that can sell 100 or more items.  The more you sell the higher profit you will earn.  Orders with 400 or more items will earn a 40% profit and orders with less than 400 items will earn 25%-38% depending on how many items are sold. The more items you sell the higher your percentage of profit earned will be.  With our Zap A Snack Fundraisers, your shipping is free with the 100 minimum items sold.  Not only is your shipping free on small orders but we provide your brochures free of any fees, we do not have case requirements, and we also offer your organization free pack-by-seller.

We are proud to offer an exciting line of fundraising brochures offering our Zap A Snack Pizzas.  Whether you want to offer just pizza or prefer to include a larger selection of items such as cookie dough, pretzels, soup mixes, etc., we have several options to choose from.  Call us and we can help match you with a brochure that will work best for your organization.

Zap A Snack French Bread Pizza is a fabulous choice for organizations!  They are so easy to sell, and they are great fundraising ideas!  Zap A Snack Pizzas are so easy to sell that most organizations repeat a fundraiser with Zap A Snack pizza, every year, whether spring or fall. Many groups repeat a fundraiser in the spring and fall seasons with different brochures such as our Simply Delicious and then Extravaganza Reserve Collection to offer more variety.

12-inch St. Louis Style Pizzas are traditional thin crust topped with a unique 5-cheese blend of St. Louis Style cheese resulting in a creamy buttery texture. For authentic St. Louis Style feel, cut into squares before serving! Three selections are offered including Pepperoni, Sausage, and Mega Meat which includes Pepperoni, Sausage, and Bacon.  We offer our St. Louis Style Pizza in a single-page brochure that offers just pizza, an additional single-page brochure that offers our St. Louis Style Pizza combined with Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and Pretzel Nuggets, and if offered in many of our other brochures such as our Indulgence Collection, Reserve Collection, Simply Delicious, Extravaganza brochure and more.

For Fall Fundraising, Cheese and Sausage Fundraisers are a perfect choice for promoting sales for Thanksgiving and for Christmas gift-giving.  We highly recommend starting early in the fall season for the best results.  Beat the competition and promote your Zap a Snack fundraiser for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Years of experience have proven that the most successful fundraisers are those held earlier in the fall season.  Zap A Snack and St. Louis Style Pizza orders do require more time for processing and shipping, so we recommend that you allow 2-3 weeks for your fundraising orders to ship.  Start fundraising earlier in the season to lessen the competition of the many organizations that hold their fundraiser in early November for Christmas.  For the highest sales, we suggest starting your fundraiser much earlier in the fall!

For Spring Fundraising, every month during the spring is a great time to be holding a pizza Fundraiser.  We suggest running your fundraiser in early spring to beat the competition of school and sports fundraisers.

Did you know?  Our pizza Fundraisers, whether you choose the single page brochure or a larger brochure, are such a perfect choice for organizations looking for the best fundraising ideas.  Not only is a pizza fundraiser easy to sell, but your customers will want to purchase again making repeat fundraisers easy to achieve high sales.   For many organizations, a food fundraiser is a traditional event and they repeat yearly because of the high sales they achieve when holding a pizza fundraiser.  When you can offer a premium quality product at an affordable price, and an item that's consumable and people want more, you've found the right fundraising idea that will assure success.

We researched to find the best food fundraisers.  We have purposely selected the best fundraisers to offer you premium quality, pizzas, cheese and sausage, cookies, cinnamon treats, pretzels, and affordable fundraisers.  Our brochures offer a variety of price points and you can choose which will work best for your organization.  From our simple 1-page Zap A Snack or St. Louis Style Pizza brochures to our larger 30-40 page brochures, there's an option that will work for everyone.  Affordable pricing results in successful fundraisers!  Your supporters will be eager to purchase and support your cause.  Your participants are easily discouraged when potential customers say "no thank you" and do not purchase when fundraising items are over-priced. Our items are simply super easy to sell and your participants do not have to sell hundreds of $1-$2 candy bars or have to convince supporters to purchase $30 priced items.  With our fundraisers, many of your supporters will purchase multiple items because they believe they are getting value for their dollar and will be happy to support your cause.

We offer what customers are looking for.  When asked to purchase either pizza, cheese & sausage, cookie dough, or Auntie Anne's pretzels through a fundraising brochure, your customers will make their decision based upon the price of the items, the variety of items, and the quality of the items offered. There's no denying that our pizza fundraisers have a solid history of high sales and are enjoyed by customers all across the US!  Our programs offer the top favorite items, a large selection of items to offer something for everyone, and offer a variety of prices.

Quality, Convenience, and Dependability top the charts!  Our distributor can be counted upon to have inventory in stock, will process and ship your orders consistently, and you can anticipate delivery, with items packed-by-seller, generally within 3-4 weeks.  They will immediately enter a new order for any damaged items you may receive.  You can expect your delivery to be accurate and rarely are any items missing. 

