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* There's no denying that if anyone can be successful in fundraising it's a motivated non profit organization, a group raising money for a fundraising cause, a charity fundraiser, or an adult or youth club fundraiser.  

* The vast majority of fundraising activities is held by nonprofit organizations.  Nonprofit fundraising ideas are searched for by all types of groups including Relay for Life fundraisers, Boy Scouts fundraisers, National Youth Football and Cheer to name just a few.  Essentially, most fundraising organizations are not for profit and are searching for nonprofit fund raising ideas that will be successful and help them to earn a lot of money they desperately need.

*  In today's economy many organizations turn to nonprofit fundraisers to cover their operating costs and activities.  Costs are rising, funding is being reduced, and the necessity to run non profit fundraisers is greater today than ever before.   To that end, it is critical for nonprofit organizations to look for effective nonprofit fundraisers that are easy to sell, offer a high profit percentage, will offer products your customers will want to purchase again, and be a nonprofit fundraiser that is risk free with no upfront costs.

*Charity fundraisers were once held as a supplemental event, and charity fundraising was done as extra activities to boost a charity's other sources of income.  Unfortunately, as the economy has changed and governmental funding has declined, charities have to now rely on planning charity fundraisers more than ever as a source of funds.   Regardless of what your charity's purpose is, charity fundraising can make the difference in your organization's ability to go forward.  And we can help.

* Whether you are raising money for a Relay for Life fundraiser, Susan G Komen Breast Cancer fundraiser, Humane Society fundraiser, YMCA Fundraiser, or a National FFA Fundraiser, Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers has designed our fundraising programs to match the needs of today's nonprofit, charity and club organizations.  We offer simple and easy fundraisers that are effective, and will exceed your non profit fundraising goal!  We've worked with nonprofit fundraising organizations all across the US for more than 13 years as Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers and we look forward to helping you discover great fundraising ideas also!  You can select to sell candle fundraisers, aroma beads, fragrance gels, accessories, cookie dough fundraisers, and popcorn.  Many non-profit fundraising groups will decide to run a candle fundraiser in the fall and again in the spring.  Our candle fundraisers are seasonal and offer wonderful non profit fundraising ideas for the fall/winter and spring/summer seasons.  You choose which of our fundraising ideas will work best for your particular charity fundraising organization!

* Depending upon whether or not your non profit organization fundraiser is tax-exempt you can earn up to 40-50% profit or greater.  If your organization's fundraiser is not tax-exempt you can opt to collect additional money to cover your tax. 

* Whether you are looking for girl scouts fundraising ideas, an adoption fundraising ideas, breast cancer fundraising, or a YMCA fundraising idea, Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers can work with any size group.  With no minimums, no fundraiser is too large or too small.

* Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers offers a variety of shipping options. Ideal for all non profit fundraisers, charity fundraisers, or club fundraisers, our fundraising ideas provide free presorting by seller, making distribution a breeze! Our FREE Shipping, with very each to reach qualified orders, allows your group to be able to hold a fundraiser and receive delivery in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, end of the season etc.

* You have the option to also pre-order our candle fundraising products in advance to sell at your group's events and other activities.

* Our candle fundraising products are consumable making our candle fundraisers very easy to repeat!  Your supporters will be eager and welcome future candle fundraisers so they can replenish their supply of candles, aroma beads, and fragrance gels.  

* Although we have a variety of fundraising ideas you can select, we recommend our Celebrating Home Fundraising / La-Tee-Da Fundraising Candle brochure for larger organizations and for groups who are state tax exempt.  Smaller groups or groups what are taxable my want to select our Heritage Candles program.  

* Our Food items require no refrigeration or freezer and distribution will be easy with no "delivery window" required.

* Fundraising brochures are free, and there are no required upfront costs to your nonprofit fundraiser.  Our candle fundraisers are risk-free for your Military fundraisers, Lions Club fundraisers, Rotary fundraisers, organ transplant fundraisers, or a host of other non profit fundraisers or fundraisers for numerous causes.  

* Late orders are always welcomed!  With no minimums, you won't have to worry about those straggler orders coming in after you've submitted your order!

* If you are planning now for future non-profit fundraisers, we recognize that in most cases you will be planning well in advance.  Fall brochures are usually available by March, spring brochures by October.  You may request information packets for fundraising ideas in advance and they will be mailed to you as soon as they become available.

*  If you're looking for new nonprofit fundraiser ideas and charity fundraising ideas choose Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers!

Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers has specially designed our fundraising programs to match the needs of non-profit fundraising organizations, including groups who are raising money for a variety of charities, causes, and club fundraisers. Fundraising is essential for such a large number of diverse groups who depend upon fundraising, who need the most support, and who depend upon nonprofit  fundraising to remain operating.  We offer simple and easy fundraisers that are effective, and will exceed your fundraising goal!  We look forward to helping make a difference in your community.  We can help you decide which fundraising idea will help you the most.  

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