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Heritage Candles Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser

New Fundraising Ideas has searched for the very best candle fundraiser companies.  In your search for fundraising companies, please know that with New Fundraising Ideas s there are no hidden costs, and no false marketing offering unrealistic profit margins that candle manufacturers and other fundraising companies could realistically ever provide. Have you been searching fundraising websites for new fundraiser ideas?  Everyone loves candles, they are easy to sell and make for a great candle fundraiser!  Please read through this article for helpful information to assist you in choosing your next fundraising program.  According to the National Candle Association, candles are used in 7 out of 10 homes and offer wonderful opportunities for a candle fundraiser you can be confident about selling.  

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LaTeeDa Jar Candles, Wax Melts   Jun-Dec 
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Heritage Candles Fall Collection
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Home Interiors Candles
Heritage Spring Collection
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Are you searching fundraising websites searching for new fundraiser ideas for your organizations and information on how to start a fundraiser?  And are you overwhelmed in searching for the best fundraising ideas?  We understand!  With so many fundraising ideas available and so many fundraising websites to search through to find a few fundraiser ideas you are most interested in, you may very well be wondering where to start. There are hundreds of different products, even more fundraising brochures to consider, and numerous fundraising companies to select from.  We are glad you found us!  The good news is that you needn't search any longer to find the best fundraiser ideas!  Since 2002 we have been researching the web for fundraiser ideas, evaluating the different programs, and have narrowed down our list to offer your organization the best fundraiser brochures from the best fundraising companies available.  We recognize there are a number of factors which are extremely important in choosing which of the fundraising ideas will work best for your group.        

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Heritage Candles Quote Candles
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Family Delights Spring Fundraiser
LaTeeDa Home Interiors Candle Fundraiser Brochure
Import Designs Home Decor
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Import Designs Statement Makers Information Click Here
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Ultimate Coffee Collection
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Heritage Candles Earth Candles Fundraiser

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School Fundraiser
Trophy Nut Snackin' in the USA
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Exceptional Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money for your Organization

Here's the deal.... 

I recognize that you have many options when searching fundraising websites and choosing a fundraising company to work with. There are a number of reasons why I have been in business longer than most other fundraising companies, and continue to work with organizations nationwide year after year.  

I am very committed to helping organizations learn how to raise money and have been doing so since 2002. You can find fundraising websites all over the web. The problem is that many companies simply sell you their products and you are more or less left on your own.  With some fundraising companies, you speak to a different person each time you call the company.  Some companies today are all automated and have lost the value in having a contact for support and guidance. Rather than having a real voice to talk to, after requesting your brochures, you "login to your account", never speak to a live voice, and complete everything online.  New Fundraising Ideas is different.  I'm not a customer service rep just taking another call, this is my business, I personally know each and every group I'm working with, and I am committed to helping you succeed.

By the way...

In addition to extended evening and weekend office hours, should I miss your call I will get back to you as quickly as possible.  Need instructions, a sample cover letter, a master order form, or need to report a broken item?  No worries, there's also a ToolBox on the website accessible to you 24/7 with all the forms, instructions, and helpful information you'll need.   When you are ready to close your order you have my commitment to provide you with your invoice within 24 hours and to process your order quickly.   I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and am committed to providing the best service possible in hopes we will be able to work together for many years.

And that's just part of the story...

Don't hesitate to call us if you are not sure which fundraising program to use.  Some programs work better for some groups and not for others.  Choosing the right brochure depends on the size of your group, whether or not you are state tax exempt, how many items you are confident in being able to sell, if you want pack-by-seller, a youth prize program, etc.  Call me and I'll help you choose the best program!   My fundraising website is updated monthly and has all the current brochures for 2017. I can help you to get started, provide tips and ideas for how to motivate your group, work with you in setting goals, etc.  Successful fundraising is much more than you choosing a brochure and my just sending them to you and then waiting for you to turn in an order online! 

As if that's not enough...

