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Candle Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleading Fundraisers

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Tips for Successful Cheerleading Fundraisers

1. Create a plan before starting your fundraiser.

If you are in charge of choosing a cheerleading fundraiser, just like the team before the whistle starts a game, your first role as the cheerleading fundraising chairperson must be to create a game plan.  Although cheerleading groups have been recognized for being fundraising achievers there is no guarantee that all cheerleading fundraisers will be a success.  With some organization and advanced planning, you will be in a better line up to assure your fundraiser will be successful and a winning event.   Plan ahead and achieve a record-breaking fundraising season!

Rather than waiting until the season has begun we highly suggest getting organized, do your research, and do some fundraising planning before getting started.   Even before considering which cheerleading fundraiser idea you want to select you should review what your cheer organization has done previously.  

     1. Have you sold fundraising products in the past? And if so, what products were sold and how well did you do?  Were they successful and were the cheerleaders responsible for selling a minimum or was the fundraiser optional to participate in? 

     2. What do you need to raise money for?  Write down all the expenses for new uniforms, travel, etc you anticipate and then determine how much money in total you need to raise for your organization.  Divide the amount of money you need to raise by the total number of cheerleaders to determine how much money each individual cheerleader will need to raise.  Based on that information will you be able to hold just one fundraiser or are your financial needs greater? Decide how many fundraisers you will need to have.

     3.  Make a mental note of how much money you need to raise per cheerleader so you'll be able to set a minimum number of items each cheerleader will need to sell when selecting a fundraising program.  The number of items required may realistically be too high to expect each seller to achieve with just one fundraiser.  

     4. Establish a schedule for your fundraiser and include time for researching and selecting your fundraising brochure(s), deciding on a start date, an end date, and does your closing date allow enough time to collect and tally your orders, receive your invoice, make payment and receive your delivery before any required end of season date or holiday.   

     5. Plan a team meeting with your cheerleaders and parents to discuss the purpose of the fundraiser, exactly how the funds will be used, and require everyone's participation. Participation in a cheerleading program should automatically include participation in fundraising and participating in a cheerleading fundraiser is a required part of being a member of the cheerleading squad.  With so many fundraising programs requiring minimums to place an order, to achieve a higher percentage of profit, or to receive free shipping based on the volume of sales, having optional participation lessens the potential money that can be earned by the cheerleaders who genuinely need to fundraise.  

     6.  Choose which fundraising products you want to sell and which brochures you want to offer your supporters. Our fundraising website has numerous fundraising ideas to select from.  Shown above are our initial recommendations for fundraising programs that have been very successful cheer fundraisers for cheer organizations, large and small, all across the country.  Although cheerleading fundraising is generally successful because the enthusiasm found with cheer organizations we still encourage you to review all of our programs and carefully select the best fundraising ideas you believe will work best for your cheer organization.  Choose a fundraising product line your cheerleaders will enjoy selling and buying!  Candles, cookie dough, and popcorn are super easy to sell! Consider the following factors: 

 *  ARE THE PRODUCTS HIGH QUALITY?  In selling fundraising products you'll need participants willing to sell and supporters who are willing to make a purchase.  There are always people who are willing to make a donation for a fundraiser but they will be much more willing to contribute to your cheer fundraiser when they really want to purchase the items you are offering! Not only will they purchase a greater quantity of items but they will also be anxious for you to come back with more cheer fundraisers with the same products next year. Great quality products will motivate your sellers to sell, and your buyers to buy!  Annual cheer fundraisers depend on annual fundraising campaigns and repeat customers are a major factor to consider.  

* ARE THE FUNDRAISING PRODUCTS BEING OFFERED WITH YOUR CHEER FUNDRAISERS AFFORDABLE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS?  Most fundraising brochures offer items prices $10-$30 dollars and you should evaluate the average pricing of the items and make a determination if the pricing is reasonable for the customers in your particular area.  Will they spend $10 or $16 for a tub of cookie dough? 

