Art Escape Candle Fundraiser
Beautiful Art Work on labels, 1 page, 50% profit, no minimums, $12 retail, great for gift-giving. Easy candle fundraiser idea!

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Tritan Tumblers Fundraiser 
Fun to sell, Unique fundraising idea.  Great to combine with another brochure! Earn up to 45% profit.

Coffee Fundraiser

Exceptional Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money for your Organization

Charming, Velvet Couture Scarves & Jewelry Fundraising 

Fun and unique fundraising ideas!

Family Celebrations

Fundraisers include wonderful fundraiser ideas for adults and children.
Celebrating Home

Spring and Fall Seasonal Catalogs

20-48 pages for Christmas Fundraisers, Spring Fundraisers.  Recommended for High Sales!

Candle Fundraisers, Cookie Dough Fundraisers, Coffee Fundraisers, Chocolate Fundraisers. Christmas Fundraisers, Jewelry Fundraisers, Home Decor Fundraisers and more!

Boston's Best Coffee Roasters offering flavored coffee, iced tea and smoothie mixes.  Choose from 4 coffee fundraiser brochures!

Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

​​​Crazy About Popcorn Fundraising 
Easy fundraising ideas!  1 gallon Ready-to-Eat Candy-Coated popcorn, 4 flavors.

Simply the Best Variety of New Candle Fundraiser Ideas, Cookie Dough, Spring & Christmas Catalogs and Many More.

Charming Scarves & Jewelry Fundraisers
Features stylistic jewelry, scarves & gifts with a variety of 77 items, including a section for the gentlemen!  40% profit, $12.50-$39.50, 20 pages, free shipping.​  A unique fundraising idea!​

Crazy About Cookies Fundraising 
Cookie dough fundraising ideas,    
7 brochure options!  $10 brochure!

​​$10 Cookie Dough Tub Fundraisers!
Everyone loves cookies!  Affordable, easy to sell cookie dough fundraising idea, up to 55% profit,6 favorite flavors, 1 page, free shipping with 120 items, packed-by- seller.

Fundraising Ideas by Group

Silver Scents Candle Fundraiser 
Especially perfect for Easter and Mother's Day with spring colors, and lovely scents for gift-giving. 50% profit, 1 page, simple and easy candle fundraiser idea!

Christmas Fundraisers

La-Tee-Da! Candle Fundraisers
Premium candles, aroma beads, wax melts you know as Celebrating Home Fundraising and Home Interiors. Up to 50% profit, $12-$25, 10 pages, free pack-by-seller, fast shipping. A candle fundraiser that have been a tradition!

Click on the links to view our 2016 Fundraising Ideas! All brochures are current and were last updated April 2016.  Watch for additional new and exciting fundraising ideas being introduced throughout the year.  Please keep checking back!

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Chocolate Obsession Fundraisers
A best seller!  13 delightful chocolate selections, 8 pages, up to 45% profit, no minimums, packed-by-seller, FREE shipping​

Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser
Premium Candles, excellent candle fundraiser ideas for church fundraisers, mission trip fundraiser, etc!  1 page, 50% profit, $12 retail. 

Food Fundraising Ideas

​​​2.7 lb Pre-Portioned Cookie Dough Boxes
If you love the ease of pre-portioned cookie dough this cookie dough fundraiser idea is for you!  $16, 1 page, 7 flavors plus a $17 variety pack.  Up to 55% Profit,  packed-by-seller, Free Shipping with 120 items. 

Tizzy Takeover Snacks & Treats Fundraiser
Filled with Cookie Dough, Snacks, Popcorn, and Treats.  Our largest brochure for cookie dough fundraiser ideas, plus a whole lot more items to fundraise with!

Sweet & Savory Fundraiser
Offering all your favorite treats, 50 items, 20 pages, Earn 40%-45% profit, no minimums, packed-by-seller, free shipping.

