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Best Sports Fundraisers for larger leagues to Raise the Most Money
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When asked how much money an organization can raise with a sports fundraiser the truthful answer is "It all depends."  Successful sports fundraisers can be achieved with great planning combined with great effort and motivation.  Some sports fundraisers are consistently successful and other sports teams seem to struggle season after season.  Here are a few suggestions and helpful tips we have learned over the years for your next sports fundraiser:

Consider your fundraising ideas and select a program that will offer products your customers will appreciate buying and products that are affordable for your fundraising customers.  Selling a $12 priced candle, for example, will be easier in most markets than trying to sell only a few expensive $25 priced candles.  Success will be achieved by selling volume and keeping your sellers excited by their success and motivated to keep selling.  Once sellers hear "no thank-you" they will become easily discouraged and stop selling.

Plan your sports fundraiser to run early in the spring or early in the fall for the best results. Beat the competition and complete your fundraiser before sellers and customers are "fundraisered out" by the many sports fundraisers that are held each fall and spring.  Start your sports fundraiser early in the fall, as soon as you have athletes signed up, and remember it's never too early to promote for Thanksgiving and Christmas fundraising sales.  November has the most competition for sales.  In the spring, start early.  Take advantage of the tax return season and promote your sports fundraiser for both Easter and Mother's Day!  In the spring season, May is a very busy month for sports fundraisers, school fundraisers, youth group fundraising, and a host of other organizations. 

When an athlete is one out of a team or maybe one out of an entire sports youth league too often it is very challenging to get athletes excited, motivated, and committed to participate in your sports team fundraiser. The good news is that YOU can change all that! Success is not about passing out brochures and asking athletes to try to sell a few items.  Generally, that will not result in successful sports team fundraising.  Set goals, communicate those goals to the athletes, be specific and explain how the funds will be used, what it's going to take to reach your goal, how the athletes will benefit by the team fundraiser, and set a goal for each athlete.  Today, it is not uncommon for many sports programs to mandate participation in fundraisers and to require a minimum number of items to either be sold or purchased. Many teams include in their registration packets the requirements for fundraising as part of the commitment required for being on the team.  Promote your fundraiser through social media, team announcements, local newspapers, etc.  Plan a special celebration party for all athletes who sell a minimum number of items.  Athletes LOVE social events and don't want to be left out and they'll be sure to reach the minimum required to get an invitation to attend your team fundraiser celebration party.  Teams have planned BBQ's, movie nights, trips to play laser tag, bowling, rock climbing, etc.  Successful sports fundraisers are the result of all the athletes selling and not just a few athletes selling hoping they will be a top seller.

Get parents and other community members involved with your fundraiser!  Don't just send the fundraiser home with the sellers.  Motivate the parents also.  Parent's need to understand the importance of the sports fundraiser if you hope to engage them in helping you to have a successful sports fundraising event.  If possible, offer an incentive for parent participation.  Encourage parents to ask their friends and family to take the fundraising brochure to work, to their friends and family, etc. to help collect orders.   Bottom line, if you include parents in the purpose of the fundraiser and help them to see how participating will come back to benefit their child and the team they are much more likely to help sell.  We don't encourage teams to offer the option of paying a higher participation fee.  You need the participation of all the families to assure you've sold enough products to reach a higher percentage of profit, or to qualify for free shipping, free pack-by-seller, etc.  Choose a program you know your families will enjoy selling and worst case scenario, purchasing for themselves if they don't actively sell to others.

Great sports team fundraisers result when a team fundraiser includes the fundraising committee, the athletes, the parents, and the community.  When an athletic board supports the efforts of their fundraising chairperson they will support their fundraisers in their team websites, through social media, newsletters, holding kick-off assemblies, by putting up posters around the community, promotion through daily team announcements, announcements at home games, purchasing products in advance to sell at games, and by supporting fundraising celebration events.  