* ARE THE FUNDRAISING ITEMS BEING SOLD SOUGHT AFTER BY YOUR COMMUNITY?  Do your customers love $10 candles?  Do they enjoy purchasing cookie dough? Consider who your customers are and what their interests are. If your supporters love what you are selling you are much more likely to raise money for your organization. 

* MAKE SURE THE PROGRAM YOU ARE INTERESTED IN IS ONE THAT WILL GENERATE A LARGE PROFIT WITH NO ADDITIONAL FEES. One program may work great for some organizations but not for others.  For large organizations, they may be able to easily sell enough items to earn a higher percentage of profit, or receive free shipping based on the number of items they sold, or if they may be tax exempt and not have to pay state tax with their proceeds or collect extra.  They may choose this program because they are confident in selling many items and want to take advantage of free pack-by-seller offered.  A smaller cheer fundraising group may evaluate the options and see that another program requires less items to be sold to receive higher profit, free shipping, or a program may not collect tax.  Review the programs carefully before deciding.  Call us at 860-384-3691 and we will be happy to review the program options and help guide you in selecting the best fundraising ideas for your cheer fundraisers.

*ARE OTHER ORGANIZATIONS LOCALLY PROMOTING THE SAME FUNDRAISER?  Check with anyone who may have information on what other cheer organizations or organizations within your school are scheduling for fundraisers.  You may not want to be selling the same product line.  On the other hand, sometimes when a cheerleading group combines their fundraiser with the football team both groups may be in a situation, depending upon the particular fundraiser, to qualify for a higher percentage of profit or to qualify for free shipping. 

2.  Provide support to your sellers and stay in touch!

Create a cover letter to distribute with your brochures.  You'll find a cover letter template in our Fundraising ToolBox to help you put your unique letter together. First and foremost, be sure to promote all the reasons why you are fundraising, how the funds raised will be used, and the expectation for each seller.  Be sure to include descriptions of the products including the features of each of the products you are selling, and selling features.  Providing this information will enable your sellers to easily collect sales from their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers.   And if your sellers are asking friends to help sell your cover letter will help them also in promoting your sales. Don't forget to send out reminder emails, announcements on fast sales, use social media frequently and throughout your selling period to broaden your potential customer base.  Post the sales achieved by your sellers!  Holding accountability will certainly generate more sales. 

3.  Stay Safe!  Be sure to establish cheerleading fundraiser safety rules. 

Never let children fundraise door-to-door alone.  Be certain, at all times, that your children are with a supervising adult.  Older teenagers should always adopt the buddy policy and be sure to always have at least two people they are fundraising with and they should always be walking together, never alone for collecting sales or for delivering products. Stay outside away from the door, and keep all money discretely hidden.  Working together also helps to keep everyone motivated, makes fundraising fun when doing so with friends, and helps increase sales.

4.  Promote, Promote, Promote!  

Coach your cheerleaders with scripts to use when fundraising.  Be sure they are briefly explaining why they are participating in your cheerleading fundraiser.  Customers will be much more willing to purchase more items to support your fundraiser when they realize how important your fundraiser is to your organization.  And whenever possible ask your cheerleaders to fundraise with their cheerleading uniforms on.  Potential customers will be even that much more willing to donate once they see how committed your cheerleaders are in raising money.  Coach your cheerleaders to demonstrate lots of enthusiam, be thankful to their customers, and smile, smile smile!  Use social media and include photos of your cheerleaders fundraising.  Contact your local newspapers and see if they will work with you.  Media coverage can be far reaching for you!