Earth Candles Fundraiser 
By Heritage Candles. An easy fundraising idea! 4 pages, 50% profit with no minimums, EASY to achieve free shipping with 120 items. $12 and $15 retail pricing,  You can fundraise by combining 2 brochures in this line to qualify for free shipping. 
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Christmas Fundraisers

2.7 lb Cookie Dough Fundraisers Tubs 
A cookie dough fundraiser idea offering more variety. ​$16, larger 4 page, 11 Flavors plus a $17 variety pack. Up to 55% profit, Free Shipping with 120 items, Packed-by-Seller.

Backpack Coffee Fundraiser

Velvet Couture
Features stylistic jewelry, scarves & gifts with a variety of 84 items,  40%-45% profit, $15.00-$39.50, 20 pages, free shipping.​  A unique fundraising idea!​

Quote Candles Fundraiser
Inspirational messages perfect for gift-giving, 1 page, 50% profit, no minimums, $12 retail, great for gift-giving. Easy candle fundraiser idea!​

Celebrating Home Jar Candle Fundraising
The classic Celebrating Home / Home Interiors Candle Fundraiser you've loved for years! Up to 50% profit, $12 candles, 15 items, 1 page, free pack-by-seller.  Best selling candle fundraisers!

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school fundraising ideas and helpful fundraising tips to learn how
to raise money.​
Food Fundraising Ideas

We can help your youth sports team find the best fundraiser ideas, whether you are searching for an entire league or a small team. 

Follow our Step by Step Guide to Fundraising Success, How to Start a Fundraiser, and How to Raise Money:​

Deb Murray, National Fundraising Distributor

New Fundraising Ideas has searched for the very best candle fundraiser companies.  In your search for fundraising companies, please know that with New Fundraising Ideas s there are no hidden costs, and no false marketing offering unrealistic profit margins that candle manufacturers and other  fundraising companies could realistically ever provide. Have you been searching fundraising websites for new fundraiser ideas?  Everyone loves candles, they are easy to sell and make for a great candle fundraiser!  Please read through this article for helpful information to assist you in choosing your next fundraising program.  According to the National Candle Association, candles are used in 7 out of 10 homes and offer wonderful opportunities for a candle fundraiser you can be confident about selling.  Candles provide items your family and friends will truly be happy to purchase instead of the typical wrapping paper fundraisers.  Many groups are searching for something outside of cookie dough and other food-related fundraisers and candles provide a great alternative.  Roughly one-third of all candle sales takes place during the holiday season. Candle sales in the U.S. are estimated at roughly $2.3 billion a year.  With so many people purchasing candles for their own enjoyment, and for gift-giving, a candle fundraiser is an excellent choice for organizations searching for new fundraising ideas.  People love candles, they love the warmth and ambiance of candles, they love to decorate their home with candles, and they especially love the scents to fill their homes with wonderful aromas.  It only makes sense to fundraise with items your customers are already purchasing for themselves and candles are a very popular item for gift-giving any time of the year. Candles are perfect for Christmas presents, teacher gifts, Mother's Day gifts, hostess gifts, birthday gifts for any time of the year, or for sharing at the office.  Our website has the largest selection of candle fundraisers to choose from and we've researched to find the best. Our candles are premium soy candles, long burning, priced right, offer high profit, and provide fast shipping and great customer service.   All of our candles are made in the USA, using 100% lead-free wicks.  You'll love the variety of candle styles, scents, colors, and affordable pricing.  We predict you'll have a hard time choosing which brochure(s) to offer because you'll love them all!

A candle fundraiser is a great fundraising ideas for any time of the year.  They are great fundraiser ideas for the fall of the year when windows begin to close, are great fundraiser ideas for Thanksgiving gifts, great fundraiser ideas for Christmas presents.  In the spring season, candle fundraiser ideas are an absolutely wonderful way to fundraise for Valentine's Day gifts, fundraise for Easter gifts, and are especially lovely fundraiser ideas for Mother's Day.  Don't forget candle fundraiser ideas are delightful any time of the year for birthday presents, housewarming gifts, and for your customers own enjoyment.  Winter holiday candle sales make up only 35% of the total candle sales in the U.S. The other 65% of total sales are classified as non-seasonal. But this 65% certainly includes many opportunities for candle fundraisers for holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, and Thanksgiving, where many also enjoy candles and consider them as a gift of choice for others. Candles are a perfect way to fundraise and provide an amazing opportunity for you to boost your sales by starting early and promoting candle sales for events such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter etc.  
For Fall fundraisers, we highly recommend starting a candle fundraiser early for the best results.  Beat the competition and promote your candle fundraiser for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Years of experience has proven that the most successful fundraiser ideas are those held earlier in the fall season because you are not only beating the competition of fundraisers that are held later in the season but also because early fall is a prime time when the temperatures get cooler, windows start closing, and people start purchasing candles for their homes.

