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We genuinely thank you for your interest in our fundraising programs and we look forward to sharing samples of our brochures with you.  Our best wish is to help you in choosing a fundraising brochure that will help your organization to raise the most money possible.  There are many factors which come into play in choosing which brochure to use for your next fundraising including the number of sellers you have, how motivated they are to participate, and whether or not our organization is state-tax-exempt.  Some programs have no minimums to place an order whereas others do. Some programs offer a higher percentage of profit when a number of items have been sold. Some of our programs add tax, and some do not.  Additionally, we'll consider the type of organization you have and we can share with you what type of fundraisers have traditionally been the most successful.  We also suggest taking into consideration recent fundraisers you have held as well as other fundraisers being held by other organizations in your area that are either currently in process or will be during your selling period. Please don't hesitate to call us and we'll help you determine which programs may be the better selections for your organization. 

Before requesting brochures we do ask you to please review the details of each program prior to requesting sample brochures to make sure you are making the best selections for your organization.  For example, if you are a small group of 10 people it wouldn't make sense to select a larger brochure that requires a minimum number of items you will not be able to reach.  Selecting a single page brochure requiring only 120 items would be a better option for your group. 

In addition to the program information I've requested above, keep me updated on the release of new brochures and new fundraising ideas!

Our Privacy Pledge: Your information is used solely by us for the purpose of providing you with news and announcements on our fundraising programs to better serve you.  We do not divulge ANY of your information to third parties.

Requesting information?  Information packets are printable on each brochure page of our website.  You may also request a sample brochure and information to be shipped to you by USPS if required.  Printable packets and packets mailed by USPS will contain the same information; brochures, program information, and a sales agreement.  
Printable Information:  If you choose to print information from our website each brochure page has a link to print information on the program and a link to print a pdf of the brochure you are interested in. 
Information by Postal Mail:  Complete form located at the bottom of this page, maximum of 6 brochures, allow 7-10 days for delivery.  Serious inquiries only.  

Wait!  If you are ready, committed to holding one of our fundraisers, and want to get started right away you need not wait to receive an information packet!

Rather than waiting for an information packet to arrive by USPS first class mail please call us or submit a sales agreement today and we'll mail brochures for each of your sellers USPS Priority mail today!  You can start your fundraiser in just a few days!

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