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Minis and More Snack Fundraising Brochure

Whether you are searching for popcorn, trail mix, or a large variety of snack foods, we have several snack fundraising brochures to choose from.  Our brochures offer very affordable, easy to sell items, a large selection for your supporters to choose from and 40%-50% profit for your organization.  Plus, our programs offer free shipping and there is no cost to get started. 

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Are you wondering when you should start a snacks fundraiser for the fall season?  We suggest starting as early in the fall as possible for highest sales! Each month closer to Christmas sales performance drops by organizations due to the high volume of fundraisers and "burn out" by repeated fundraisers and purchases made.
With our snacks fundraisers, we recommend starting early in the fall and submitting your order forms by mid-November.  If you would like to offer a second fundraiser we suggest offering one of our candle fundraisers.  Candle fundraisers are able to ship quickly and can be run through Thanksgiving and allow enough time to close and be delivered before Christmas!
Offer incentives!  Think outside the box and award for participation, not just for top-sellers. You want to motivate everyone to participate.   Promoting a "celebration party" for each seller who sells a minimum number of items can be highly successful!
Consider ordering some snacks in advance.  Supporters love snacks and will want to purchase them right away to help boost your snack fundraising sales. 
Promote your candle fundraiser for holiday sales, special occasions, and gift-giving such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.
Boost your sales by offering a discounted price when supporters purchase multiple items. 
Be sure all your supporters understand why you are fundraising, how the money raised will be used, and the number of snack items they need to sell.

Reason Why to choose our Snack Fundraising Ideas

Earn 40% profit with no minimums!  Our Gourmet Goodness fundraising brochure offers delicious mouth-watering foods from the heartland sure to be enjoyed by you and your supporters! Gourmet Goodness offers a wonderful selection of snacks and delicious foods that are very affordably priced!  Many items are priced under $10!  Gourmet Goodness achieves high sales with all school age groups, preschool through college, sports groups, youth organizations, churches, and any other organizations large or small that need to raise money.  Products for this brochure ship mid-Sept through mid-May and may be adjusted depending upon an organization's location and temperatures. Free pack-by-seller, prize program, and online sales are available with this program. 
Gourmet Goodness Snack Fundraising Brochure

Snack Fundraising Ideas and Tips for a Successful Snack Fundraiser for your organization's next fundraiser!

Make your next snack fundraiser a spectacular one with Minis & More fundraising brochures.  Your favorite snack fundraiser items can all be found in our Minis & More Snack Fundraising brochure!  Our newest brochure offers 6 tub varieties of Mini Cookies, 6 flavors of bagged Popcorn, 3 trio Mixes, Cinnabon Baking Mix, and Auntie Anne's Baking Mix.  The response to our new brochure has been fabulous!  Your organization and your supporters will LOVE this fun brochure!  Free pack-by-seller, prize program, and online sales are available with this program.
Hands down, Snackin in the USA is the top-selling snack fundraiser in the USA today!  All items are priced at just $8 each and you'll earn 50% profit on every snack you sell. Plus, you'll receive free shipping when selling just 125 or more items.  Our 4-page brochure offers a mouth-watering selection of 20 delicious, sweet snacks and savory treats!   Each participant can easily sell 10-20 items and most supporters will purchase multiple items!  Our snack fundraiser is easy to repeat year after year!

Click on the brochures or the blue boxes above to view the full brochure, to learn more about each program, and to complete a form to request free information or submit a sales agreement to get started.

Snackin in the USA Snack Fundraising Brochure

Since 2002 I've been working with organizations across the U.S. and I sincerely look forward to helping you achieve a successful fundraiser.  I will work with you from start to finish and offer extended office hours each evening and weekend.  When you need help or have questions please call me.  I welcome your call and look forward to working with your organization for years to come! 

We've researched to find the best fundraisers to help organizations all across the continental U.S. to raise money.  Our programs offer up to 50% profit, free brochures, free shipping and affordable candles that are very easy to sell.  We also wanted to offer programs that would work best for a small number of participants to large organizations and to offer a large variety of brochure options whether you are searching for a single-page brochure, a large 40-page brochure, or somewhere in between.  We wanted to be sure to offer some programs that include an online shopping option and fundraisers that includes free pack-by-seller for easy distribution. For schools who require purchase orders, we have programs to accommodate that requirement also.  For your customers, we selected premium quality products only, some programs for those groups who request only products made in the USA, and a variety of programs to assure we can offer you a variety of options for future fundraisers.

We look forward to working with you and helping you to choose new fundraising ideas.  Together, we'll work to assure your fundraiser will be a great success!   If you have questions on our fundraisers contact us.  We would love to hear from you! We provide extended evening and weekend office hours and so much more!

Deb Murray, National Fundraising Representative since 2002

Popcorn Shoppe Snack Fundraising Brochure
Ideal for all PTA/PTO Groups, School Fundraising Ideas, Sports Teams, Bands, Cheerleaders, Youth Organizations, Relay for Life, Corporate Groups, Churches, and so many other organizations!
For more information on fundraising for your organization:
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Whether you call if Fundraising, Fund Raising, Fundraiser, Fund Raiser, Fundraiser Ideas, or
Fund-raiser, Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers has the program you are looking for to exceed your fundraising goal this season!  Fundraising frozen cookie dough fundraiser ideas are perfect for school fundraising

We offer a great selection of Snack Fundraisers for your organization's next fundraiser!

 Our snack fundraisers are free to start!
 You can earn 40% - 50% profit depending on the program selected!
• Shipping is FREE on most orders.  
Received a late order?  We are able to place a late order. A small shipping fee may be added.  
Our Minis & More and Popcorn Shoppe fundraisers offer FREE Pack-By-Seller for easy distribution.
The snacks are premium quality and will be loved by your supporters.
We offer a wide variety of brochures to choose from for all types of organizations, including schools, churches, sports teams, etc.  View our larger brochures as well.  Most include a variety of snacks.

Be sure to view our Popcorn Shoppe fundraiser brochure to see 6 one-gallon delicious popcorn options including Caramel Corn, Cotton Candy, Chicago Style, Cheddar Cheese, and Chocolate Drizzle.   You'll earn 40%-45% Profit, there are No Minimums, and you'll receive FREE Brochures, FREE Youth Prize Programs, FREE Pack-by-Seller, and FREE Shipping.  You'll have a Popcorn Shoppe full of un with your successful fundraiser!  Free pack-by-seller, prize program, and online sales are available with this program.

Snack Fundraisers - Snackin' in the USA and Popcorn Shoppe