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How does the Crazy About Popcorn Fundraiser program work?

● Review the Sales Agreement, complete and fax, scan, or mail to our office.  You can also submit your sales agreement electronically on our website.  There’s no wait to receive brochures!  You'll receive your brochures via USPS Priority Mail within 3-4 days.
● Use our Chairman’s Toolbox on our website for all the documents you’ll need, including a sample cover letter you can customize. You’ll also find in the Toolbox fundraising instructions, a master order form for submitting your order, and a check-in form for receiving your delivery.
● Organizations who are tax exempt are responsible for determining their tax-exempt status. Organizations who are not tax exempt will be responsible for reporting state tax to their appropriate state.  For your information, tax exemption requirements are listed on the "tax exemption" page on our website.  
● If your organization is not tax exempt you can opt to collect additional money to cover the tax.  You will receive an invoice for the cost of your products and shipping, if applicable.
● Distribute brochures to your sellers and determine how long you will continue your sales.  (Most organizations sell for 2-3 weeks) Customer checks, if taken, are made payable to your organization.
● Collect all brochures and payments at the end of your selling period.  Only 120 items are required to submit an order.  Items are shipped 6 to a case and you will need to round up or down and order by the case.  Many groups order even more items to boost their sales.  Extra items are usually gone within a day because there are always customers who, after receiving their popcorn, wished they had ordered additional bags of popcorn.  

● Print a Master Order Form from the website "Tool Box", complete the Master Order Form listing the number of cases of each item sold, and fax or email the completed form to us.  We will email an invoice to you with the total amount due.  You'll keep your brochures and profit. 
● Pay for your purchase with a school or business check, money order, cashier's or a certified check. Credit card payments, personal checks, and purchase orders are not accepted with Crazy About Popcorn fundraising orders.  If you are searching for school fundraising ideas that require payment following delivery please consider selecting our La-Tee-Da! brochure and inform us when you submit your sales agreement to discuss the terms for acceptance of a school Purchase Order.  W-9s and vendor applications are provided as needed.
● Shipping is free with the purchase of 120 or more items.  Late orders less than 120 items will be charged a shipping and processing fee.  Shipping requires a school, business, or commercial shipping address.
● Confirmation will be emailed to you once we receive payment (business check, school check, cashier's check, money order) and your order will be submitted to the shipping department.  Most orders are generally shipped by Common Carrier.  You are welcome to email our office anytime for shipping updates and estimated delivery date(s). Once payment for your order has been received you can expect to receive your shipment generally within 14 days.  

● Following your delivery please submit your Inventory Check-In form within 48 hours.  Seldom are there any missing or damaged with our shipments.  However, should any corrections be required return the check-in form and we will process a new order for the replacements.
● We will provide coaching to help your campaign succeed, extended office hours Mon-Sun 9 am-9 pm EST, and a solid commitment to process your order and needed replacements with no delay.  When you require assistance we'll be available to help you!

Fill in the form below and we'll email a FREE Printable Information Packet for you to review with your organization. 

We'll include a sample brochure, details on pricing and profit, all the program details on how the the fundraiser works, and a sales agreement for you to get started.
What Sets Crazy About Popcorn Fundraising Apart From Other Companies:

NO UPFRONT COSTS AND FUNDRAISING BROCHURES ARE FREE!  Perfect for any size organization, there are no upfront costs to get started and your fundraising brochures, including order forms, are shipped FREE of any charges!  We'll ship brochures to immediately and you can start selling in just a few days. 

PREMIUM QUALITY!  Compare and you'll quickly realize that Crazy About Popcorn simply tastes the best!  Crazy About Popcorn is 100% committed to producing premium quality products and they realize that you and your customers will come back and want to repeat your fundraiser year after year.

EASY TO ACHIEVE 40-50% PROFIT!  Your organization can easily earn 40-50% profit on every bag of popcorn with no additional fees for shipping or tax.  

FREE SHIPPING -  Your popcorn will ship for FREE when ordering 120 or more items. In very few remote areas, a freight surcharge may apply but is very uncommon.  Before starting your fundraiser, we will inform you if a freight surcharge will be required.  Shipping requires a school, business, or commercial shipping address.

LOW MINIMUMS!  Unlike most other popcorn programs, Crazy About Popcorn only requires 120 items to place an order. 

FREE PACK-BY-SELLER with 396 or more items sold.

AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND!  Regardless of the time of year, you can fundraise with Crazy About Popcorn.  

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PRIZE PROGRAM!  Crazy About Popcorn is very committed to helping organizations succeed and recognize the importance of offering a student prize program for elementary school children.  A FREE prize program, designed for elementary students will be provided as part of our commitment to help support you.

