Baked Apple Pie - One of America's favorite traditions.  Juicy red apples baked with swirls of cinnamon, sugar, and sweet vanilla.
Beautiful Day - A fruity floral blend of sun-kissed apples, sweet peach blossoms, and soft pink lilies with just a hit of jasmine.
Buttery Caramel - The rich frothy scent of creamed butter and brown sugar combined with salted caramel for the ultimate indulgence.
Think Pink - A sweet and delicate accord featuring a bouquet of pink peonies, violet petals, and sheer musk. 
Coconut Beach - The wonderful scent of tropical fruit blends with exotic flowers and creamed coconut that will make your home smell like a tropical paradise.
Coffee Shop - A delectable blend of freshly brewed espresso with whispers of rich caramel and brown sugar swirled with creamy warm vanilla.
Cucumber Melon - A blend of fresh-cut garden cucumbers and fresh honeydew melons that is sure to leave you feeling cool and refreshed. 
Mango Cooler - Sweet pineapple mixed with just the right amount of crisp, tangy mangos makes this refreshing scent perfect for the summer.
Oh My Vanilla! - Sweet tooth lovers, this one's for you! A fluffy vanilla buttercream delicacy that is sure to hit the spot.
Let's Party - A fun sweet blend of pomegranate and sun-ripened berries mixed with sweet sugar crystals. 
Eucalyptus Mint - Wake up and hit the floor running with this clean and brisk fragrance that combines fresh, crisp eucalyptus with a sprig of cool spearmint and white cyclamen.
Sea Mist Lavender - Fresh lavender blends with white roses and water lilies in this beautiful and feminine interpretation of the classic floral fragrance.
You're a Daisy - Reminiscent of days gone by.  Fresh cotton linens hug on the line.  Blowing lazily in a floral-scented breeze while being gently sun-dried.
Summer Nights - A sophisticated bouquet of patchouli enhanced with vetiver, spicy peppercorn, and soft sandalwood.  Perfect for a dreamy night.
Llamalicious - A delightful blend of sweet orange blossom, and lush greens lifted by soft fruit accents with smooth birch and flowering dogwood.

La-Tee-Da! Candle Fundraising -  A Perfect Alternative for Yankee Candle Fundraising! 

IMPORTANT: To Request Info or to Get Started fill out the form on this site or call 860-384-3691 and ask for Deb Anderson. With 20+ years assisting with developing this fundraiser, you'll receive greater support by email and phone 7 days a week including evenings, a customized participant letter, coaching, assistance with entering your order and much more. From start to finish, your fundraiser will be easy!

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GLOW Scented Candles!

How Does the La-Tee-Da! Candle Fundraiser Program Work?