Did you know that both men and women consider candles to be an always acceptable and highly appreciated gift for a wide variety of occasions?  Many of our most successful candle fundraiser ideas have been held with Football fundraisers, Hockey fundraisers, Boy Scout fundraisers, and a host of other organizations. There's no doubt that if you are searching for how to raise money or searching for new fundraiser ideas, a candle fundraiser is a great place to start!

Customers purchasing candles, including those buying from a candle fundraiser say they view candles as an appropriate gift for the holidays (76%), as a house warming gift (74%), a hostess/dinner party gift (66%), a thank you gift (61%) and as adult birthday gifts (58%).  Candle fundraiser ideas are such a perfect choice for organizations looking for new fundraising ideas.  Not only do most people purchase candles they also like to buy more and replenish their candle supply season to season, year after year!  Many, many of our organizations began with just trying a candle fundraiser for one time.  Little did they know they would come back time and time again because their supporters ask when another candle fundraiser will be held so they can purchase more candles.  When you can offer a premium quality product at an affordable price, and an item that's consumable and people want more, you've found the right fundraising ideas that will assure success.

A candle fundraiser idea is a great choice because your organization can start fundraising right away.  We'll send your brochures immediately and you will receive them in just a couple of days.  All of our brochures are current and can be opened full size on our website and printed, enabling your organization to start fundraising today if you wish or to get a jump start while waiting a few days for your brochures to arrive.  

Our fundraising website has purposely selected the best candle fundraiser ideas to offer you premium quality, wonderful candle scents, and affordable candle fundraisers.  Our candles are priced affordable at $12-$16 for the majority of our options.  Affordable pricing results in a successful candle fundraiser!  Your supporters will be eager to purchase and support your cause.  When items are over-priced your participants are easily discouraged when people say "no thank you" and do not purchase when a candle fundraiser is over-priced.  $12-16 candles are easy to sell and your participants do not have to sell hundreds of candy bars or have to convince supporters to purchase $25-$30 priced candles.  With our candle fundraiser ideas, many of your supporters will purchase multiple items because they believe they are getting value for their dollar, and will be happy to support your cause. 

Our candle fundraiser ideas also provide, not 40%, but up to 50% profit, and you can easily qualify for free shipping!  Our Heritage Candles Fundraising program works especially well with smaller groups with easy to reach free shipping.  Celebrating Home / La-Tee-Da offers free presorting on every order and is a great choice for school fundraising ideas, sports team fundraising ideas, band fundraising ideas, etc.  With no minimums to place a candle fundraiser order, our programs are a perfect choice for a candle fundraiser idea for your organization. Year after year, our fundraising website has many organizations who come back time and time again asking us to send them more brochures to fundraise with another candle fundraiser. 

A candle fundraiser idea is a fabulous option to combine with another program.  Combine our candle programs with our Home Decor brochure to offer more variety, or combine with a cookie dough brochure.  Football and Cheer groups love this combination!  Combining brochures will surely give your supporters different types of products to choose from and will likely increase your sales.   We offer the highest profit margins.  In searching fundraising websites you'll quickly discover that we don't have hidden fees requiring you to sell 500 items, we don't hide shipping fees, and we don't present our program as though you will earn 70% when you only earn 49% if you can sell 1000 candles.   