FAST AND FREE SHIPPING!  Although some popcorn fundraising companies can take 4 WEEKS or more before they ship orders you can count on your order being processed and shipped in two weeks for standard orders, 3 weeks for if packed by seller.  Generally, our orders are shipped by Common Carrier and you'll have them quickly for distribution to your sellers.  Crazy About Cookies will ship your order for FREE when ordering 120 or more items. 

Why Choose Crazy About Popcorn Fundraising?

By far, Crazy About Popcorn offers you and your customers the best value and profit available. With over 15 years experience, the quality of the popcorn can't be beaten!  And with just 4 easy to sell flavors our Crazy About Popcorn program couldn't be simpler.  Affordable pricing for your customers and high profit for your organization are key ingredients for successful fundraising and Crazy About popcorn offers all that and much more!   Cookie dough fundraisers are a wonderful way for schools, schools groups, team sports, and a host of other youth organizations and other non-profit organizations to easily and quickly raise substantial money.  Better yet, year after year, customers and organizations come back year after year wanting to hold another popcorn fundraiser and purchase more flavors of popcorn in addition to their favorites.  With a low 120 item minimum, FREE BROCHURES, FREE SHIPPING, NO TAX, and NO HIDDEN FEES, your organization can easily sell a lot of popcorn and you can easily earn 40% profit or more.  PLUS, Receive free pack-by-seller when you sell 396 or more items!

A FREE Prize Program is provided for Elementary Schools who pack-by-seller.

Crazy About Popcorn is well known for providing fast and reliable delivery, will generally ship your popcorn within 10 days.   Pack-by-seller orders will require an additional week to process.   With so many organizations needing delivery before the end of the season, before a school break, or before the end of the school year, time for processing your order and shipping must be recognized.   You can depend upon Crazy About Popcorn providing excellent service.

Crazy About Popcorn can also combine their popcorn brochure along with one of their cookie dough brochures because the company recognizes that some organizations prefer to offer a greater variety of items.  Call us and we can help you select the brochure that will best work for your organization.  Submit your Sales Agreement, we'll ship your brochures right away, and you can begin your fundraiser in just a few days!

Ready-to-eat popcorn is very easy to sell and provides a fun and alternative fundraising idea for any time of the year!  Children and adult's of all ages love popcorn and your customers will enjoy the wonderful flavors offered in our brochure.  With an easy to sell 1-page popcorn fundraising brochure, your sellers will discover our popcorn is delectably sweet and impossible to resist!  A convenient, resealable pouch makes these big, crunchy kernels a fun, ready-to-eat snack at home or on the go.  And with a whole gallon to share and 4 flavors to choose from, it's the perfect party treat!  There are no costs to get started, and shipping is free in most areas.  If you are looking for a PTO fundraiser, school fundraiser, or raising money for a youth sports fundraiser Crazy About Popcorn's Candy Coated Popcorn fundraising brochure is a fun way to raise money for your organization!
Crazy About Popcorn offers a selection of four candy-coated popcorn flavors

Our popcorn fundraising is a very easy program to offer to anyone and offers 1 gallon sized, zippered sealed bags filled with ready-to-eat candy-coated popcorn perfectly popped and topped including the following flavors:

Classic Caramel
Kettle Corn
Chocolate Swirl
Birthday Cake

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2.7 lb Pre-Portioned Cookie Dough 

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Easy Fundraising Ideas

Earn 50% Profit for school fundraising ideas, sports teams, clubs, youth groups and a host of other fundraising organizations with our Crazy About Popcorn Fundraiser Brochures!​

Free Brochures, No upfront costs!
Earn up to 55% Profit!  
Easy to achieve FREE Shipping!
 Crazy About Popcorn Pricing, Profit, and Fees:  

Request brochures and you can begin fundraising in just a few days!  Crazy About Cookies Popcorn Fundraising offers easy fundraising ideas and a generous profit up to 55% for your organization.  By selling more items, you'll not only raise more money but you'll also achieve a higher percentage of profit.  Brochures are free and there are NO fees to get started. There are no shipping fees added to your order with a minimum order of 120 items.  Once you have completed your sales we will provide you with an invoice for the amount due.  You'll retain your profit up front.  Late orders with less than the minimum are subject to additional fees and shipping.

Items Sold
Cost Per Item
Retail Price
Profit $
Profit %
120 $10.50-$12.00$14-$16$3.50-$4.0025%

Popcorn Fundraising - Fun and Easy Fundraising Idea