GLOW Candles Fundraising Spring Fundraiser Brochure
Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers ● 102 Thompson St, S. Glastonbury, CT 06073 ● Contact: Deb Anderson ● Bookmark our new site: 
Phone: (860) 384-3691 ● Email: ● Copyright © 2002 Best Fundraising Ideas, all rights reserved
​​​Since the closure of Yankee Candle Fundraising, Yankee Candles have returned and are available with our Winter Wonderland fundraiser, Happy Spring fundraiser, or as a virtual online fundraiser. If your organization has worked with Yankee Candle Fundraising we invite you to consider either our Winter Wonderland or Happy Spring fundraiser. You'll be able to offer candles and many additional items.  If you prefer just candles and other fragrance items, you won't want to miss our GLOW Candles fundraiser. With the closure of Yankee Candle Fundraising, we offer many advantages including a 50% profit on your brochure sales and 40% with online sales. Our affordable soy-blend 10 oz. $15 candles are much easier to sell than the 14 oz. paraffin candles once sold by Yankee Candle Fundraising. Your supporters will appreciate our extraordinary, highly fragrant candles that burn evenly without turning black. We offer a variety of seasonal brochures with new brochures printed each year which include a large selection of 10 oz. candles, 16 oz. candles, metallic candles, room sprays, wax melts and essential oils. We offer a much longer selling season through Thanksgiving and you'll receive your shipment before Christmas with no backorders or substitutions. Your organization will love earning a 50% profit. And did we mention you'll receive free shipping with just $100 in retail sales? 
Yankee Candle Fundraiser - Virtual Fundraiser
GLOW Candles Spring Candle Fundraiser Brochure
  • ​The premium quality candles you've loved for years and years as Celebrating Home Candle Fundraising and Home Interiors Candle Fundraisers are now known as La-Tee-Da Fundraising! Our program offers extraordinary products affordably priced at $15 and they are easy to sell. A seasonl spring/summer brochure is available through August, and our seasonal fall/winter brochure is available through December. You'll receive free shipping, extremely fast order processing, and you'll  earn 50% profit for your organization. 
  • Our La-Tee-Da Fundraising brochure, The Perfect Gift for Friends & Family, offers our 10 oz. Classic Jar Candles. A fabulous variety of 15 of our all-time favorite scents is offered. 
  • Our La-Tee-Da! Fundraisers are a great choice for school fundraising ideas, especially PTA and PTO fundraisers. Our candle fundraiser is available all year-round and with fast order processing, our fundraisers are perfect for November fundraisers before Christmas, end of the school year fundraisers, sports team fundraisers, etc.
  • Fundraising brochures will be shipped FREE and you can begin your fundraiser in just 3-4 days!   You can maximize your selling opportunity by starting earlier and running your fundraiser later into the season than most fundraising companies!  Our fast processing allows organizations to fundraise later in the spring and to receive their delivery before the end of the school year, the end of a sports season, etc.  Planning a fundraiser for the fall as well? You can fundraiser through Thanksgiving, make a payment, or submit a school purchase order by Dec 8th and you'll receive your shipment in time for Christmas!
  • Fundraising with La-Tee-Da! Fundraising is super EASY!  There are absolutely no start-up fees!  There are no minimums and no cases required to place an order, you’ll retain your profit upfront, and we provide extended evening and weekend office hours!  Call or email us anytime! Our customer service and commitment to helping you succeed set us apart!
  • We provide a choice of seasonal brochures for the spring season and fall seasons.  Whether you want a spring candle fundraiser or a fall and Christmas candle fundraiser, we offer both.  
  • Sell the finest quality, earth-friendly soy-blend candles made in the USA today.  Our 10 oz. candles are affordably priced at just $15, easy to sell, high in demand, and will be loved by your customers. Other candle fundraisers sell an 8 oz. candle for $15 while others charge $16-$20 for a 10 oz. candle. Our quality can’t be matched! Our exclusive ltd fundraising candles are proudly made in our own facility, were once produced for Home Interiors & Gifts and Celebrating Home, are well known for being highly fragrant, burn clean and evenly, contain no lead wicks, and have no unhealthy additives.  We consistently maintain inventory throughout the entire season!
  • Earn a generous profit of 50% with our Perfect Gifts for Family & Friends fundraiser brochure and Christmas candle brochure. We collect state sales tax only on orders shipped to TX, only on the invoiced amount, and non-tax-exempt groups anywhere can collect additional money for tax.
  • We can process your order within just a few days and provide fast shipping by FedEx. Generally, your order will ship within 3-5 business days once payment has been received.
  • Shipping charges are FREE with an easy to achieve low qualifying purchase of just $500 in retail sales! (that's just 34 candles!) Compare us to other candle programs that charge 25% shipping on small orders and never free!
  • We take great pride in offering products consistently in stock and shipping our orders promptly.     
  • We will ship your orders Packed by Seller for FREE to make distribution a snap!  Bulk shipping is optional.​
    10 oz. Candle,  Sell for $15 
    Premium Soy Blend Wax 
​    Online Store included
    Shipping is FREE    
    Burn Clean and Evenly
    Mother's Day Deadline 4/24
With the closure of Yankee Candle Fundraising, we invite you to discover La-Tee-Da! Fundraising!  We offer a great alternative to Yankee Candle Fundraising with La-Tee-Da! candle fundraiser brochures and candle fundraising online store!
La-Tee-Da! Fundraising Fall Candle Fundraiser Brochure

