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Are you searching fundraising websites searching for new fundraiser ideas for your organizations and information on how to start a fundraiser?  And are you overwhelmed in searching for the best fundraising ideas?  We understand!  With so many fundraising ideas available and so many fundraising websites to search through to find a few fundraiser ideas you are most interested in, you may very well be wondering where to start. There are hundreds of different products, even more, fundraising brochures to consider, and numerous fundraising companies to select from.  We are glad you found us!  The good news is that you needn't search any longer to find the best fundraiser ideas!  Since 2002 we have been researching the web for fundraiser ideas, evaluating the different programs, and have narrowed down our list to offer your organization the best fundraiser brochures from the best fundraising companies available.  We recognize there are many important factors in choosing which of the fundraising ideas will work best for your group. 
You want to consider how much profit you can make with all the different fundraiser ideas available, so many fundraising websites to select from, and you'll find a wide range of profit margins. Even more so, there are fundraiser ideas that may appear to offer a high profit but have many additional fees that will reduce the net profit you will end up earning.  Many companies have upfront costs, some fundraiser ideas charge for brochures or require many items to be sold or you are charged a fee.  Other fundraising websites require a larger volume of items to be sold to earn a higher percentage of profit.  There are fundraising ideas that always include free shipping, others never.  With some fundraising websites, you receive different percentages of profit based upon the number of items you sell.  In selecting fundraiser ideas you also need to consider tax.  Some products are taxable, some are not.  Some companies collect sales tax and some do not.  Would you like to have your order packed-by-seller?  There may be a fee for pack-by-seller service.  Some fundraising companies charge for this service and some do not or it may be free with a qualified number of items sold.  Some fundraising websites offer only 25% profit.  Other fundraising companies say they offer 60-70% with their fundraising ideas but do they really?  

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Realistically, there are costs of producing the products, shipping, packaging, commission paid, and a host of other expenses.  It is unrealistic to even consider that a fundraising company can offer percentages that high and still be in business.   We have selected fundraising ideas we believe are realistic, reputable programs, and fundraiser ideas that will help you to raise high profits of 40-55%.  Some of our programs offer up to 55% profit but will work best for larger organizations that are most likely to sell larger volumes.  For smaller organizations, we have fundraising ideas that will offer as much as 50% profit regardless of how many items are sold.  That's where our fundraising website comes in!  Call us and let's talk about your organization, how many people are participating, previous fundraising results, whether or not you are state-tax-exempt, which products you've previously sold, etc. and we will then be able to help you in choosing fundraiser ideas that will work best to help you raise the most money possible.  Let's say you are considering a candle fundraiser idea.  Some candle fundraiser companies will work best for some organizations but another candle fundraiser company will work better for another organization depending upon the size of the organization, whether or not they are state-tax-exempt, etc. For example, some candle fundraiser companies offer 50% profit if you sell 250 items and you receive free pack-by-seller.  That's great!  But, if you don't reach those sales goals you earn 40% profit.  That's not bad but other options could result in raising more money.  We also have candle fundraising ideas for organizations that can earn 50% profit with only 120 items sold, but there is no pack-by-seller option.  For groups who only sell a few items, pack-by-seller may not be a priority in choosing the best fundraising idea.  They may prefer to earn 50% profit.  

Speaking of candle fundraising ideas, another factor to consider is the reputation of the candle fundraiser company for having products in stock and processing your order promptly.  We have researched candle fundraiser ideas and various candle fundraiser companies.  We are well aware of the candle fundraising company that consistently runs out of inventory before the end of the season, and sends substitutions. This candle fundraising company is also are known for taking 6-8 weeks to get products delivered and were unable to deliver by Christmas orders that were submitted by November 15th.  We are confident that the candle fundraising companies we work with provide the items you order and they deliver quickly.  If they didn't, we wouldn't continue working with that candle fundraising company, or any other candle fundraising company we may discover stops providing less than ideal service to the organizations who place their trust in us.  We want to provide you with the best fundraising ideas and guide you in learning how to start a fundraiser because we want your experience to be a great one...we want you to keep coming back to our fundraising website and we want you to work with us time and time again.  As the years go forward you can trust that our fundraising company will continue to evaluate the fundraiser ideas we have selected to represent and we will also keep searching for new and unique fundraising ideas for you.  In addition to candle fundraising, the same principles hold for our cookie dough fundraisers, chocolate fundraisers, jewelry fundraisers, etc.

Another factor in choosing a fundraising idea is choosing a product line that offers high-quality products. If you have not worked with that fundraiser idea previously it can be a bit scary choosing a fundraising company.  We have researched and researched throughout the years and we also ask for feedback from our fundraising organizations to assure satisfaction with the quality of the products they have purchased from the many fundraising ideas we offer.  We want you to be happy with your decision to choose our fundraising ideas, and we also want to be the company you call the next time you need to fundraise for your organization.  Additionally, when you select a fundraising idea that offers excellent quality at an affordable price not only are you more likely to sell more products with your first fundraiser but you'll also want to repeat that same fundraising idea, and you'll come back to work with us again.  Building relationships with our organizations based upon trust, honesty, a commitment to provide quality service, and excellent fundraising ideas is the foundation necessary to develop the opportunity to work together for years down the road.   We also recognize that in doing so you'll recommend us to other organizations that are searching for new and unique fundraising ideas.  Please be sure to bookmark our fundraising company as one of your favorite fundraising companies!

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