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  • Online Shopping - Your organization can choose to add an online store, with hundreds of assorted items and donation options, along with your brochure fundraiser to raise even more money. Online sales will provide you with a larger market of supporters throughout the United States. Our online store will make it easy for your participants to reach out to their family and friends. If you would like to include online sales we will set up an account for you and create a participant letter you can distribute in-person, or send by email to your participants. Your supporters can choose to have their order shipped to your organization along with your brochure sales order or they can choose to have their order shipped directly to their home. Your organization will earn a 40% profit on all sales. You'll receive a coordinator login for you to be able to track progress in REAL-TIME!  Students will receive prize credit for their online sales.  Learn More About Online Fundraising

Choose from three fundraising options:
1) Traditional brochure sales without online sales. Call 860-384-3691 to request brochures. 
2) Traditional brochure sales with online ordering options. SIGN UP NOW FOR ONLINE SALES.  Online sales options can include ship the organization and/or the option for customers to select ship-to-home. You choose how you want your online store set up. After signing up online, contact us to request fundraising brochures.
3) Direct Ship to Home only. You can  SIGN UP NOW.  (We highly encourage combining brochure sales with online fundraiser. Online only fundraisers are generally 80% less in sales!)

Note: If you are unsure if your organization can sell 400 items to receive 40% profit, view our  Happy Spring  and/or  Gourmet Goodness   fundraising program which can work better for organizations with fewer participants.  Brochure sales with shelf-stable items such as those offered in Heartland Goodies & Gifts are available to ship throughout the Continental United States.

Fundraising Prize Program - Tons of Prizes! 

Option: All orders can be Direct Shipped to Home!
100% Touchless Fundraiser
3 Fundraising Options including Direct Ship to Home Fundraiser -  Sign up now!

How does our Heartland Goodies and Gifts Fundraiser Work?

Tons of Prizes Elementary School Prize Brochure
​​​1. Register Online- Easy online registration on your phone or pc.
2. Send Invites - Use our email generator to email friends & family, share on social media, and text a link to your contact list.
3. Shop! - Log in to the sponsor portal for real-time updates!
                  Hundreds of additional items online!
                  You can earn profit for every purchase! 

So Many Reasons Why to Choose our Heartland Goodies & Gifts Fundraiser

  • Request your brochures - Call us or complete a Fundraising Purchase and Reservation Agreement and return it to us by fax to 410-630-7080 or scan/email to deb@best-fundraising-ideas.com.  We will ship 1 brochure, order form, participant letter, collection envelope, and a prize brochure, if selected, for each of your participants who will ask their family, friends, and neighbors to purchase items from the brochure. Orders are taken and money is collected. We provide an electronic payment option for your supporters in addition to cash sales.

​​​​Profit:  Earn up to a 40% profit    Price Range:  $10-$30
Number of Pages: 36 pages filled with 115 items
Description:  All items are shelf-stable: Flowers, Chocolates, Home Decor, Jewelry, Candles, Kitchen Helpers, Dry Mixes, Snack Cans, Cheeses, Beef Sticks and Sausages, Shelf-Stable Cookies, Gift Wrap, and so much more!
Recommended for:  Groups of 30+ selling average of 10+ items 
Minimum Order:  120  items     

Case Requirements:  No case requirements!
Upfront Costs:  None. Free brochures, order forms, collection envelopes

Electronic Payment by Customers: Yes!  More Info
Online Sales Option: Yes!  Available throughout the Continental U.S. More Info
Pack-By-Seller:  All orders are packed-by-seller, free
Shipping: Free with 120+ items sold.  
Purchase Orders:  Public schools are eligible for 15-day invoice terms.
Payment:  Organization, Business, or Cashier Check, Money Order, Credit Card

Availability:  All items are shelf-stable and can be shipped throughout the U.S.
  • Why not offer a wide and wonderful variety of items with no worries about needing refrigeration? Heartland Goodies and Gifts offers 36 pages filled with a large selection of items. Combine with our online store and you can offer 400-500 items! 

  • School and Youth Organizations will love to sell gift items, home decor, cookies, cheese and sausage, pretzels, chocolates, and gourmet dip mixes along with a wonderful selection of candles, home decor, and jewelry offered all in one fundraising brochure?  Our spring Heartland Goodies and Gifts fundraising brochure offers something for everyone and is an excellent choice for offering variety to your supporters this spring season.  Your customers will love purchasing items for themselves, for gift-giving, and will be pleased to be supporting your fundraiser!

  • Your organization can increase your sales and participation with our online fundraising website where your participants can promote sales for out-of-state and out-of-the-area friends and family. Through emails and social media, you can watch your sales grow!

  • We will ship free packets ready to distribute to your participants and each will include a spring Heartland Goodies & Gifts fundraising Brochure, order form, collection envelope, and prize program brochure, if selected, for groups. There are no upfront costs, no requirement to purchase products in advance, and you can begin your sale in just a few days.  Fundraising with our spring Heartland Goodies & Gifts fundraising brochure is easy!  With no money upfront, you can order your brochures for each of your participants, take orders, and then simply submit your order forms. After your sale, you'll also receive detailed reports for your sales.

