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Whether you call the fundraising company LaTeeDa Fundraising, LTD Fundraising, or La-Tee-Da!, our company has a rich history known previously as Celebrating Home, Home and Garden Party, and Home Interiors.  Beginning in 1996, as Home and Garden Party, the company produced the finest candles available for fundraising organizations across the United States. In searching for candle fundraising companies you needn't look any further to find a program that offers up to 50% profit, free brochures, free pack-by-seller, free shipping, and candles that are extraordinary, affordable, burn clean and evenly, are lead-free, and throw maximum scent.  Candle Fundraiser orders are processed very quickly and are delivered by FedEx.   

LaTeeDa is well known for producing premium quality fundraising programs and have successfully helped organizations across the country raise millions of dollars.  Call us and we'll help you decide if LaTeeDa Fundraising is the best choice for your organization.

At Heritage Candles, their goal is simple.  They are committed to making the best quality scented candles available today, at affordable prices, so their customers will return each time they want to raise money or want to purchase more candles.  Heritage candles offers over fifty upscale fragrances and customers are always impressed with the strength and accuracy of our fragrances.

We highly recommend Heritage Candles as one of the best fundraising companies.  They only use premium-blended waxes that melt all the way to the side of the jar.  The result, you'll have candles which will burn a very long time. Additionally, the fragrance is blended throughout the candle; they smell wonderful to the very end.

As a small business, Heritage Candles simply believes in unyielding customer service.  Since they stock all of their products, they are able to ship your order quickly.   Partnering with Heritage Candles, we appreciate our customers, we provide efficient service, and consistently provide quality products resulting in happy and loyal customers who always want to come back to hold another Heritage Candles Fundraiser.

All Heritage Candles products are made in the USA. Operating since 1992, beginning with five employees, they began manufacturing six product lines including premium quality scented jar candles and Magic Melt fragrance bars. The company delivers exceptional customer service and timely shipments from its Tucker, Georgia facility. Each year Heritage Candles’ products are sold across the United States by schools and other non-profit groups.

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New Fundraising Ideas Represents many Fundraising Companies to Help Organizations Raise More Money

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Boston's Best Coffee Roasters

S'Kool Smartz

Import Designs

LaTeeDa Fundraising

Since 1987, Fundraising Fulfillment Specialists S'Kool Smartz has provided dependability, accuracy, and trustworthiness.  At S’Kool Smartz, these aren’t just buzzwords.  They realize that customers across the country depend on S’Kool Smartz for accurate, on-time delivery of fundraising programs.  They understand the catalog fundraising industry better than anyone.  They should.  They've been providing fulfillment services for many years.  Let New Fundraising Ideas and S'Kool Smartz earn  your trust.

Your organization will appreciate the wonderful programs provided and the services you'll receive when choosing a brochure program offered through S'Kool Smartz.  When searching fundraising companies I'm certain you'll be pleased with the services and options provided by S'Kool Smartz.  You'll receive free pack-by-seller, free shipping, free youth prize programs, fast shipping and a wide choice of brochures to choose from.   S'Kool Smartz offers beautiful Spring and Christmas Shoppers filled with an assortment of items, Chocolate brochures, Snack Brochures, Tritan Tumblers, and Candle Fundraiser brochures.

In searching for products for new and unique fundraising companies our research led us to Import Designs. Through Import Designs we are able to provide you with absolutely lovely Home Decor and Jewelry fundraising programs, offering affordable items, premium quality home decor wood and rustic metal wall art, lovely and easy to sell scarves and jewelry.
Customers appreciate the opportunity to indulge a little bit by purchasing a new jewelry piece or a scarf to wear. Attractive wall art adds warmth to your home and provides lasting memories for years and years.  Import Designs has carefully selected the very best pieces to showcase in their fundraising brochures.  

Customer service is top-notch, shipping is fast, and rarely are there any shipping errors. Any errors that do occur are immediately taken care of for your customers. 

Heritage Candles

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New Fundraising Ideas is proud to represent the following fundraising companies  in providing our fundraising organizations with the best fundraising programs available. We offer a variety of products lines to offer traditional, new, and unique fundraising ideas.  For organizations large and small, state-tax-exempt or not, schools, churches, sports teams, and nonprofit organizations we have a variety of fundraising companies to match you with a fundraising program to help you raise the most money possible.

​​Pine Valley Foods

Boston's Best Coffee Roasters was founded in 1979, and our reputation for excellence continues to grow.  Today, Boston's Best Coffee is also home to several other coffee brands and is known as one of the best coffee fundraising companies.  Favorite fundraisers include The Ultimate Beverage Collection, A few of our Favorite Things, Wicked Awesome Single Serve Coffee, and our Backpack Coffee fundraising program.

Boston's Best Coffee Roasters is recognized for Winning the "Award of Excellence" from the Fine Beverages & Food Federation and reconfirms what restauranteurs, chefs and coffee drinkers tell them 
every day, Boston's Best is simply the best!
Deb Murray
National Fundraising Distributor
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Developing and manufacturing great products and providing outstanding service provides the defining goal each and every day at Pine Valley Foods. Their brands, including Crazy About Cookies, Swiftlicious, and Crazy About Popcorn reflect their passion, their desire to be innovative, original, and pleasing to their customers.  In considing fundraising companies don't miss reviewing the brochures we offer from Pine Valley Foods!

Pine Valley Foods was built upon a humble roll-up-your-sleeves philosophy where a handshake was a promise and promises were made to be kept.  Pine Valley Foods believe that a hard day’s work and a smile on a client’s face still means they're doing something right. And they believe they've done right by their clients as they’ve helped them raise over $500 million since their founding in 1998.  Their Fundraising Ideas and Solutions really work!  And together with Pine Valley Foods, New Fundraising Ideas is ready to help you begin your fundraiser and to be here to service you every step of the way!.
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