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Frozen cookie dough is so easy to sell and one of the very best fundraising products you can select to raise lots of "dough" for your organization!  There's no denying EVERYONE loves fresh baked cookies and for over 15 years Crazy About Cookies has been baking irresistibly delicious cookies made from their very own recipes.  Our brochure offers 2.7 lb. boxes which retail for $17.  Simply place, bake, and enjoy!  Your customers will love to purchase Crazy About Cookies time and time again!  Watch your profits increase each year as your sellers continue to build repeat business!  There are no costs to get started, and shipping is free.  If you are a small organization we recommend this brochure for reducing the number of cases you'll need to round up.  If you are looking for a PTO fundraiser, school fundraiser, or raising money for a youth sports fundraiser Crazy About Cookies' Preportioned Cookie Dough Tag brochure is a sweet way to raise lots of dough!  Choose this fundraising brochure for simple and easy cookie dough fundraising!

Our Preportioned Cookie Dough Brochure is a great option for small organizations and to combine with a second brochure!

Strawberry Shortcake
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Mint Chocolate Chip
Classic Sensations Variety Pack
$10 Cookie Dough Fundraiser Brochure
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Benefits of Choosing our Preportioned Cookie Dough Tag Brochure

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Preportioned Cookie Dough Tag Brochure Flavors

Chunky Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter
Oatmeal Raisin
White Chocolate Macadamia
Caramel Pecan Chocolate Chip

Easy Fundraising Ideas

Earn 40% Profit for school fundraising ideas, sports teams, clubs, youth groups and a host of other fundraising organizations with our Crazy About Cookies Fundraiser Brochures!​

Profit: Earn 40% profit.
Price Range: All preportioned boxes retail for $17 each!
Number of pages:  1 page with order form on back.
Number of items: 9 items including a classic cookies variety pack.
Recommended for:  Groups of 30 or more.
Minimum Order:  300 units
Case Requirements:  Case of 6 for standard orders. 
Upfront Costs:  None
Prize Program:  Included Free.
Pack-By-Seller:  Optional.  69 cents per item.  Cases are not required when packed-by-seller.
Shipping:  Free for all orders reaching 300 units minimum.  $160 fee if less than 300 units.
Payment:  Organization, Business, or Cashier's Check, Money Order 

Crazy About Cookies Pricing, Profit, and Fees

Sometimes, having your supporters come up with the cash to support your fundraiser is tough. We get it. The economy has been tough on some folks in the last few years, which is why Crazy About Cookies developed lower priced retail items to help you raise the funds you need while not overly taxing your supporters.
This program features three things–simplicity, delicious Crazy About Cookies cookie dough, and $10 retails.  Successful fundraising is achieved by selling affordable cookie dough your customers will look forward to purchasing and supporting your fundraiser.  Our $10 cookie dough brochure includes both tubs and pre-portioned cookie dough, providing a fundraising program that's extremely affordable, extremely easy to sell, and offers a variety of six of the best selling cookie dough 2-pound tubs and four 1.35 pound preportioned dough flavors.  Compared to other companies who sell cookie dough for much more, your customers will be more willing to purchase our $10 cookie dough items and they will know they are getting more value for their money.  

Request brochures and you can begin fundraising in just a few days!  Crazy About Cookies Fundraising offers easy fundraising ideas with 40% profit for your organization. Brochures are free and there are NO fees to get started. Tax is not collected and there are no shipping fees added to your order with a minimum order of 300 units.  Once you have completed your sales we will provide you with an invoice for the amount due.  You'll retain your profit up front.  $160 service fee is added to orders with less than 300 units. 

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Preportioned Cookie Dough Tag Brochure