You'll also find New Fundraising Ideas to be generous and fair.  Not only have I researched to find the best quality programs for the organizations I work with but I work hard to help organizations raise the most money possible.  I'm not trying to "sell" my customers on just one product line. Rather, I have a variety of product lines, and programs that do work better for different size organizations and for organizations who are not state tax exempt, require pack-by-seller, or will benefit from a youth prize program, etc.   I'm committed to helping my groups raise the most money possible and help you discover which programs are best suited for your organization.   I also offer generous profits.  For example, with one of our programs you can earn 50% profit with free shipping with 120 items sold.  Other websites require 150 items for the same program.   I try hard to support you when you need to place a small or late order and I keep shipping charges as low as possible.   Where some companies charge $65 to ship a small order we charge just $15.  These are just a few of the little things that make a big difference. 

No doubt about it...

New Fundraising Ideas offers a wide variety new, traditional, unique, and easy fundraiser ideas to help organizations raise money.  I've worked with organizations nationally by providing a variety of fundraising ideas for school fundraisers, sports fundraisers, church fundraisers, and nonprofit fundraisers.  If you are searching fundraising websites for the best fundraising ideas I can provide you with Free Information, Free Brochures, Personalized Service, and Extended Office Hours. Call me to learn how to start a fundraiser!  You can be fundraising in just a few days!    

Take the next step...

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with you.  Please click on the product categories above, review the programs and brochures available, and then call me. You'll be glad you did!  I'll answer your questions, help guide you in selecting the best program for your organization, and then send you information to review with your group or brochures to start fundraising right away.  

Sports Fundraising Ideas
Let it Snow Christmas Fundraiser

Check back soon!  16 new brochures are being added this summer for Fall 2017!

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I'm glad you found us and I think you'll agree when I say:
 It can be an overwhelming task to search for and know which fundraising website to choose for new and easy fundraising ideas to raise money. 
I promise...  You needn't look any further and I'll help you today in selecting the best program for your organization.  Depending on the size of your organization, whether or not
 you are tax exempt, your past experiences, interests, etc I can guide you step-by-step in choosing an easy, simple, and successful fundraiser that will work best for you.  I've done    
 the research so you don't have to and I've selected the best products and fundraising companies to be able to help any group, regardless of size or tax exemption status.  The next  step is matching your organization with the right fundraising brochure and helping you to get started.
That's not all... I provide personalized service with experience since 2002 in working with organizations all across the United States through each step of their fundraiser. I'll be just  a phone call away and can be reached day, evenings, and weekends to provide assistance and guidance when you need it.  For knowledge and service you can trust, call me!
Preview our product categories or click on our brochures below and then contact me. I can answer your questions, send free information, or ship brochures for you today to start raising money in just a few days.  
Import Designs Home Decor Fundraiser
New Fundraising Ideas - Easy Fundraiser Ideas
Church Fundraising Ideas
Import Designs Statement Makers Jewelry Fundraiser

Simple, Fast, and Easy Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money

Lets Get Hopping Easter Fundraiser
Legendary Pie Fundraiser
Non Profit Fundraising Ideas
Heritage Candles $10 Candles 
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Easy Fundraising Ideas

Serving the 48 contiguous United States

New Fundraising Ideas

                                    Home Interiors   

Trophy Nut Big Bag $10 Treats
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La-Tee-Da Fundraising, Home Interiors, Celebrating Home Fundraising,  Heritage Candles  - Classic Jar Candles, Wax Melts, Aroma Beads,  $10  brochures, Journey of Faith, Spring / Fall Collections, Christmas Fundraisers, and more!
Heritage Candles Jar Candles Wax Melts
Boston Coffee Roasters Backpack Coffee Fundraiser
Trophy Nut Big Bag $10 Treats Fundraiser
Candy Cane Christmas Fundraiser
Deb Murray
National Fundraising Rep
Ph: 860-384-3691