Our Unipak Pizza Fundraisers provide up 40% profit, and orders with the qualified 100 item minimum to place an order will qualify for free shipping!  You only need to sell 120 items to submit an order and to qualify for free shipping.  Profit is 40% on all orders with 400 or more items sold.  Orders less than 400 will add $1 for each item less than the 400 item goal.  There are no hidden fees!  Consider also, that with the minimum reached your organization qualifies for free shipping and there is no tax to have to deduct from your sales.  A small group of just 40 people only need to sell 10 items to reach 400 items!  Some companies do not offer free shipping and others require 600 or more items for free shipping.  We have done the research and we are confident we are providing you with the best pizza fundraising programs!

Packed-By-Seller:  Our pizza fundraisers provide FREE Pack By-Seller for all orders with 100 or more items. Pack-By-Seller makes distribution a breeze for school fundraisers, sports team fundraising, band fundraisers, etc.

Purchase Orders: If your school's policy is to require submitting a purchase order with payment following the delivery of our Pizza fundraisers will accept a purchase order from a public school with a 15-day payment agreement.

Upfront Costs: There are no fees to get started with our pizza fundraisers.  You can select one brochure for most programs.  If you would like to combine any of our programs, please call us to review the options and details.  Sales from both brochures are combined to help you achieve a higher profit margin.  We don't recommend combining brochures from different companies because the orders from each are processed separately and can't be combined to qualify for free shipping or be combined to increase your percentage of profit.  Our fundraising brochures are free, and we'll ship one brochure for each seller.  Due to the cost of purchasing and shipping the brochures to you, we do require that you are 100% committed to doing the fundraiser and that you do not cancel.

Minimums and Case Requirements:  Our Pizza Fundraisers require a minimum order of 120 items.  With 120 items your order can be packed-by-seller and we will ship the actual number of items sold per seller.

A Note About Shipping:  When it comes to shipping charges be careful in choosing a fundraising company.  Some companies don't disclose all their terms for shipping.  Initially, the percentage of profit may appear to be high but once you deduct your shipping costs the net profit will be much less.  Food items are extremely expensive to ship and although we do not charge a separate shipping fee on minimum orders, we do charge shipping for an order of fewer than 120 items if accepted by the company.

Why Work with Us?  Year after year, we have many organizations that come back time and time again asking us to send them more brochures for another fundraiser.  We founded our business 1in 2002 and we have helped thousands and thousands of organizations across the US raise money each year.  If you are not sure which brochure to select, please call us and we'll help you decide which program will work best for you.   Review our website and discover what sets us apart from other companies.   We have done the research and have selected the best fundraising ideas available for you.  We provide knowledgeable and dependable service you can trust, and you'll have the same representative you can call and work with from start to finish. And with so many of our organizations, year after year.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Extravaganza Brochure with Pizza Fundraising and more
From Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to Pizza, our 36-page Extravaganza fundraising brochure, filled with 143 items, has literally everything from soup to nuts! Your supporters will love Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, Cinnabon cookies, Mega Cookies, chocolates, snack cans, Homemade Gourmet, cinnamon rolls, cheesecake, Ben's Soft Pretzels, Reese's and Kisses Cookies, Otis Spunkmeyer muffins and brownies, dessert mixes, gummi candies, soup mixes, dip mixes, coffee, books, artisan soaps, gift wrap, kitchen items, candles, and more! 
Why not offer a fundraiser that is fun, easy, and can earn a 40% profit with free shipping for you your organization?  A Pizza Fundraising is a fun and easy fundraiser idea we invite you to try!  Why not raise money by offering something everybody enjoys and buys?  Everyone loves pizza and our products are a tasty and great way to raise funds!

Pizza Fundraiser Ideas

St. Louis Style pizza fundraiser brochure
Why not offer Pizza with a wide and wonderful variety of the most loved and recognized fundraising cookies, pretzels, cinnamon rolls, and much more all offered in one fundraiser brochure?  Your customers are sure to love purchasing items and supporting your fundraiser.  Our Simply Delicious Fundraising brochure offers 51 items in our 16-page brochure.  Don't miss seeing this brochure!

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Incredible Collection Brochure with Pizza Fundraising and more
Ideal for all PTA/PTO Groups, School Fundraising Ideas, Sports Teams, Bands, Cheerleaders, Youth Organizations, Relay for Life, Corporate Groups, Churches, and so many other organizations!
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Whether you call it Fundraising, Fund Raising, Fundraiser, Fund Raiser, Fundraiser Ideas, or
Fund-raiser, Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers has the program you are looking for to exceed your fundraising goal this season!  Fundraising frozen cookie dough fundraiser ideas are perfect for school fundraising

Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough and Pizza Fundraiser - Simply Delicious Brochure

Extravaganza Fundraiser - St. Louis Style Pizza, & More

Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies and Pizza fundraising brochure

Incredible Collection Fundraiser - St. Louis Style Pizza, & More

A simple, 1-page brochure offering 4 fabulous pizzas: St. Louis Style Pepperoni Pizza, Baked Potato Pizza, Breakfast Pizza, and Walking Taco Pizza. Each package. With premium ingredients, each 9" 2-Pack sells for $25. The perfect one-page brochure for a simple, fast, and easy fundraiser!