5.  Create some competition, not cheer but friendly fundraising competition! 

​Be creative and choose some low cost or no cost fundraising incentives.  Providing recognition for the sales and success of your cheerleaders for their fundraising efforts.  Create award certificates, or give a small bunch of flowers for cheerleaders who sell a determined number of items or amount of sales at an awards banquet or even a team meeting.  Being recognized and feeling appreciated is extremely motivating.  And as a coach, be willing to take a pie in the face!  Create some friendly competition amongst your cheer squad with your cheerleading fundraiser and let the top seller have fun with a cream pie topped with lots of whipped cream!  Be daring and offer to dye your hair (can be a temporary color) when the squad either achieves a sales goal or when everyone sells a minimum number of items.  

6.  Hold your cheerleaders accountable for reaching their cheerleading fundraiser goals!  

Create a poster board for the cheerleaders to report how many items they have sold each week, or at each practice!  No one wants to be on the bottom of the list with no sales!  As a coach, knowing how many items have been sold will also help you keep everyone accountable and on track rather than waiting until they turn their order forms back in.  Sometimes, the results may not meet your expectations and it is best to know how they are doing throughout the fundraiser in order to keep them selling.  We encourage you to announce the results of your fundraiser at a cheer practice and also at the end of the season at your banquet.  Many cheerleaders and their parents will be returning the next year and it is important that they realize how the funds raised were used, and why it will be important to commit to fundraising the next season.   ​​

La-Tee-Da Fundraising, Celebrating Home Fundraising, Home Interiors, Heritage Candles. Cheerleaders love to sell candles! 8 candle fundraising brochure options!
Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleading Fundraisers
Otis Spunkmeyer fundraisers, Classic Cookies fundraisers, Cinnabon Cookies fundraisers, Crazy About Cookies Fundraisers, Neighbors Cookies fundraisers. A great seller for Cheerleaders and football teams! 

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Since 2002, New Fundraising Ideas has been working annually, and in some cases, twice a year with fundraising organizations across the United States.  "It's that time of year again" is the subject line of so many emails we receive from cheerleading organizations everywhere!  Whether it be a candle fundraiser, a cookie dough fundraiser, or one of many other programs, our cheerleading fundraisers have become a tradition.  Raising money year after year to pay for your program's expenses can be very challenging.  Call us.  We welcome the opportunity to support cheerleading squad in selecting a program that will enable you to earn the most money possible, be an easy program your participants will have fun with, and one that you will look forward to doing again next year.  Our programs are easy from start to finish, require no upfront costs to get started, will help you raise the money you need and are programs you'll look forward to offering your supporters year after year.  Personally, we are genuinely appreciative of the relationships we build with our repeat cheerleading fundraisers and we look forward to working with you.      

New Fundraising Ideas offers your Cheer Fundraiser the following advantages:

*  Personalized one-on-one service and the opportunity to work with the same dedicated fundraising representative to help guide you from start to finish, year after year.
*  No up-front costs to get started, free brochures, a website ToolBox, pack-by-seller options, and free shipping for your cheerleading fundraisers.  
*  Whether your cheer organization is large or small we have more than 40 high qualify fundraising programs to choose from. 
*  We are committed to supporting you in achieving success and when you need assistance call us!  We provide extended evening and weekend hours.

We have years of experience helping cheer groups hold a cheerleader fundraiser for uniforms, competitions, camps, travel money, coaching fees, etc. 

We are proud to have helped cheerleading groups of all ages and organizations raise the much-needed funds to support their programs.  Cheerleading organizations  began with the focus to motivate and encourage sports spectators to be more involved at a sporting event.  Since those early beginnings, cheerleading has certainly become a sport of its own and is artistic, acrobatic, and certainly very athletic.  Cheering has become very competitive in own's right, involves a great deal of time and dedication for the athlete, and for the family providing support.  Beyond their local events cheering squads compete locally, regionally and nationally, and invest many hours training and competing.   Just like the sports teams they cheer for, cheerleaders depend upon coaching support, uniforms, cheer equipment, travel money, registration fees, cheer camps, and athletic trainers.  Competing cheer squads can often need to raise thousands of dollars annually for their expenses.  If you are a cheerleading fundraising chairperson you know that the costs for cheerleading programs continue to rise each year, and depending on the level of cheering your group is involved it, the amount of funding needed can be overwhelming.  Fortunately, with some planning, there are many successful cheerleading fundraising ideas to help you and we offer many of the best cheerleading fundraisers available.