Sports Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money

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New Fundraising Ideas has specially designed our sports fundraising programs to match the needs of today's sports fundraisers.    With the decrease in funding and increase in operating costs, we offer simple and easy fundraisers that are effective, and will exceed your team's fundraising goal! We've worked with school sports team and youth sports leagues all across the US since 2002, beginning as Celebrating Home Fundraising and Home Interiors Candle Fundraisers.  Today, we work with multiple companies, offering more than 40 fundraising brochures for your organization to select from.  We look forward to helping with your sports team select the best sports fundraiser ideas also!
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Since 2002, we have been working with sports teams all across the U.S. in helping them raise the money they need for their team for sports equipment, uniforms, travel money, trophies, etc.  Over the last decade, we have worked with thousands of schools across the country and we've heard story after story about the financial cuts that have impacted a multitude of sports programs.  Lack of fundraising has caused schools and other youth organizations to either cut programs or reduce financial support for sports programs.    Coaches, program directors, and parents have been faced with either having to eliminate their programs or find new ways to raise money to keep their programs going.  We are proud to have successfully helped elementary schools through colleges raise the much-needed funds to support their sports programs.  To meet the needs of all these organizations we continue to research to find the best programs to help you raise money.  We have also expanded our line to offer a wider variety of programs, particularly unique fundraising ideas because we recognize that with the need for so much fundraising some programs get tired from being repeated so frequently.  Your sports team can customize your own program and choose which fundraising products you wish to sell. You can select to sell candles, cookie dough, spring shoppers, fall shoppers, chocolates, thermal mugs, home decor, scarves & Jewelry, coffee, popcorn as well as many other options.  Many sports teams will decide to have a candle fundraiser, cookie dough fundraiser etc in the fall and again in the spring.  Many of our programs such as our candle fundraising and shopper catalog programs are seasonal and work wonderfully for the fall/winter and spring/summer seasons. Other fundraising ideas are available year-round. You choose which will work best for your sports fundraising organization!

Depending on whether or not your sports team is tax-exempt and the fundraiser idea selected, you can earn up to 55% profit for your sports fundraiser. If your sports teams is not tax-exempt you can opt to collect additional money to cover your tax.  Some programs are taxable, some are not.  Be sure to contact us and we will provide you will all the details and guide you in determining your tax exemption status if required.

Whether you are looking for a football fundraiser, baseball fundraiser, cheerleader fundraiser, or a hockey fundraiser, New Fundraising Ideas can work with any size group.  There are no minimums required for submitting an order with many of our programs and no organization is too large or too small.  We work with individual teams, city-wide baseball little league programs, and national sports organizations.

We offer a variety of shipping options. Ideal for sport teams fundraisers, our programs provide pack-by-seller options, making distribution a breeze!  Our FREE shipping opportunity with qualified orders is available with many of our programs, is very fast, allowing your school to be able to hold a fundraiser and receive delivery in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, end of the sports season, etc.

Sports fundraisers LOVE our free pack-by-seller options available with Celebrating Home / La-Tee-Da FREE, Home Decor, Jewelry, Boston's Best Coffee fundraisers, and other programs.  We will provide you with either an online link or a spreadsheet, depending upon the program selected, to enter your student's individual orders.  Your sports fundraiser orders will be delivered quickly by FedEx with each player's orders boxed and labeled by each seller, and your team if you wish!  Distribution of your sports candle fundraiser, cookie dough fundraiser, chocolate fundraiser, etc. will be a breeze!  If you prefer to sort your sports fundraising orders you will, of course, have that option. 

Many of our products are consumable making our fundraisers very easy to repeat! Your supporters will be eager and welcome future fundraisers so they can replenish their supply of candles, coffee, food items etc. Many of our sports teams kick off with an early fall candle fundraiser preseason and offer another Christmas fundraiser later in the fall season, providing their customers with the opportunity to replenish their candle supply for their own enjoyment and for gift-giving. Coffee fundraisers are growing in popularity and with the majority of households drinking coffee, a coffee fundraisers is a perfect fundraiser to repeat seasonally, or even throughout a season.

Brochures are free so there are no required upfront costs to your team.  Our sports fundraisers are risk-free.  There are no fees for fundraising your brochures and there are no hidden fees.  We'll review all details with you organization upfront.  Our wish is to work with you for years to come, and we firmly believe in building great relationships with our fundraising organizations.  We provide service you can trust!

Late orders are always welcomed! With no or low minimums, you won't have to worry about those straggler orders coming in after you've submitted your order!

If you are planning now for future sports fundraisers we recognize that in most cases you will be planning well in advance.  Fall brochures are usually available by March, spring brochures by October.  You may request information packets in advance and they will be shipped to you as soon as they become available.

If you're looking for new sports fundraising ideas choose New Fundraising Ideas fundraisers!

Sports Fundraising Ideas

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Best Sports Fundraisers for Individual Sports Teams

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