Celebrating Home
Heritage Candles Jar Candles Wax Melts
Cheesecakes, Auntie Anne's,​​ Cheeses, Muffins, Cookies, Cakes, Soups, Breads, Dips and Snacks.​ Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough fundraiser. A wide variety of food fundraising ideas. 
Home Decor, and Statement Makers brochures offer beautiful home decor and wall word art fundraising ideas.
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Trophy Nut Snackin in the USA Fundraiser
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Easy fundraising ideas for any group!
Candle Fundraiser, Candle Fundraising Ideas, Cookie Dough Fundraisers, Candy Fundraising Ideas, Popcorn Fundraising

Heritage $10 Candles / Melts
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Ideal for all PTA/PTO Groups, School Fundraising Ideas, Sports Teams, Bands, Cheerleaders, Youth Organizations, Relay for Life, Corporate Groups, Churches, and so many other organizations!
For more information on fundraising for your organization:
School Fundraising Ideas | Cheerleading Fundraising | PTO Fundraising |  PTA Fundraising | Sports Fundraising | Church Fundraising | Band Fundraising
Whether you call if Fundraising, Fund Raising, Fundraiser, Fund Raiser, Fundraiser Ideas, or Fund-raiser, Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers has the program you are looking for to exceed your fundraising goal this season! A candle fundraiser is perfect for a school fundraising idea.  links                 

Heritage Candles Art Escape Candle Fundraiser
Velvet Couture Jewelry / Home
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Snackin in the USA, Smart Snacks, $10 Big Bag of Snacks.  Proven snack fundraiser with high sales!  Super fast, easy, & fun! 50% profit.
LaTeeDa All-Inclusive   Jun - Dec
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Heritage Candles Jar Candles Wax Melts

1. Meet with your organization before starting your fundraiser and designate a fundraising project for the funds. Determine how the funds raised will be used and look at past efforts and their success.  Doing so will indicate what you can expect. Be sure to include input from all parties actively involved in the organization. Your fundraising project can be something beneficial to the entire school community and can gain momentum from the entire enrollment and teachers, raise funds for a trip, for a sports team to raise money for new uniforms etc.  The selection of a project will ensure success for your fundraiser.  Select key dates to begin and end your fundraiser. Be sure to allow for two full weekends. Start on a Thursday or Friday and continue through two weekends and end on a Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday is ideal; it allows for a deadline reminder to be sent home on Monday. Be sure to notify all sellers and parents of these dates. The reminders will help stick to the schedule.                                                                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Read Article - Guide to Successful Fundraising  >>

Heritage Candles Holiday Art Collection Candle Fundraiser

Fundraising Ideas by Group

The Joy of Spring Fundraiser

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Statement Makers Jewelry Fundraiser

  Helping Organizations Raise Money Since 2002

Heritage Candles Jar Candles Wax Melts

​More than 40 New, Unique, and Traditional Fundraising Brochures for any size organization!

​​​Simply the Best Variety of New Candle Fundraiser Ideas, Snack Fundraisers, Spring & Christmas Catalogs and More.

Velvet Couture Home Decor Jewelry Fundraiser
Heritage Candles Quote Candles Fundraiser
Heritage Candles Earth Candles
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Cane, Be Jolly by Golly, Let it Snow, Joy to the World, Great Gifts for $8, Joy to Spring, Family Delights, Let's Get Hopping.  Spring fundraiser, Christmas fundraiser ideas!
Chocolate Indulgence Fundraiser Brochure
LaTeeDa Jar Candles Wax Melts Fundraiser
Joy to the World Christmas Fundraiser
Heritage Candles 10 dollar Jar Candle Fundraiser
Heritage Holiday Art Collection
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​​Boston's Best Coffee Roasters Ultimate coffee collection brochure offers ready-to-brew gourmet coffee selections, and single serve cups.

Check back soon!  16 new brochures are being added this summer for Fall 2017!

Be Jolly By Golly Christmas Fundraiser
Heritage Candles Art Escape 
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Deb Murray National Fundraising Representative

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