In 2002, we founded our fundraising company as Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers, representing Home and Garden Party.  Home and Garden Party acquired Home Interiors and Home Interiors Candle Fundraisers in 2008 and renamed our fundraising company Celebrating Home.  Celebrating Home has since reorganized and our fundraising company is now known as LaTeeDa Fundraising and is still owned by the same founders who established Home and Garden Party back in 1996. With our candle fundraiser programs, we have helped thousands and thousands of organizations across the US raise money each year.  Over the years, Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers has grown and we now offer additional fundraising ideas besides candles.  To reflect LaTeeDa as well as the addition fundraising lines our fundraising company is now representing our new name, New Fundraising Ideas, reflects the many fundraising ideas we have researched for you and offer on our fundraising website.  If you are new to fundraising and need to fundraise, our first choice still remains candle fundraiser ideas and we recommend you consider one of our candle fundraiser programs for your first fundraiser.  In viewing fundraising websites discover what sets us apart from other fundraising sites.  We have done the research and have selected the best fundraising ideas available for you.  There's no need to search other fundraising websites.  We provide knowledgeable and dependable service you can trust, and you'll have the same representative you can call and work with from start to finish.  We look forward to hearing from you, helping you fundraise, and guiding you in selecting the best fundraiser ideas! Fundraise with us and we'll be here for you each step of the way!  We'll guide you in how to raise money for your organization.  

For more information on our candle fundraiser programs or to get started with your candle fundraiser please call New Fundraising Ideas at (860) 384-3691 or Toll-Free at (888) 209-0613.

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$10 Cookie Dough Tubs and Pre-portioned Boxes Fundraisers
New fundraising ideas, 1 page, 4 Flavors offered in both tubs and boxes. Up to 55% Profit, Free Shipping, low minimums. Easy fundraiser idea!

What you Need to Know Before Choosing  a New Candle Fundraiser Idea

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

​​Boxed Chocolates Fundraisers
Everyone loves to fundraise with chocolate fundraiser ideas! Simple, 1 page brochure.

Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams
Jewelry Fundraiser

Church fundraising ideas for mission trips, church choir fundraisers, youth groups, etc

Birthstones Bracelets Fundraisers
Very unique fundraising ideas for Mother's Day, Grandmothers, and Birthdays. A fun way to fundraise.

Popcorn Fundraiser
​​Home for the Holidays Candle Fundraiser
A lovely candle fundraiser for Christmas! 1 page, 50% profit, no minimums, $12 retail, great for gift-giving. Easy candle fundraiser idea!

Click on Titles to View each Category! - The Best Traditional, New, and Unique Fundraising Ideas!

New Fundraising Ideas offers a wide variety of unique and new fundraiser ideas for 2016 to help organizations nationally select an effective fundraising program.  You'll discover unique and easy fundraising ideas for school fundraisers, sports fundraisers, church fundraisers, and other youth group fundraisers.  If you are searching fundraising websites for new fundraising ideas we can provide your organization with Free Information, Free Brochures, Personalized Service, and Extended Office Hours.  We go beyond to help you select a program that will best support your organization in raising the most money. Call us to learn how to start a fundraiser!

Celebrating Home Candle Fundaiser

Home Decor Fundraisers
A beautiful and unique fundraising brochure offering solid wood and rustic metal word wall art and home decor.  Earn up to 45% profit, 8-pages, 25 items, $12-$39, no minimums.

Boston's Best Backpack Coffee
In-Hand Fundraiser offering coffee backpacks filled with 52 assorted $1 10-12 cup packets of coffee. 7 flavors.  40% profit.  Sellers keep their backpack!
Candle Fundraiser Ideas with Celebrating Home, Home Interiors, La Tee Da and Heritage Candles
Chocolate Fundraiser

Are you searching fundraising websites searching for new fundraiser ideas for your organizations and information on how to start a fundraiser?  And are you overwhelmed in searching for the best fundraising ideas?  We understand!  With so many fundraising ideas available and so many fundraising websites to search through to find a few fundraiser ideas you are most interested in, you may very well be wondering where to start. There are hundreds of different products, even more fundraising brochures to consider, and numerous fundraising companies to select from.  We are glad you found us!  The good news is that you needn't search any longer to find the best fundraiser ideas!  Since 2002 we have been researching the web for fundraiser ideas, evaluating the different programs, and have narrowed down our list to offer your organization the best fundraiser brochures from the best fundraising companies available.  We recognize there are a number of factors which are extremely important in choosing which of the fundraising ideas will work best for your group. 