Sometimes, youth organizations need a little boost to excite them about fundraising. That is why our Heartland Goodies & Gifts fundraising program offers the best selection of products available in the industry PLUS a fun and rewarding prize program to help you reach your fundraising goal.  

Our Tons of Prizes program is reserved for elementary-middle school-age children and includes some of the coolest prizes you'll find anywhere, and kids will love them. ​Tons of Prizes is an accumulative prize program offered free to keep your participants motivated and to reward them for a job well done! Setting a goal to earn a higher price level will keep your participants focused, motivated, and selling.

Our ​Tons of Prizes program is available on orders submitted as packed-by-seller for youth organizations only and not for bulk orders.  Individual student/participant order forms can't be combined to qualify for higher-level prizes, and we reserved the right to not ship prizes if the organization abuses the purpose of the prize program. 

Heartland Spring Fundraiser - Virtual and Brochure Fundraising
Click on image to view brochure
  • Explain your fundraising goals with your members and set a minimum number of items for each participant to sell.  We suggest asking your participants to email 30-40 contacts to purchase directly with the seller and/or share the link to purchase online. With traditional brochure sales, ask your sellers to collect sales by showing the brochure to your co-workers, friends, and family.  Supporters can pay your organization by cash or check. You choose. We also provide electronic payment by phone.  

  • After your traditional brochure selling period (we recommend 2-3 weeks) collect the order forms and money from your sellers.  Money is deposited in your organization's account, and the order forms are submitted to us for processing. We will provide you with a shipping label for returning your seller's order forms. There are no case requirements for Heartland Goodies & Gifts fundraiser! Order only what you sell!  

  • Cut-Off Dates - We highly suggest starting a fall fundraiser early in the season. Significantly higher participation and higher sales are achieved with September fundraisers. Sales decrease with each week closer to the end of the year. Start early to allow enough time to complete your fundraiser and for the brochure order forms to be received before the following cut-off dates. Order forms should be submitted by the dates below.
    Easter: For delivery prior to Easter Sunday, orders forms need to be returned by the week of March 6th for delivery the week of April 3rd.
    Mother's Day: For delivery prior to Mother's Day, orders forms need to be returned by the week of April 10th for delivery the week of May 8th. 
    End of School Year/Spring Sports Season: Allow up to 3-4 weeks plus transit time after order forms have been received for data entry to be completed, the order to be packed, shipped, and delivered. 
    Thanksgiving: For delivery prior to Thanksgiving, orders forms need to be returned by the week of October 16th for delivery the week BEFORE the week of November 20th.
    Christmas: For delivery prior to Christmas break, orders forms need to be returned by the week of November 13th for delivery the week of December 18th. 
    Oct-Dec delivery: Allow up to 4 weeks plus transit time after your order forms have been received for data entry to be completed, the order to be packed, shipped, and delivered. 

  • Profit: Sell 400+ items - Earn 40%, Sell 300-399 items - Earn 38%, Sell 200-299 items - Earn 35%, Sell 150-199 items - Earn 30%, Sell 120-149 items - Earn 25%

  • Shipping: Receive free shipping with 120+ items sold! 

  • Once the data entry has been completed we'll email sales reports and your invoice to you for the amount due. After reviewing the invoice you can pay by mailing us a school/business check or money order along with a copy of your invoice. You can also call and pay by Visa or Master Card. We do accept purchase orders from public schools with 15 days payment agreement and will release your order to be shipped upon receipt of a valid purchase order. All orders with Heartland Goodies & Gifts are shipped packed by each seller.

  • Upon receipt of payment or purchase order, your order will be processed and the products will be shipped to you, packed by the seller, for distribution to your sellers.  

  • Your organization keeps the profit you earned upfront.  We will deduct your online sales profit from the amount due on your brochure sales.  Orders shipping directly to a customer's home will ship within a few days. With traditional brochure orders, we do our best to ship your Heartland Goodies & Gifts fundraising order within 2-3 weeks after receiving payment. Please allow an additional 3-5 days for transportation time.  

Heartland Goodies & Gifts ​​Spring Fundraiser - Brochures and online Fundraising

  • To add our Online Store with your Heartland brochure or to offer a Virtual Direct Ship to Home Fundraiser you can ​SIGN UP NOW

  • There is no need for anyone to sell face-to-face or use a brochure and order form. Once you submit the online form your online sales will immediately activate the online store and the ability to raise funds for 30 days. We will ship each order directly to the supporters.  With our online sales, your group earn a up to a 40% profit!  When possible, for higher sales, we suggest including a traditional brochure fundraiser. Brochure and online sales combine to qualify for a 40% profit. Call us at 860-384-3691 to request fundraising brochures and we will link your online sales with your brochure sales. Direct Ship to Home will not include frozen items.