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Cinnamon Apple

Warm Home

Juicy Peach

Vanilla Bean

Profit: Earn 50% profit with 120 items sold, 40% profit when less than 120 items sold. If selecting our $10 brochures 150 items sold is required to earn 50% profit. 
Price Range: $14.00
Number of pages: 1  page with an order form on the back side
Number of items: 8 Candles, each with a unique scent

Description:  Premium blended soy wax, 12 oz. canning jars, 75+ hours burn time, highly fragrant, lead-free wicks, gift-boxed
Recommended for:  Groups of 12 or more
Minimum Order:  None
Case Requirements:  None.  Order only what you sell
Upfront Costs:  None
Prize Program:  None
Pack-By-Seller:  None 
Shipping:  Free for all orders $200 or greater and will ship in just a few days.

$20 will be added to any order less than $200 in sales.
State Sales Tax:  Retail Sales Tax for non State-Tax-Exempt groups is reported by groups.
Payment:  Organization, Business, or Cashier's Check, Money Order

Inspirational Candles with Bible Verse on each Candle

Printable Information - Journey of Faith Fundraiser

Highly fragrant, Journey of Faith 12 oz. candles are earth-friendly and are a perfect church fundraising idea for church organizations to raise money.   Your members can maximize their fundraising goals with beautiful, premium quality candles that lead-free, made of all natural wax and the finest scents,  and are long burning.     

Our Journey of Faith Candle brochure offers 8 different scents, colors, and each candle has a beautiful label, complemented by corresponding verses of Scripture.  Click on the brochure to view the candle scents and verses.  

We offer 50% profit, FREE brochures, no up-front costs, no minimums, and very fast shipping.  Our candles are easy to sell, are loved by customers, and with easy to achieve FREE shipping, they are are a great choice for any organization, especially small faith-based groups in order to easily qualify for free shipping.

Free Brochures, No upfront costs!
Earn 50% Profit!  No tax collected!
Easy to achieve FREE Shipping!
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Journey of Faith Fundraiser

Cinnamon Apple - Love - The Greatest of These is Love.  
1 Corinthians 13:13
Warm Home -  Believe - If you Believe, you will Receive Whatever You ask in Prayer.
Matthew 21:22
Juicy Peach - Encourage - But Encourage One Another Daily.
Hebrews 3:13
Vanilla Bean - Forgive - Forgive and You Will Be Forgiven.
Luke 6:37
Baked Apple Pie - Hope - For I Have put my Hope in Your Word.
Psalms 119:74
 Garden Rain - Praise - I Will Praise You O Lord my God. 
Psalms 86:12
Cedar & Spice - Serve - Worship the Lord Your God and Serve Him Only.
Matthew 4:10
GardeniaTrust - In God I Trust, I will Not Be Afraid.
Psalms 56:4
Heritage Candles Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser

Baked Apple Pie

Garden Rain

Cedar & Spice


Easy Fundraising Ideas

Earn 50% Profit for school fundraising ideas, sports teams, clubs, youth groups and a host of other fundraising organizations with our Heritage Candles Candle Fundraiser Brochures!​

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Heritage Candles Journey of Faith Fragrances

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