You want to consider how much profit you can make with all the different fundraiser ideas available, so many fundraising websites to select from, and you'll find a wide range of profit margins. Even more so, there are fundraiser ideas that may appear to offer a high profit but have many additional fees that will reduce the net profit you will end up earning.  Many companies have upfront costs, some fundraiser ideas charge for brochures, or require a number of items to be sold or you are charged a fee.  Other fundraising websites require a larger volume of items to be sold to earn a higher percentage of profit.  There are fundraising ideas which always include free shipping, others never.  With some fundraising websites, you receive different percentages of profit based upon the number of items you sell.  In selecting fundraiser ideas you also need to consider tax.  Some products are taxable, some are not.  Some companies collect sales tax and some do not.  Would you like to have your order packed-by-seller?  There may be a fee for pack-by-seller service.  Some fundraising companies charge for this service and some do not or it may be free with a qualified number of items sold.  Some fundraising websites offer only 25% profit.  Other fundraising companies say they offer 60-70% with their fundraising ideas but do they really?  Realistically, there are costs of producing the products, shipping, packaging, commission paid, and a host of other expenses.  It is unrealistic to even consider that a fundraising company can offer percentages that high and still be in business.   We have selected fundraising ideas we believe are realistic, programs which are reputable, and fundraiser ideas which will help you to raise high profits 40-55%.  Some of our programs offer up to 55% profit but will work best for larger organizations who are most likely to sell larger volumes.  For smaller organizations we have fundraising ideas which will offer as much as 50% profit regardless of how many items are sold.  That's where our fundraising website comes in!  Call us and let's talk about your organization, how many people are participating, previous fundraising results, whether or not you are state-tax-exempt, which products you've previously sold, etc. and we will then be able to help you in choosing fundraiser ideas that will work best to help you raise the most money possible.  Let's say you are considering a candle fundraiser idea.  Some candle fundraiser companies will work best for some organizations but another candle fundraiser company will work better for another organization depending upon the size of the organization, whether or not they are state-tax-exempt, etc. For example, some candle fundraiser companies offer 50% profit if you sell 250 items and you receive free pack-by-seller.  That's great!  But, if you don't reach those sales goals you earn 40% profit.  That's not bad but there are other options that could result in raising more money.  We also have candle fundraising ideas for organizations who can earn 50% profit with only 120 items sold, but there is no pack-by-seller option.  For groups who only sell a few items, pack-by-seller may not be a priority in choosing the best fundraising idea.  They may prefer to earn 50% profit.  Speaking of candle fundraising ideas, another factor to consider is the reputation of the candle fundraiser company for having products in stock and processing your order promptly.  We have researched candle fundraiser ideas and various candle fundraiser companies.  We are well aware of the candle fundraising company who consistently runs out of inventory before the end of the season, and sends substitutions. This candle fundraising company is also are known for taking 6-8 weeks to get products delivered and were unable to deliver by Christmas orders that were submitted by November 15th.  We are confident that the candle fundraising companies we work with provide the items you order and they deliver quickly.  If they didn't, we wouldn't continue working with that candle fundraising company, or any other candle fundraising company we may discover stops providing less than ideal service to the organizations who place their trust in us.  We want to provide you with the best fundraising ideas and guide you in learning how to start a fundraiser because we want your experience to be a great one...we want you to keep coming back to our fundraising website and we want you to work with us time and time again.  As the years go forward you can trust that our fundraising company will continue to evaluate the fundraiser ideas we have selected to represent and we will also keep searching for new and unique fundraising ideas for you.  In addition to candle fundraising, the same principles hold true for our cookie dough fundraisers, chocolate fundraisers, jewelry fundraisers, etc.

