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■  Review the candle fundraiser Sales Agreement, complete, and submit it to us by fax or email. You can also submit your sales agreement electronically on our website.
■  We'll review the details of the fundraiser with you and assist you through each step of the fundraiser with you from start to finish.
■  Distribute your Journey of Faith Candles fundraiser brochures to your sellers and determine how long you will continue your sales. (Most organizations sell for 2-3 weeks) Customer checks, if taken, are made payable to your organization.
Glow Scented Candles Fundraiser Brochure
Yankee Candle Fundraiser

​​​​​​Journey of Faith Candles Fundraiser Brochure

Baked Apple Pie - Hope - For I Have put my Hope in Your Word
Psalms 119:74
 Garden Rain - Praise - I Will Praise You O Lord my God 
Psalms 86:12
Cedar & Spice - Serve - Worship the Lord Your God and Serve Him Only
Matthew 4:10
GardeniaTrust - In God I Trust, I will Not Be Afraid
Psalms 56:4
Cinnamon Apple
Warm Home
Juicy Peach
Vanilla Bean
■  Collect all brochures and payments at the end of your selling period and then call us at 860-384-3691. There are no minimums for submitting your candle fundraiser order. To submit an order packed by the seller, we’ll provide you with a Master Order Form to enter the total of each item sold.  Fax or email the completed form to us and we will then email an invoice to you.  You'll keep your brochures and profit, and remit payment for the amount due.
■  We accept a school or organization check, cashier's check, or money order.  W-9s and vendor applications are provided as needed. Purchase orders for public schools are not accepted. Consider our GLOW Scented Candles Fundraising brochures that offer payment by credit card and public school purchase orders.
■  Your organization will earn a 50% profit for your organization. With just 150 items sold, your organization will receive free shipping.  sold.
■  Your order will be processed upon receipt of payment.  Small orders are usually shipped by UPS.  Large orders are shipped by Common carrier.  You can expect your order to ship within 7 days. Late orders are accepted with no minimum order required.
■  We’ll provide coaching to help your campaign succeed, extended office hours Mon-Sun 9 am-9 pm EST, and a solid commitment to process your order and any needed replacements with no delay.  When you require help, we'll be available to assist you!
Profit: Earn 50% profit for your organization. 
Price Range: $20.00
Number of pages: 1-page with an order form on the backside
Number of items: 8 Candles, each with a unique scent

Description:  Premium blended soy wax, 12 oz. canning jars, 75+ hours burn time, highly fragrant, lead-free wicks, gift-boxed
Recommended for:  Groups of 12 or more
Minimum Order:  None
Case Requirements:  None.  Order only what you sell
Upfront Costs:  None
Prize Program:  None
Pack-By-Seller:  None 
Shipping:  Free for all orders with 150 or more items sold and orders will ship in just a few days. 
Payment:  Organization, Business, or Cashier's Check, Money Order

Inspirational Candles with Bible Verse on each Candle

La-Tee-Da! Fundraising Candle Fundraiser
■  Candles lovers everywhere will enjoy all their favorite candle scents with these highly fragrant, earth-friendly, Journey of Faith Candles. Heritage Candles offers wonderful scents for any time of the year.  Your school, church, or youth organization can maximize its fundraising goals with these beautiful, premium quality candles perfect for a spring or fall candle fundraiser.
■  Our Heritage Candles Journey of Faith Fundraising brochure offers 8 of our 12 oz. premium blended soy wax Classic Candles. Each label has inspirational word art followed by a bible verse.  8 fabulous candle scents are offered for your fundraising customers! Many groups combine one of our other Heritage Candles Fundraising Brochures along with Journey of Faith.
■  Heritage Candles Fundraising offers 50% profit, FREE brochures, no up-front costs, no minimums or cases required to place an order, and you'll receive very fast shipping.  Our Journey of Faith candles are easy to sell, are loved by customers, and with easy to achieve FREE shipping, they are a great choice for any organization, especially small organizations. Combine two of our Heritage Candles brochures to offer more variety!
■  Your Heritage Candles Journey of Faith Fundraising brochures will be shipped FREE and you can begin your fundraiser in just 3-4 days! 
■  You can maximize your selling opportunity by starting earlier and running your Journey of Faith fundraiser later into the spring or fall season than most fundraising companies!  Heritage Candles' extremely fast processing and shipping allow organizations to fundraise through Thanksgiving for Christmas delivery and later into the spring for Easter, Mother's Day, end of the school year, sports season, etc.
■  With a Heritage Candles Fundraiser, you'll retain your profit upfront, and we provide extended evening and weekend office hours to help you from the time you are starting your fundraiser through the distribution following your fundraising order!  Call or email me anytime! Our customer service and commitment to helping you succeed set us apart!
■  We provide a choice of brochures including our Heritage Candles Earth Candles Collection, Holiday Collection, Journey of Faith, and Quote Candles.  Whether you want a simple brochure or a larger brochure to offer more variety we offer both. You choose which option you feel will work best for your organization. If you select two brochures, the sales from both brochures are combined to qualify for free shipping.
■  Heritage Candles are proudly made in their own facility, are known for being highly fragrant, burn clean and evenly, contain no lead wicks, and have no unhealthy additives.  Inventory is consistently maintained throughout the entire season, so you needn't worry about candles being out of stock or being substituted!
■  Shipping charges are FREE with an easy to achieve low qualifying purchase of 150+ items sold! Compare us to other candle programs that charge 25% on small orders, 5% of your retail sales on orders up to $10,000 in retail sales, and never free!  
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Cinnamon Apple - Love - The Greatest of These is Love  
1 Corinthians 13:13
Warm Home -  Believe - If you Believe, you will Receive Whatever You ask in Prayer
Matthew 21:22
Juicy Peach - Encourage - But Encourage One Another Daily
Hebrews 3:13
Vanilla Bean - Forgive - Forgive and You Will Be Forgiven
Luke 6:37
Heritage Candles Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser
Baked Apple Pie
Garden Rain
Cedar & Spice

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Earn 50% Profit for school fundraising ideas, sports teams, clubs, youth groups and a host of other fundraising organizations with our Heritage Candles Candle Fundraiser Brochures!​

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