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​​​​​​​​​With more than 45 years experience helping schools and other organizations to raise money, you can look forward to your next Yankee Candle Fundraiser! You can expect an extraordinary fundraising experience that will be easy, effective, and profitable! Our Winter Wonderland and Spring is in the Air catalogs featuring Yankee Candles offer:

  • Your favorite Yankee Candles along with a lovely selection of unique gifts, wrapping paper, snacks and treats, chocolates, baking mixes, kitchen gadgets, and many other high-quality items your supporters will love. ​

  • Your favorite Yankee Candle fundraiser scents such as Sparkling Cinnamon, Balsam Fir, Spiced Pumpkin, Christmas Cookies, Red Apple Wreath, Pink Sands, and more!

  • Incredible prize program for your participants, classrooms, and teachers.

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Yankee Candle Fundraising, for years, helped thousands of organizations throughout the U.S. with candle fundraisers. In June of 2020, Yankee Candle discontinued its fundraising program. Yankee Candle Fundraising was perhaps the largest and most well-known fundraising program in the county, decided to close down their program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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2023 Yankee Candle Fundraiser

“In light of the impact that COVID-19 is having on our Fundraising business, we have made the difficult decision to close down the Yankee Candle® Fundraising program. We know that many of you rely on us to help you raise funds and we are sorry that we will no longer be able to support your fundraising efforts…”

Any new fundraiser inquiries are being turned away indefinitely.

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 America's Best-Loved Candles, Yankee Candle Fundraising candles are back!

The closure of Yankee Candle Fundraising came as a shock to schools, youth groups, sports teams, and so many other organizations throughout the country that made it a tradition to hold a Yankee Candle fundraiser year after year to raise money to support their programs.  As organizations recover from the pandemic, they are in a difficult position as they decide how they will proceed with fundraising and will be considering an alternative candle fundraiser.  Discover Winter Wonderland featuring Yankee Candles!

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Yankee Candle Fundraisers - Winter Wonderland & Spring is in the Air!

We are very proud to announce our new partnership with Yankee Candle Fundraising!  After Yankee Candle closed their candle fundraising program in 2020, we are excited to announce that a new Yankee Candle fundraiser is back! As the exclusive fundraising supplier for Yankee Candles, we will feature America's Best-Loved Candles in our Winter Wonderland fundraising catalog, Spring is in the Air fundraising catalog and with an online fundraising store. We look forward to helping your PTO or PTA to raise money with our candle fundraisers for schools. With no minimums required, our Yankee Candle fundraiser is also a perfect fundraising idea for any school club, sports team, youth organization, dance fundraiser, etc.  Don't miss viewing our new Winter Wonderland and Spring is in the Air catalogs featuring Yankee Candles! It's a seasonal sensation packed with quality and value.

The official statement on the Yankee Candle Fundraising Website (no​w closed) read:

History of Yankee Candle Fundraising

Serving the 48 lower States

​​Our exclusive online fundraising store features Yankee Candles! For you supporters, near and far, your organization can achieve higher sales with our online fundraising store. Our online fundraising store offers a larger selection of Yankee Candle scents. 

You can combine our Yankee Candle fundraiser online with the Winter Wonderland or Spring is in the Air fundraising catalogs. We also have a Yankee Candle online only fundraising option as well. Both options are available but for higher sales, we recommend combining Winter Wonderland or Spring is in the Air! with the Yankee Candle online fundraiser.

As America's Best-Loved Candles, our Yankee Candle fundraiser offers Yankee Candles' 22 oz. original jar candle. Not only are they the largest iconic Yankee Candle, they are made with the finest ingredients from around the world, and provide more than 110 hours of burn time. With fabulous fragrance, Yankee Candles are made with premium grade parrafin and 100% natural-fiber wicks to ensure the best possible burn. 

Yankee Candle Fundraising Alternative Candle Fundraisers you may also want to consider: 

​​Helping Organizations Raise Money Since 2002​​

Christmas 1969 - A True American Success Story - Sixteen-year-old Mike Kittredge, too broke to buy his mother a present, melted some crayons to make her a candle. A neighbor saw it and convinced Mike to sell the candle to her. With that small stake, he bought enough wax to make two candles—one for his mom, and another to sell. That was the birth of Yankee Candle.

​2004 - Yankee Candle acquired GBI Marketing and began the expansion of the fundraising business.

​1977 - Yankee Candle is THE big story at the Boston Gift Show. Retailers nationwide take notice and place big orders for their stores.

2010 -  Yankee Candle Fundraising helps generate over $15 million for more than 12,000 local and national groups.

2016 - Yankee Candle is acquired by Newell Brands.

2020 - In June of 2020, Newell had to make a difficult decision for their fundraising program. The official Newell Brands news statement reported the division’s fundraising program was being discontinued.  Before their website closed down, it contained this heartfelt message to all of their faithful supporters. “To our fundraising community: In light of the impact that COVID-19 is having on our fundraising business we have made the difficult decision to close down the Yankee candle fundraising program. We know that many of you rely on us to help you raise funds and we’re sorry that we will no longer be able to support your fundraising efforts. Being a part of your community has been a privilege..." 

2023- The YankeeCandleFundraising.com website remains shut down. 

Today - Choose our Winter Wonderland and Spring is in the Air! fundraising programs to offer Yankee Candles