Fruity & Gourmand Fragrances

Indulgent scents with notes of sweet, juicy fruits, warm spices, & bakery treats

Cinnamon Chai - Relax with the warm, comforting aroma of cinnamon and rich vanilla.
Currant - A refreshing blend of sweet, juicy currants with a hint of tangerine.
Pumpkin Butter - A delicious blend of fresh pumpkin spices, and sweet butter notes.
Sea Salt Caramel - The mouth-watering scent of caramel and fresh cream sprinkled with sea salt.
Vanilla Bean - Take in the warm, natural scent of pure vanilla bean.

Clean & Floral Fragrances

Light, airy aromas of clean lined, cool waters, & gentle flower petals

Linen - The comforting scent of clean laundry drying in a soft summer breeze.
Lavender Spa - The relaxing scent of specially blended lavender and eucalyptus oils.
Willow - Notes of willow blossom combine with refreshing, cool waters.


Woody Fragrances

Deep, earthy, notes with a warm sophistication

Frasier Fir - Captures the essence of a fresh-cut fir on a winter morning.
Fireside - The perfect balance of amber and vetiver recreates a cozy evening by the fire.

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WoodWick Candle Fundraiser Brochure

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Earn 40% Profit for school fundraising ideas, sports teams, clubs, youth groups and a host of other fundraising organizations with our WoodWick Candle Fundraiser Brochure!

WoodWick Candles Fragrance Descriptions

America's #1 Premium Wooden Wick Candle - Crackles As It Burns

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Serving the 48 contiguous United States

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What Sets WoodWick Candles Apart From Other Candle Fundraisers

Profit: Achieve your fundraising goals by earning 40% profit on every sale!

Shipping:  Free with just 25 items sold.

Hidden Fees: NONE - We do not charge the "other" nationally recognized company's 5% shipping charge up to $240 on all orders!
Price Range: Medium $22.00 - Large $28.00
Number of pages:  6 pages
Number of items: 20
Recommended for:  Groups of 10 or more
Minimum Order:  None
Case Requirements:  None.  Order only what you sell
Upfront Costs:  None
Prize Program:  None
Pack-By-Seller:  None 
State Sales Tax:  Our fundraiser is available for state tax organizations. 

Payment:  Organization, Business, or Cashier's Check, Money Order 

​We know your organization has a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a fundraising program, and we are proud to offer you a well-known national candle brand with a long reputation for quality!  For more that 25 years WoodWick Candles has been designing unique, high quality home fragrance products including America’s #1 premium wooden wick candles.  We are thrilled to announce that WoodWick now offers a highly profitable fundraising program your supporters will love!  Woodwick candles create a soothing sound of a crackling fire with an exclusive natural wooden wick design and use a highly fragranced soy wax blend designed to fill a room with incredible scents!  The clean, contemporary design of the candles complements any home décor.   WoodWick candles are delightful for your own enjoyment and are exquisite for gift-giving.

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WoodWick Candle Fundraising Ideas

Information        Brochure

Fill in the form below and we'll mail FREE Printable Information for you to review with your organization. 
We'll include a sample brochure, details on pricing and profit, all the program details on how the the fundraiser works, and a sales agreement for you to get started.

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Printable Information - Classic Home Candles

WoodWick Candle Fundraising Brochure

WoodWick Candle Fundraising is open to company approved, government recognized non-profit organization in the Continental United States and is at the sole discretion of our company.  

Your organization will earn 40% profit on all sales when selling 25 candles or more.  We include shipping, provide brochures for free, and have no hidden fees.  A nominal shipping fee is added to small orders or late orders with less than 25 items to compensate for our higher shipping costs.  There are no fees to get started and at the conclusion of your fundraiser we will invoice your organization only for the amount due.  You'll keep your 40% profit upfront.  Late orders are accepted and require a minimum of 6 candles.   

Unique and beautiful, our WoodWick Candle fundraising brochure features 10 of the year-round and top-selling fragrances.  Fundraising candles are available in two sizes and include a $22 medium jar and $28 large jar.  

WoodWick candle fundraising is a great choice for any size organization with 10 or more sellers and is a perfect fundraiser for tax exempt schools, sports teams, churches, and non-profit organizations.  Non exempt groups are not eligible.  

Submit a request for free information if you need to present the information and sample brochure to your group for consideration.  If you are ready to get started call us or submit a sales agreement.  We'll send your brochures  USPS Priority mail and you can be fundraising in just a few days.  Our website ToolBox has many resources to assist you, master order form, guidelines etc.  And of course, we are always just a phone call away to provide support and answer your questions. 

Once your brochures are received you can begin fundraising.  We recommend selling for 2-3 weeks.  Customer checks, if accepted are made payable to your organizations.  Once you have completed your sales simply complete the master order form and return it to us. We will email an invoice to you with the total amount due.  Once we receive your check or money order your candle order will be processed and shipped to a school or business address you select.

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