Benefits of Choosing our La-Tee-Da! Fundraising Candle Fundraiser

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​"Hi, Deb!  I can't believe we are $40.00 away from 10,000.00!!!!  Too cool!  The kids did a great job this year!  Starting early was key, as well as the offering on the wax melts! I'm so surprised how well those sold!  I'm hoping we get a few stragglers on Monday! I'd love to see a $5,000 profit. Thank you for a great sheet of product!"   Craig, Vocal Director
​(Note: this group increased sales to over $16,000 the following  year and over $25,400 last year with the introduction of our newest brochures)
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Closure of Yankee Candle Fundraising 

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La-Tee-Da! Fundraising Candle Fundraiser Brochure

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La-Tee-Da! Fundraising Fragrance Descriptions 

Serving the 48 lower States
  • Review the candle fundraiser Sales Agreement, complete it, and submit it to us by fax, scan/email, or postal mail.  You can also submit your sales agreement electronically on our website or call us! 
  • You'll receive your brochures within just a few days and we'll send you a link to track your shipment. We'll review the steps of the fundraiser with you, provide guidance, 
  • Distribute your candle fundraiser brochures to your sellers and determine how long you will continue your sales. (Most organizations sell for about 2 weeks)
  • We provide a participant letter with tips for increasing your sales and include a link to open a pdf of your brochure. Your participants can share it by email, texts, and social media with their friends and family to promote additional sales. When participants can accept payment by cash app or PayPal your group can easily collect higher sales.  
  • Customer checks, if taken, are made payable to your organization.
  • Sales Tax.  La-Tee-Da! Fundraising will collect tax only for shipments to TX.  If your organization is not tax-exempt, you will be responsible for collecting and paying the sales tax to your state unless you are in the state of TX. La-Tee-Da! Fundraising collects and pays the sales tax on your behalf to the state of TX. Tax is collected on the invoiced amount only.
  • Collect all brochures and payments at the end of your selling period and then call us at 860-384-3691. There are no minimums for submitting your candle fundraiser order. To submit an order packed by the seller, we’ll provide you with an online order link to enter your seller’s orders. If you prefer to sort the orders we will email a Master Order Form for you to complete.  You can then fax or email the completed form to us.  We will email an invoice to you.  You'll keep your brochures and profit, and remit payment only for the amount due. 
  • Pay for your purchase.  We accept a school, business, or organization check, cashier check, money order, or credit card.  W-9s and vendor applications are provided as needed. Public school purchase orders are accepted.
  • Shipping is free for your La-Tee-Da! Candle Fundraiser with retail sales of just $500 or greater.  Orders less than $500 in retail sales are charged an $11.95 flat rate fee. If just one item is ordered, the fee is $8.95.
  • A confirmation will be emailed to you once we receive payment. Once received, your order will be submitted to our shipping department.  Orders are usually shipped by UPS. Large orders are sometimes shipped by carrier.  You are welcome to email our office for shipping updates and estimated delivery date(s). Once payment for a candle order has been received you can expect your order to ship within 7 business days.  Late orders are accepted with no minimum order required. 
  • Report any missing or broken items.  Seldom are any missing or broken items with our shipments.  However, should any corrections be required, we will process a new order for the replacements.
  • We’ll provide coaching to help your campaign succeed, extended office hours Mon-Sun 9 am-9 pm EST, and a solid commitment to process your order and any needed replacements with no delay.  When you require help we'll be available to assist you!
​​Profit: Earn 50% profit on all brochure and online sales!
Price: $15 for affordable, simple, easy sales
Number of pages: 4 pages, including an order form on the backside
Number of items: 15 and includes $15 Classic Jar Candles. 
Recommended for:  Groups of any size!
Minimum Order:  None   

Case Requirements:  None.  Order only what you sell
Upfront Costs:  None, and you'll receive your brochures in just a few days.

Pack-By-Seller:  Included Free with no minimum required 
Shipping:  Free for all brochure orders $500 or greater. Shipping is $8.95 for 1 item and a flat $11.95 for 2+ items, free with $500 sold. 

Payment:  School, Organization, or Business, Cashier's Check, Money Order, or Credit Card.
 Substitutions/Backorders: None