Whether you are a cheerleader, a cheer coach, or a parent of a cheerleader everyone involved has participated in a cheer fundraiser.  And everyone, at one time or another, has searched fundraising websites for new cheer fundraisers to raise money for their team they are supporting and for their cheer squad.  In addition to many traditional cheer fundraisers such as car washes and bake sales, cheer squads search for new cheer fundraisers such as visiting fundraiser websites for a host of fundraiser ideas.  We offer a tremendous variety of traditional, new, and unique fundraising ideas for your cheer squad to select from. We encourage you to review all of our programs but in case you are wondering, cheer squads really know how to raise money with our candle fundraisers, jewelry fundraisers, and cookie dough fundraisers!  Your cheer group can customize your own program and choose which products you wish to sell. You can select to sell candles, home decor, jewelry, popcorn, cookie dough, tumblers, flowers, chocolates, coffee, and more.  Many of our cheer groups decide to sell in the fall and again in the spring. Our programs offer year-round and seasonal programs.  You choose which will work best for your cheer organization but don't hesitate to call us for assistance in selecting a program which will help you to raise the most money possible!

Depending upon whether or not your cheer team is tax exempt you can earn up to 40-50% profit or greater.  If your cheer team is not tax-exempt you opt to collect additional money to cover your tax.  Some programs do not add tax.  Call us for more information. 

Whether you are looking for a public school cheer fundraiser, a Pop Warner Cheer Program, Elementary Cheerleaders, Middle School Cheerleaders, High School Cheerleaders, or a College Cheer Group, New Fundraising Ideas can work with any size group or any age group and we offer programs with no minimum requirements.  Individual cheerleaders can also fundraise to help cover their cost of uniforms, travel, and fees, etc.  We offer a variety of cheer fundraisers and most require no shipping fees.  Ideal for cheerleading groups our programs provide pack-by-seller, making distribution a breeze!  Standard shipping is also available.  Our FREE shipping opportunity, with easy to reach qualified orders is very fast, allowing your Cheer Group to be able to hold a fundraiser and receive delivery in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, end of the season etc.

Our products are consumable making our cheerleading fundraisers very easy to repeat! Your fundraising supporters will be eager and welcome future cheerleading fundraisers so they can replenish their supply of candles, coffee, and food items, etc.

Fundraising brochures for your cheerleading fundraiser are free so there are no required upfront costs to your Cheer Group. 

Late orders are always welcome! With no minimums, you won't have to worry about those cheer fundraiser straggler orders coming in after you've submitted your order!

If you are planning now for future Cheerleading Fundraisers we recognize that in most cases you will be planning well in advance.  Fall brochures are usually available by March, spring brochures by October.  You may request information packets in advance and they will be mailed to you as soon as they become available.  If you're looking for new Cheer Fundraisers choose New Fundraising Ideas!

New Fundraising Ideas has been working with cheer fundraising organizations since 2002 in raising money for their cheer squads.  Some of our favorite and most successful groups have been cheerleaders holding cheerleading fundraisers.  We offer exceptional cheerleading fundraisers to match the needs of today's cheerleading groups.  With the decrease in funding and increase in operating costs, we offer simple and easy cheerleading fundraisers that are effective and will exceed your cheer group's fundraising goal!  We've worked with youth cheer organizations all across the US, beginning as Home and Garden Party, to Celebrating Home and now New Fundraising Ideas, offering more than 40 fundraising ideas for your Cheer organization.  We look forward to sharing our cheerleading fundraisers with you also and helping you choose the best fundraising idea for your next fundraiser!

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