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Each gourmet, ready-to-eat flavor, comes in a sealed bag with quality grown popcorn inside. Our corn is selected for its great taste and tenderness.  We are dedicated to providing a decadent product made with the highest quality ingredients that are always fresh and always delicious! Our popcorn is easy to sell, and super fun to eat!

Van Wyk $10 Gourmet Popcorn Flavors

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​■  If you are searching for a simple and scrumptious popcorn fundraiser that is affordable, offers high profit, and free shipping you won't want to miss our $10 popcorn fundraiser!  It's a perfect fundraiser for any organization such as a school, sports team, youth organization, band or choir group, churches, etc. that is searching for a fun and highly profitable fundraiser to raise much-needed money for their organization.
■  Available year-round, our simple to sell 1-page brochure with an order form on the back-side is a win-win for your organization and your supporters. With 6 of the top-selling, all-time favorite popcorn flavors, your supporters will be eager to purchase several bags of popcorn. At just $10 per bag, our popcorn will be very easy to sell.  Each gourmet, ready-to-eat flavor, comes in a sealed bag with quality grown popcorn inside. Our corn is selected for its great taste and tenderness.  We are dedicated to providing a decadent product made with the highest quality ingredients that are always fresh and always delicious! Our popcorn is easy to sell, and super fun to eat! 
​■  No Money Upfront - Choose our Van Wyk Popcorn brochure and you do not pay for anything until the completion of your sale. After your sale,  we will email your invoice, and your organization will then pay only for the product ordered. You'll keep your profit.
■  Kids love popcorn fundraisers and selling popcorn will increase your participation. Increased participation increase in sales! Increased sales mean more money raised for your organization!  A Van Wyk fundraiser is a great way to raise money because your customers will love the wide variety of flavors and there is something for everyone!  Parents interested in healthier snacks will appreciate knowing that Van Wyk popcorn is an excellent quality product you'll be proud to sell.
■  Unlike many fundraising brochures, Van Wyk does not require a minimum order, there are no case requirements, and we accept late orders with no minimum required. We'll pay the shipping fees for you when ordering just 50 or more items. 

If you want online fundraising you may want to consider adding our Online Poppin' Popcorn Fundraiser

Van Wky $10 Popcorn fundraiser Brochure
Our contactless online popcorn fundraiser is available for any size tax-exempt organization, is easy to sell, and offers delicious gourmet flavors of popcorn. All items are priced at $16-$20 and your organization will earn a 40% profit. Poppin' Popcorn is freshly popped and ships direct from the Poppin' Popcorn fundraising factory to your organization.​
40% Profit
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Why Choose our Van Wyk $10 Popcorn Fundraiser?

Profit: 40% profit. 
Availability:  Any time of the year. This brochure was designed with products to be shipped in heat-sensitive areas and can ship year-round.
Upfront costs:  None!  We'll send free color brochures
Price: All items are priced at just $10 
Number of pages: 1 Page.  Includes an order form on the back-side of the brochure 
Description:  6 scrumptious flavors in sealed bags. Made in the USA, gluten-free, MSG-free, GMO-free corn
Recommended for: Any size group. 
Minimum Order:  None
Case Requirements:  None.  Order only what you sell
Shipping Fee:  Free with just 50 items sold.

Order Packing: Individual Seller or Bulk
Payment:  Organization, Business, or Cashier Check, Money Order 

Van Wyk Popcorn Fundraiser Profit

Free Shipping on orders with 50 or more items

Van Wyk Popcorn Fundraiser - Just $10 Fundraiser Brochure

Van Wyk Popcorn offers a simple to sell fundraising brochure with all items priced as just $10 each

Cheddar Cheese Popcorn
Classic Caramel Popcorn
Jalapeno Cheese Popcorn
Chicago Style Popcorn
White Cheddar Popcorn
Caramel Sea Salt Popcorn

Poppin' Popcorn Fundraiser - "Just $10" Fundraiser 

Poppin Popcorn Touchless Online Fundraising
■ Review the Van Wyk Popcorn Fundraiser Sales Agreement, complete, and submit it to us by fax or email. You can also submit your sales agreement electronically on our website.
■ We will review each step of your fundraiser with you your fundraiser from start to finish to help ensure that your organization's fundraiser runs smoothly throughout your sale. 
​■  Offer incentives!  Before starting your sale we suggest putting together an incentive/reward for your participants for participating in your fundraiser for a job well done! Raising money for your organization is a worthy cause and should be recognized. Think outside the box and award for participation, not just for top-sellers. You want to motivate everyone to participate. We suggest promoting a "celebration party" for each seller who sells a minimum number of items to help you achieve higher sales. It could be something as simple as an ice cream sundae celebration so something such as a "Chance to Win" opportunity. Choose the minimum number of items that you would like your sellers to achieve. Then, offer a drawing for prizes which can be events at school, prizes, discount certificates, free gifts, etc. that can be donated by businesses and services within your community. For example, a seller receives a ticket for a chance to win when they sell 10 items (15 items if you choose). For each additional 5 items sold they earn another ticket. Incentives can be highly successful!
■  We'll ship 1 brochure (with the order form on the back) for each of your participants. Distribute your brochures and family participants will show the brochure to their friends, other family members, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances, etc. and invite them to purchase their favorite popcorn flavors. At just $10 per item, many supporters will order more than one item! Your participants will fill in the order form with the supporter's name, contact info, address, etc., what they ordered and collect the payment upfront. Customer checks, if taken, are made payable to your organization.
■  To increase your sales, we can provide a link that will download a pdf of the popcorn brochure. You can distribute the link on your parent letter, on a school website, or send it to your sellers by email. In turn, your sellers can send out dozens of emails, texts, or post on social media to invite supporters to select popcorn they would like to purchase.  They can contact the participant with their order who can then write the order onto the order form.  Payment options could include payment by cash, mailing a check, payment by Venmo or another cash app, etc. Continue your sales for 2-3 weeks. 
■  Collect all order forms and payments from your participants at the end of your selling period. Allow a few days for late orders to be submitted. There are no minimums to submit an order. Tally the number of items sold and email the totals to  or fax to 410-630-7080, or simply call us at 860-384-3691 and we can take your order by phone. Once received, we will email an invoice to you.
■  You'll keep your profit upfront and pay your amount due. Once payment has been received by an organization check, cashier check, or money order, your order will be packed and shipped in 1-2 weeks. Smaller orders are usually shipped by UPS. Larger orders are shipped by a carrier and delivered on a pallet. You'll then distribute your orders to your participants along with the popcorn brochure/order form.
​■  We’ll provide coaching to help your campaign succeed, we offer extended office hours Mon-Sat 9 am-9 pm and Sun 11 am-6 pm, and we are committed to processing your order and any needed replacements with no delay.  When you require help, we'll be available to assist you! 
​■  Reminder. Please have your participants sell to people they know such as family, friends, and neighbors. Never have your participants sell door-to-door or enter someone's home. If you are selling at an event remember to keep cash well stored. Remind your participants to always smile, be polite, and say "Thank you" whether someone makes a purchase or not.

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