Another factor in choosing a fundraising idea is choosing a product line that offers high-quality products. If you have not worked with that fundraiser idea previously it can be a bit scary choosing a fundraising company.  We have researched and researched throughout the years and we also ask for feedback from our fundraising organizations to assure satisfaction with the quality of the products they have purchased from the many fundraising ideas we offer.  We want you to be happy with your decision to choose our fundraising ideas, and we also want to be the company you call the next time you need to fundraise for  your organization.  Additionally, when you select a fundraising idea that offers excellent quality at an affordable price not only are you more likely to sell more product with your first fundraiser but you'll also want to repeat that same fundraising idea, and you'll come back to work with us again.  Building relationships with our organizations based upon trust, honesty, a commitment to provide quality service and excellent fundraising ideas is the foundation necessary to develop the opportunity to work together for years down the road.   We also recognize that in doing so you'll recommend us to other organizations who are searching for new and unique fundraising ideas.  Please be sure to bookmark our fundraising company as one of your favorite fundraising companies!

Spring Shopper, Spring Sensations
36 pages, 95 items, 40-45% profit, packed-by-seller.  A perfect choice for spring fundraising sales and offers something for everyone. 

Chocolate Fundraiser
Ideal for all PTA/PTO Groups, School Fundraising Ideas, Sports Teams, Bands, Cheerleaders, Youth Organizations, Relay for Life, Corporate Groups, Churches, and so many other organizations!
For more information on fundraising for your organization:
School Fundraising Ideas | Cheerleading Fundraising | PTO Fundraising |  PTA Fundraising | Sports Fundraising | Church Fundraising | Band Fundraising
Whether you call if Fundraising, Fund Raising, Fundraiser, Fund Raiser, Fundraiser Ideas, or Fund-raiser, Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers has the program you are looking for to exceed your fundraising goal this season! A candle fundraiser is perfect for a school fundraising idea.  links

We can provide fundraising ideas to help you choose the best program to raise the money you need for your charity, cause, or club fundraiser.

Church Fundraising Ideas

2.7 lb Cookie Dough Fundraisers Tubs
A traditional cookie dough fundraising idea with 2.7 lb tubs. $15, 1 page, 7 flavors plus a $16 retail gluten-free option.  Up to 55% profit, Free Shipping with 120 items.

Deb Murray, National Fundraising Distributor 

Crazy About Popcorn Fundraisers
Ready to eat, 1 gallon bags, one of our easiest fundraising ideas!  1 page, $14-$16, 4 flavors, Up to 55% profit Free shipping with 120 items.

School Fundraiser

Make beautiful family memories with home decor and word wall art unique fundraising ideas!

Unique Fundraising ideas
Home Interiors Candles
Coffee Fundraiser

Easy fundraising ideas for any group!
Candle Fundraiser, Candle Fundraising Ideas, Cookie Dough Fundraisers, Candy Fundraising Ideas, Popcorn Fundraising

Mmm'adness Cookie Fundraisers
If you are searching for a cookie dough fundraiser idea that offers the best cookie dough flavors and sugar cookie kits then this is the brochure for you! 4 pages, 22 items.

Spring Catalog Fundraisers
Jewelry Fundraiser
Unique Fundraising Ideas

​​How to Choose the Best Fundraiser Idea for your Organization

Chocolate Indulgence Fundraisers
An easy to sell $8 Chocolate Fundraising Idea!  4 pages, 10 items, up to 45% profit, no minimums, packed-by-seller, FREE shipping.

Tritan Tumblers

Unique, fun, and easy cup fundraising ideas! 
Can be combined with another brochure.
Sports Fundraising Ideas

1. Meet with your organization before starting your fundraiser and designate a fundraising project for the funds. Determine how the funds raised will be used and look at past efforts and their success.  Doing so will indicate what you can expect. Be sure to include input from all parties actively involved in the organization. Your fundraising project can be something beneficial to the entire school community and can gain momentum from the entire enrollment and teachers, raise funds for a trip, for a sports team to raise money for new uniforms etc.  The selection of a project will ensure success for your fundraiser.  Select key dates to begin and end your fundraiser. Be sure to allow for two full weekends. Start on a Thursday or Friday and continue through two weekends and end on a Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday is ideal; it allows for a deadline reminder to be sent home on Monday. Be sure to notify all sellers and parents of these dates. The reminders will help stick to the schedule.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Read Article  >>